Wishing all a HaPPy 2013 YeaR!!

I like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a HaPPy New Year and that is will be better (hopefully) year in 2013.

2012 … has a been an exciting year with lots happenings around the globe; from politics turmoil; scandals to major victory, weather change – life loss and damages to property and crops to economy slowdown. Well.. need I say more. Guess not.

Anyway… it is the last day of 2012, so lets us all move on and accept the new day on a new year with open hands and a big smile. =)



Taipei – DanShui ‘Fresh Water’

When in Taipei, you can take the MRT to the last northern stop which is a small city called DanShui. It is actually a fishing village but now it is already a tourist area. You can also find lots of local going their with their family for outing such as kayaking or cycling.

Below is the my trip there … to DanShui.

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.1) Taking the MRT from Taipei Main

Taiwan_DanShui1 (1.0) Yup… there is a Waiting Zone for Ladies.

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.2) Bicycles for rent…..

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.4) DanShui Waterfront

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.5) Fisherman’s Wharf

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.3) Lover’s Bridge

Taiwan_Danshui1 (2) Hongmao Castle (Fort San Domingo)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (3)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (4)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (5)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (6)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (7) DanShui Old Street

Taiwan_Danshui1 (8) Lots of scooter as usual. =)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (9)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (10)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (11)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (12) Scooters parked along the road.

Taiwan_Danshui1 (13) Even a small narrow alley does not stop them going through.

Chinese Opera – a dying thing in Malaysia

In Malaysia, to see a Chinese opera performance is very rare nowadays unless it is a special occasion and you cant find it in the big city anymore.

While attending the ceremonial prayers, they were also having a opera performance on the other side which manage to see.

20121229-092423 PM.jpg

20121229-092509 PM.jpg

20121229-092553 PM.jpg

20121229-092657 PM.jpg

Next to the opera stage, I also managed to catch a shot of a stall selling preserved fruits to his customers who were watching the opera performance.

20121229-092807 PM.jpg

20121229-092836 PM.jpg

Ceremonial prayers from a 4s lens …

Today I followed my family to a ceremonial prayers where people go there to request for help or advise. They also give offering. Some of you may have seen while some may not.

Here are some pictures to share.

20121229-084110 PM.jpg

20121229-084147 PM.jpg

20121229-084235 PM.jpg

20121229-084306 PM.jpg

20121229-084337 PM.jpg

20121229-084413 PM.jpg
Can you guess the animal candy shape?

20121229-085426 PM.jpg

20121229-085451 PM.jpg

20121229-085519 PM.jpg

20121229-085544 PM.jpg

20121229-085800 PM.jpg

20121229-085824 PM.jpg

On the other side…. there is a Chinese opera show performance. Will share this in the next blog. Stay tune!

Taipei – Huaxi Street Night Market

From Longshan Temple, it is a walk away to another Night Market; Hua Xi Street Night Market.

I  was there early so I could see the hive of activities of the vendor preparing for their day of sales.

Taipei_7 (1.1) Entrance to the market…

Taipei_7 (1.2)

Taipei_7 (1.3)

Taipei_7 (2) People started to queue up to buy food.

Taipei_7 (3) Vendor preparing for the day…

Taipei_7 (4) People slowly trickling into the street

Taipei_7 (5)

Taipei_7 (6) It is quite common to find an entertainment area in the market

Taipei_7 (7) Arcade games anyone?

The Curve – Street Stall & Xmas Deco (belated Xmas blog)

I didn’t realize I had a draft blog on Xmas sitting in my post until I checked it out today. Anyway it is still within 12 days of Xmas. LOL!!!

It was a holiday that day and I dropped into another mall after doing some errants. It was unusual to see the street vendor in this mall on a weekday but it Xmas and everyone is on holiday and doing last minute shopping.

The stall setup with colour canopies.

20121221-093444 PM.jpg

20121221-093517 PM.jpg

20121221-093548 PM.jpg

20121221-093607 PM.jpg

20121221-093704 PM.jpg

This Xmas deco here is more to flower and colourful mushrooms.

20121221-093747 PM.jpg

20121221-093812 PM.jpg

20121221-093837 PM.jpg

20121221-093858 PM.jpg

Anyway.. Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year!!

Taipei – A walk about at Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is located in Wanhua District and is Taipei’s the oldest temple. Built in 1738 by the settlers from Fujian, China. It serves as a place for worship and gathering place for the early settlers. It was destroyed by earthquake and also fire and was also part of the temple was destroyed during the Second World War. It was rebuilt again by the Taipei resident after the war.

I was able to get there (again reachable by MRT) and it is only a stone away from the MRT station.

Taipei_6 (1) This is the MRT station which I got off.

Taipei_6 (2) The temple entrance

Taipei_6 (3)

Taipei_6 (4) Inside the temple.

Taipei_6 (5) I was lucky as on that, as they were having some offering to the God as you can see the food on the table.

Taipei_6 (6)

Taipei_6 (7)

Taipei_6 (8) An old lady clearing the candles…..

Taipei_6 (9)

Taipei_6 (10) Side of the temple.

Taipei_6 (11)

Taipei_6 (12)

Taipei_6 (13)

Taipei_6 (14)

Taipei_6 (15)

Taipei_6 (16)

Next stop will be the Night market (haha..again); Huaxi Night Market which is a walk away. =)

Taipei – Maokong Gondola and Tea Garden

One of the places that I visited while I was in Taipei was the Maokong Tea Garden. (but do not visit during the summer season; hottest in July – mistake that I did. Freaking hot!!!). It is located in one of the suburbs in Taipei and you can get there by MRT.

Caught a gondola up to the hill which is located in Maokong and the Taipei Zoo is also located next to the station. You can also hike up to the Maokong area but I decided to take the gondola as the weather is not on our side.

Taipei_5 (1) One of the gondola.. which can seat up to 4 people.

Taipei_5 (2) View from the gondola.

Taipei_5 (3) … another view

Taipei_5 (4) The Maokong Station up on the hill.

Taipei_5 (5) Shops along the track.

Taipei_5 (6) As usual… temple again

Taipei_5 (7)

Taipei_5 (8)

Next visit to……. ??? come…follow me and find out. =)

Xmas over… Chinese New Year is next!

Christmas just ended yesterday and over here, the shopping malls are already starting to sell stuff for the up coming celebration; Chinese New Year, which is more than a month away.

Celebration over here in Malaysia is very commercialize. The Xmas celebration deco are all down already and I will not be surprise in a matter of days or in weeks to come, the Chinese New Year deco will be up and you will feel the Chinese New Year songs and mood coming in.

Supermarket selling Chinese New Year Cookies….

20121226-035713 PM.jpg

20121226-035751 PM.jpg
Lokam or mandarin oranges already stacked up and up for sale!!!

20121226-035735 PM.jpg

Keep a look out here…. there will be more to come on this. 😊

I-City…. City of Lights??

Found out about a new (not so new to others) area near my place; about 30min drive.

The developers who developed the township with condominiums and shops lots found out that it wasn’t getting enough people to buy the shop lots or condo or go there. So, what they did was, they developed a water theme park and also a city of lights where the park is lighted up at night.

ICity (1) Map of the I-City

After 7pm…. there is a place in the park where it will be lighted up.

ICity (2)  Xmas Tress

ICity (3) More trees…

ICity (4)

ICity (5) Sunflowers.

ICity (6) Snowman and snowkid

ICity (7) A couple of snowman

ICity (8) Snow man in suit

ICity (9) Sheep lighted up….

ICity (10) and last a lighted camel.

They did great in attracting people there at night only but still during the day… I can see most of the shops lots still vacant.