Suzhou …. a rush but enjoyable trip (2)

This is my 2nd part of my rush rush trip to Suzhou.

On one of the days there, I managed to rent a bicycle from the hotel and cycled along side with the people there. It was totally a different experience as you have to be extra careful not only with the other cyclist by also the motorcyclist, and the pedestrians. The most challenging was at the traffic lights or at the junction, you have to watch out for the big brothers and sisters; the cars and lorries!! It is wonder how they can ‘get’ along so well with each other and the only ways is, you have to be in it to know it. My summary.. SCARY!! lol.



DSC_0823  … among the cyclist waiting to cross the a main road.


DSC_0819 A self shot of me on my rented bicycle.

During my ride, I also passed a lot of canals… as some of you know, Suzhou is also know as Venice of the East and I means lots of them all  around!!

day 22 sep 2012 (19)



Like I said earlier, the market is always an interesting place to visit and it is must when you go to another country as that’s where  you will see all sorts activities and the local people in their daily activities.


DSC_0800 The vendors busy transporting the good or produce to the wholesaler.







Some of the weird catches which I also do not know what they are… but I believe it is from the local area. Anyone know what are they?

day 22 sep 2012 (52)

This is another shot of an open market along the street  in a nearby area where the local go and do their marketing. You can see the amount of people and the activities surrounding the area.