Taiwan (Western Part) – 9 days Free n Easy Journey; Day 4 (3)

Hi there!!! Welcome to my posting if it is your first visit. In fact, you are following me on my journey to Taiwan.

Yup, we are still walking in the Alishan Mountain trail. Along the trail, we came to a temple. Lovely colour of the leaves. It is already beginning winter in Taiwan but you can catch autumn leaves.


It’s called Cihyun Temple.

Further down the trail,  Lots of giant cypress tree on the Giant Tree Broadwalk-1 & -2 trail.

Can you see the wooden trail down the slope?

Lots of steps but it worth the walk up especially with the wonderful cool weather.

Another beautiful walk on the trail through the trees.

Lots of moss on the tree roots. So you can guess there tress are really old…..


Hey… it is not the end yet. More to come, Just follow me and see what up on the next posting. =)


Taiwan (Western Part) – 9 days Free n Easy Journey; Day 4 (2)

Hi!! We are still in Alishan Mountains in the Alishan Township in Chiayi County, Taiwan. It is located at Alishan National Scenic Park

We are currently walking along the walking trails in the old forest; Giant Tree Trail. If you have missed out my earlier posting, please do visit them and we will ‘e-wait’ for you till you catch up. No rush.  =)

Along the trail we came about a wooden shed which is the Alishan Museum.

An old trunk displayed in the museum. It shows how old these Formosan red cypress trees are.  Some are these tree are 2000 to 3000 years old!!! The oldest tree; “Alishan Sacred Tree” here was 3,000 years old by it felled by heavy rainstorms in 1997.


Nearby is the Stele of Merit,

Lots of really old red Cypress trees.

Just look at the size of the trunk……. Thousand Year Cypress

A shot from bottom up….

More pictures for you all to enjoy….

This is only midway through the trail. More pictures coming in the next posting. If you have not followed me yet, pls do follow so that you will not missed out on my next posting on this series of e-travel.