Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (9)

Heading out from the Cat Ba Cave, the junk too us to another island which is the Hang Hanh of Bo Hon Island where there is a beach and also also a beautiful view of the sunset from the highest point on the island.


Closer view of the junks as our junk passed by.





A view from the highest point on the island waiting for the….


yes.. sunset!!


then it was off again on the junk to another area where we stayed on the junk boat for the night.


Oh yes.. did I mentioned anything about the junk boat that we stayed for the night? If I did not, then I will mention this in my next post. So .. stay tune. =)


Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (5)

Thanks for staying with me on my trail of Hanoi. Before I continue, let me share with you some information about the place that we will be visiting.

Ninh Binh is 90km away from Hanoi and is a popular destination for its’ beautiful tourist sites such as Tam Coc, Hoa Lu, Kenh Ga and Cuc Phuong National Park but today, the place of our interest is Tam Coc.

Tam Coc is known as Halong Bay on land for its’ breathtaking scenery. While Halong Bay features huge rock formations jutting out o the sea, Tam Coc has them jutting out of its rice paddies. Tam Coc means three caves; that is Hang Ca (the first), Hang Giua (the second) and Hang Cuoi (the smallest).

Our trip started with a boat trip which took us to all three caves. It took us about two hours; to and fro. Ok enough of writing. Lets enjoy the photos now.

Starting point to catch our boat ride which can carry a maximum of 3 adults which includes the ‘captain’.


Yup.. you saw it right. It leg pedal power!!


You bend down to go under the bridge or else….. Yes. Everyone had to bend down to cross the bridge to get to the caves.


Waiting your turn to cross under the bridge. It is a single lane and everyone has to wait.


A house built next to the trail.


Beautiful scenery of the rock formation next to the rice paddies.


Passing close to the rock formation heading to the caves.


Trails of boats on both direction heading to and away from the caves.


Love the photos so far? If yes, there are more to come. So keep following me on my next posting.

Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (34)

This is my last posting on Turkey and also the last night in Istanbul, Turkey. Still walking at the Spice Bazaar and it is getting late evening.


TurkeyDay8_12 (1)

TurkeyDay8_12 (2)

A beautiful night shot of the mosque with the moon at the background.

TurkeyDay8_12 (3)

For dinner time, we were brought to a restaurant that not only served but but also the Turkish dances and performances.
TurkeyDay8_12 (4)

TurkeyDay8_12 (5)

TurkeyDay8_12 (6)

TurkeyDay8_12 (7)

TurkeyDay8_12 (8)

TurkeyDay8_12 (9)

TurkeyDay8_12 (10)

Hope you enjoyed my posting of my trip in Turkey. Wanna know which country is next? If yes, then come and follow me here. 😊

Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (33)

Welcome back…

Still walking around the outside of Spice Bazaar.

Saw this shop selling all the cooking utensils…. filled till the brim and even outside the shop.

TurkeyDay8_11 (1)

A pose for the photo….

TurkeyDay8_11 (2)

More colourful sight…..

TurkeyDay8_11 (3)

TurkeyDay8_11 (4)

TurkeyDay8_11 (5)

Very unique stall….

TurkeyDay8_11 (6)

TurkeyDay8_11 (7)

TurkeyDay8_11 (8)

Join me for my last post on Turkey which is coming next.

Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (32)

Aside from inside the Spice Bazaar, we also took the chance to walk outside the bazaar along the back alley behind and beside the bazaar … and boy!! there were even more things to see and pictures to shoot.

See for yourself what I have captured…….

TurkeyDay8_10 (1)

Haha..not sure this man approves of me taking the photo or he was posing for it.

TurkeyDay8_10 (2)

more spices outside the bazaar

TurkeyDay8_10 (3)

one of the back alley….

TurkeyDay8_10 (4)

and there were a lot of people walking there especially the locals. Guess the tourist were all caught up inside the bazaar.

TurkeyDay8_10 (5)

Locals eating outside a small stall and I believe they were having the famous apple tea.

TurkeyDay8_10 (6)

Lots of weird and curious things that you can find here.

TurkeyDay8_10 (7)

TurkeyDay8_10 (8)


Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (31)

Still walking near the Galata Bridge which spans the Golden horn in Istanbul, we saw lots of people sitting on small stools and having their meals.

TurkeyDay8_9 (1)

Shots under the Galata Bridge.

TurkeyDay8_9 (2)

TurkeyDay8_9 (3)

An evening shot of the Yeni Cami Mosque.

TurkeyDay8_9 (4)

Ferries lining up to take tourist on the Bosphorus Bridge.

TurkeyDay8_9 (5)

TurkeyDay8_9 (6)

A shot of 2 Turkish lady walking outside the Spice Bazaar.

TurkeyDay8_9 (7)

Entrance of the Spice Bazaar.

TurkeyDay8_9 (8)

Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (30)

Still wallking in the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul…..

more spices to choose from…..

TurkeyDay8_8 (1)

TurkeyDay8_8 (2)

Moving outside the Spice Bazaar is the a new Mosque; Yemi Cami

TurkeyDay8_8 (3)

Lots of cheese to choose from…

TurkeyDay8_8 (4)

Lots of people….. tourists and locals shopping outside the Spice Bazaar.

Walking across the busy using the underground pedestrian by-pass tunnel heading to the Galata Bridge where you can find people eating near the pier where you can catch a ferry for a tour on the Bosphorus Straits.

TurkeyDay8_8 (6)

TurkeyDay8_8 (7)

TurkeyDay8_8 (8)

Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (29)

More pictures of the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul. It is really a a big place.

Overlooking the Sea or Marmara and also the bridge that connects the Asian and Western part of Turkey.

TurkeyDay8_7 (1)

Here are some beautiful and colourful shots inside the Spice Bazaar.

TurkeyDay8_7 (2)

TurkeyDay8_7 (3)

Lots of Sweet Candies or confection to choose from…. and the most famous is the Turkish Delight; is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar.

TurkeyDay8_7 (4)

spices anyone?

TurkeyDay8_7 (5)

more spices……

TurkeyDay8_7 (6)

colourful bowls…

TurkeyDay8_7 (7)

TurkeyDay8_7 (8)

Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (28)

I did not know that walking on the streets in Istanbul to the Spice Bazaar was really eye opening. Lots of interesting sights.

Follow me ….

TurkeyDay8_6 (1)

A woman in the stall preparing food..

TurkeyDay8_6 (2)

Colourful shops…..

TurkeyDay8_6 (3)

TurkeyDay8_6 (4)

TurkeyDay8_6 (5)

Yemi Cami .. a new mosque…

TurkeyDay8_6 (6)

The spice bazaar…..

TurkeyDay8_6 (7)

lots of people outside the spice bazaar… locals and also tourist.

TurkeyDay8_6 (8)

Wanna see what’s inside of the Spice Bazaar? If yes… then follow me on my next blog. =)