Malaysia – Happy Halloween … doing it the Malaysian way.

Halloween sounds like the Chinese’s 8th month which is the Ghost month (falls between the month of July and August) and usually most of the TV stations will screen all those scary and horror movies to lighten up the feeling. LOL!!

In Malaysia, we also do see this Halloween celebration but it is not celebrated like in the western countries where kids go doing ‘treat or trick’. It is less popular around this region if compared to the Ghost month (which comes with more myths and superstitions) . It is more commercially publicize.

Here are some of the shots that I have taken in a shopping mall.

20131030-054924 am.jpg

20131030-054934 am.jpg

They even built a mock up horror house….

20131030-054943 am.jpg


20131030-054952 am.jpg

Some quite cute scary characters

20131030-054959 am.jpg

20131030-055006 am.jpg

20131030-055012 am.jpg

a simple wishing….

20131030-055018 am.jpg

More ‘scary’ characters……

20131030-055024 am.jpg

20131030-055030 am.jpg

Even little teddy is joining  the fun.

20131030-055037 am.jpg

To all my readers… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 4)

This is a follow up from my previous blog; The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 3)

Went to a shopping center this morning after having breakfast . You can see lots of red lanterns and decorations for sale. Some of them are traditional decorations while some are more modern ones. So which or what should I get? hmmmmm….



….or Chinese Prosperity Money God?


or…. nice little cute stuff snakes for the Year of the Snake?


Well… Chinese New Year is one of the big celebration here (and in Asia) and … it will be interesting the things that will happen as the festival approaches.

The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 3)

A month away and the feeling and sight of Chinese New Year is more obvious.

Below are the snap shots of the center course where the mall is preparing for a huge decoration for the up coming Chinese New Year. It has been going on for a fews days and by next week it will be ready. Looks humongous rite? I bet it will be. I too waiting and see what is in surprise this time.

These shots were taken a few days ago from the 3rd floor.

20130111-055755 AM.jpg

This one is another area of the mall. Also in the midst of preparation.

20130111-055817 AM.jpg

Ground floor shot.

20130111-055838 AM.jpg

Giant lanterns which will be hanging down from the 3rd floor.

20130111-055857 AM.jpg

…stay on with me and find out the final decoration of this place.

…. Latest updates. Taken today.

Still a mess but it is coming to shape.

20130111-044003 PM.jpg

Lanterns hanging down…

20130111-044033 PM.jpg

Trip back…. A weekly affair w the bus

This is a weekly affair … an affair with the bus more than the person. Traveling in bus for 4 to 5 hours per way and then on Sunday, the affair repeats again in the opposite direction.

20121207-042347 PM.jpg

Taking te bus from one of the busese at the bus stand outside the mall.

20121207-042437 PM.jpg
There are 3 bus companies here, selling ticket to travel either to the north or to the south of Peninsular Malaysia; Penang or Singapore.

20121207-042730 PM.jpg
While another is to a holiday resort up in the hills; Genting Highlands.

Anyway…. time to hit the road and enjoy the on board personalized TV movies.

20121207-043546 PM.jpg

Mmmm on sarcoidosis thoughts … I had enough of repeats if you are taking the bus weekly. Lol. I will stick to my blogging in bus.

Lunch @ JTean Kitchen SS2 Mall

New eating place for me but not first time in this mall. The mall still look deserted with lots of empty shop lots since I last visited here a few months back. Still kinda looks the same except for seeing a new office lot occupied by Public Mutual. Aside from that it is quite a pathetic mall. Anyway had lunch at JTean Kitchen and the food is ok. Here some photos of food (again). Haha….

20121124-022912 PM.jpg

20121124-022919 PM.jpg

20121124-022925 PM.jpg

20121124-022932 PM.jpg