Malaysia – Happy Halloween … doing it the Malaysian way.

Halloween sounds like the Chinese’s 8th month which is the Ghost month (falls between the month of July and August) and usually most of the TV stations will screen all those scary and horror movies to lighten up the feeling. LOL!!

In Malaysia, we also do see this Halloween celebration but it is not celebrated like in the western countries where kids go doing ‘treat or trick’. It is less popular around this region if compared to the Ghost month (which comes with more myths and superstitions) . It is more commercially publicize.

Here are some of the shots that I have taken in a shopping mall.

20131030-054924 am.jpg

20131030-054934 am.jpg

They even built a mock up horror house….

20131030-054943 am.jpg


20131030-054952 am.jpg

Some quite cute scary characters

20131030-054959 am.jpg

20131030-055006 am.jpg

20131030-055012 am.jpg

a simple wishing….

20131030-055018 am.jpg

More ‘scary’ characters……

20131030-055024 am.jpg

20131030-055030 am.jpg

Even little teddy is joiningย  the fun.

20131030-055037 am.jpg

To all my readers… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (7)

One of the places that is of history is the old theater; Shengping Theater. It was a prominent cultural landmark located on Qingbian Road built during the Japanese occupation. Both the theater and surrounding buildings feature 1930-40s architectural elements, and has more recently been used as the set for commercials and movies. They have some old Black and White movies shown at certain times too. I was there in time to catch one but I just stayed for a short while only as I wanted to feel the environment to be in a old cinema as oppose to what we have now.

20131012-045937 pm.jpg

This is the outlook of the old stall inside the theater which sells drinks and tidbits.

20131012-045943 pm.jpg

An old cinema projector on display.

20131012-045951 pm.jpg

This is the inside of the theater with no cushion chairs but hard wooden chairs and no surround or stereo sound for sure. LOL!!

20131012-045958 pm.jpg

Heading out, I continue to explore the surrounding ….. more old buildings

20131012-050006 pm.jpg

And I saw this eroded metal sculpture on the side of the concrete stairs. It looks like a cartoon sculpture of a miners on a train. Guess this was to remind that this was an old gold mining village and part of the history that’s left.

20131012-050019 pm.jpg

Not far from here was the Fushan Temple. Fushan temple has a history of more than 200. Years dated back to Qing Dynasty and it was built to give offering to the Earth God. A matter of fact it is a temple within a temple and also considered one of the largest Earth God temples back then.

20131012-050026 pm.jpg

Beautiful stone structure and colourful too.

20131012-050032 pm.jpg

20131012-050038 pm.jpg

The altar inside the temple.

20131012-050046 pm.jpg

Walking back, I can’t help but to take this picture of these 3 adorable dogs at one of the stalls.

20131012-050052 pm.jpg

My train ticket back to Hsinchu from Ruifang after a long wonderful day.

20131012-050058 pm.jpg

…. waiting for my train

20131012-050107 pm.jpg

You can see bigger photos of this trip in my Flickr; Simple Guy

Want more? Catch me on my next posting. Yup.. It will still be a posting on my trip in Taiwan but where and what is the question. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (6)

Hi!!! Glad that you are still with me. Let’s move on.

After enjoying the cold taro balls dessert, I headed down to see what at the bottom of the stairs.

20131012-045704 pm.jpg

Nice architecture of the old buildings along with the lanterns all around.

20131012-045713 pm.jpg

A lady doing calligraphy …. but if you look carefully, it is actually calligraphy made up of flowers and birds that made up the chinese names.

20131012-045721 pm.jpg

Another building mix along side with the old.

20131012-045730 pm.jpg

Old building converted to a restaurant.

20131012-045737 pm.jpg

More nice structures…..with some modern graffiti on it.

20131012-045745 pm.jpg

20131012-045757 pm.jpg

It is really nice place if you love old buildings and tight spaces. Lots of things to see and shoot.

Follow on my last posting on my walk in Jiufen.

Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (5)

Glad you are still following me on my ‘walk’ in Jiufen.

Walking around the village….ย  I have walked through their maze of streets. Can be confusing but it is the best way to see the life and people in this village. Don’t you agree? =)

Fushan Temple from the bottom. I will be getting there soon but not for now. =P

20131012-045317 pm.jpg

Still exploring around the village. View from one alleys overlooking the hillside.

20131012-045326 pm.jpg

This really caught my eyes!!! I believe it is a biscuit or cake and what a shape. Not cheap though. Haha!!! They even sell in a pair. LOL!!!!

20131012-045358 pm.jpg

Walking up at one their stairs, I saw this shop selling hand made mask.

20131012-045405 pm.jpg

… very interesting.

20131012-045412 pm.jpg

A map of Jiufen …. but it did not really help me much. Guess I walk aimlessly. HAHA!!

20131012-045420 pm.jpg

Saw a lot of ppl in this shop and I guess it must be famous for it’s yuyuan or taro balls. Yup it is; Auntie A-Gan shop which sells Sweet Taro Ball.

20131012-045429 pm.jpg.

Yup… got myself aย  bowl (iced… should have taken the hot one instead) and while eating.. the shop also provide you a place to sit with a magnificent view.

20131012-045441 pm.jpg

Another shot from the shop where I was.

20131012-045448 pm.jpg

Like it so far….? If yes, more to come.

Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (4)

Walking down the end of the Jiufen Old Street, I came to street with old buildings which have been converted to shops. Guess the pictures t ell a better story than I do. Lol!!!

Mixture of new and old buildings ..

20131012-045045 pm.jpg

Where to now?

20131012-045052 pm.jpg

Something different in middle of the village.

20131012-045100 pm.jpg

More old buildings along the street

20131012-045107 pm.jpg

20131012-045114 pm.jpg

Another nice view of the houses on the hillside.

20131012-045122 pm.jpg

Another beautiful shot…..

20131012-045138 pm.jpg

Cluster houses…. You can kinda get lost in the maze of road in here where I nearly did.

20131012-045145 pm.jpg

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Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (3)

Hi.. !! you are still with me. Good! Let’s ‘walk’…..

Still walking in the Jiufen Old Street, there were a lot of things to see and try.

Lots of stalls selling cute little handmade stuff.

20131012-044823 pm.jpg

As it got close to noon, there were more people coming, mostly tourists and also locals looking and enjoying the weekends.

20131012-044830 pm.jpg

Along the street, I saw a break where to road lead either up or down. Guess I will have to make another round after coming to the end of this street and see what they have on the top and bottom of these stairs.

20131012-044838 pm.jpg

At the end of the Jiufen Old Street, another beautiful shot from the top overlooking the northeast of Taiwan; Keelung.

20131012-044846 pm.jpg

Houses built on the hill side.

20131012-044854 pm.jpg

20131012-044903 pm.jpg

Cute Doraemon water tumbler when you purchase the guava juice from this stall.

20131012-044927 pm.jpg

More? Yes.. there’s more. Stay tune.

Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (2)

Thanks for following me here on my walk in Jiufen. Before I start my walk, a brief intro on Jiufen. Jiufen is located in a mountain area in the Ruifang District of New Taipei City near Keelung, Taiwan.

Jiufen literally means ‘9 portion’ (direct translation from chinese to english). History says that Jiufen was a small isolated village where it has 9 families house in the area during the Qing Dynasty and each time they was any shipment, the families would ask the shipments to be divided into 9 portions as accessibility to their village was hard. So that how it was that the town got its name. Ok back to the walk.

A view from close to the top of the hill. Gloomy weather with thick clouds flying above (when I was there, they were expecting typhoon hitting the northern part of Taiwan by noon but lucky me… there was a delay (haha) else…..)

20131012-044306 pm.jpg

Fushan Temple. More on this temple later on.

20131012-044314 pm.jpg

Heading up to the street to the historic (small) commercial district ….

20131012-044322 pm.jpg

Mmm. Which direction should I go?

20131012-044331 pm.jpg

At the entrance of the Jiufen Old Street. You can’t miss it. ๐Ÿ˜Š

20131012-044338 pm.jpg

Lots of small stalls on both sides….. stall selling Chinese calligraphy brushes.

20131012-044346 pm.jpg

to bag luggage tags…. more!

20131012-044358 pm.jpg

Only this? Well hell no!! LOL!! There’s more stay tune. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (1)

Hi!! I am back… ๐Ÿ˜Š. Well today’s posting is my latest trip to Taiwan early this month. I got the chance to visit a few places where one of which was the Taiwan – Kaohsiung, the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck.

When I was in Taiwan on one of my weekend there, I also managed to visit Jiufen; a once old mining town up in the hills. More about Jiufen as my posting continues. Let start’s moving!!

I started my journey from Hsinchu City where I was staying during my trip in Taiwan. To get to Jiufen, it was either by bus or train and the journey would take about 2 to 2 1/2 hrs in total (if you take the high speed train to Taipei than a bus, the time will be around half of this) . For me, I decided to take the train then followed by a short bus trip.

From hotel, it was a short 10 mins walk to the railway station in Hsinchu.

20131012-044027 pm.jpg

Historic station front of Hsinchu Station. Opened since 1893.

20131012-044036 pm.jpg

A fare of NTD163 to Ruifang from Hsinchu.

20131012-044043 pm.jpg

Shot from the Hsinchu platform.

20131012-044050 pm.jpg

After 2 1/2hr ride, finally arrived at Ruifang Station.

20131012-044057 pm.jpg

A walk along the street from the railway station to the bus stop to catch my 15min ride up to Jiufen

20131012-044104 pm.jpg

Finally arrived in Jiufen. Weather was gloomy and humid.

20131012-044112 pm.jpg

Join me on my next posting on my walk in Jiufen Old Street.

Taiwan – Kaohsiung, the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck

Hi there!!! Sorry for a long gap in my posting. I am still in Taiwan for my business trip till this week.

Last week, I got the opportunity to go to Kaohsiung for business trip and also to the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck sits at the Glory Pier in the port of Kaohsiung.

We took the THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) from Hsinchu to Kaohsiung which took us about 90mins ride.

Hsinchu High Speed Rail station

20131005-085455 pm.jpg

My ticket to Kaohsiung that cost me NTD1,200

20131005-085507 pm.jpg

Here comes the train…

20131005-085515 pm.jpg

20131005-085523 pm.jpg

After work, we went took a cab to the Glory Pier. You cant missed it as along the way, you can see small stall peddler selling the miniature yellow duck.

20131005-085532 pm.jpg

From far… you can see the GIant Yellow Rubber Duck.

20131005-085546 pm.jpg

a closer shot……

20131005-085557 pm.jpg

20131005-085602 pm.jpg

20131005-085637 pm.jpg

Huge right?

20131005-085646 pm.jpg

Time to go back….. took the KMRT (Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Train) back to Zouying to catch our high speed train back to Hsinchu.

20131005-090744 pm.jpg

20131005-090751 pm.jpg

20131005-090810 pm.jpg

This was the average speed. The max so far I saw was about 280km/h.

20131005-090826 pm.jpg

Stay tune as I will have more coming up on my trip to Taiwan.

P.S You can catch on the night market at the Glory Pier, Kaohsiong in my posting here; Taiwan – Kaohsiung, the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck