Thailand – Bangkok, Visit to Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi Floating Market (5)

Continuing my series on Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi Floating Market. If you missed my earlier posting, do look it up. You have missed some nice pictures and food. =)

Guess words cannot describe the scene which pictures or even better, to be there to see it yourself.

Still traveling and enjoying the boat ride…

20140331-114253 am.jpg

Stopping on the side of the canal of the stalls and choosing and doing on boat shopping.

20140331-114300 am.jpg

20140331-114307 am.jpg

Lots of handicraft done by locals….

20140331-114316 am.jpg


20140331-114321 am.jpg

and more choices….

20140331-114325 am.jpg

20140331-114330 am.jpg

Join me on my last part of this series.


Malaysia – Christmas is Just Round the Corner (1)

Christmas is just less than a month away and Malaysians are not missing out on this especially the shopping malls and stalls. Decorations are slowing popping up in pieces while others are in full bloom and ready for the celebration.

The following are photos from a shopping where they are getting ready from Christmas. Not sure what they making but in a few days time we will know

Top view from 2nd floor….. Mmmm looks like a map

20131126-101739 pm.jpg

Colourful and beautiful view from the top. Hot air balloons??

20131126-101748 pm.jpg

Ground level view…..

20131126-101757 pm.jpg

Lots of wooden rocking horses.

20131126-101804 pm.jpg

Another few shots of the hot air balloons and dressed up wooden rocking horses from ground level.

20131126-101811 pm.jpg

20131126-101819 pm.jpg

So.. If you want to find see the complete decorations, then stick with me here and you will find out. ๐Ÿ˜Š

China – Beijing, a walk back in History (7) .. and also my 200th Posting in my blog since Nov 2012

The next morning in Chengde, Hebei and on the way back to Beijing. Beautiful view of the bare trees on the side of the road.


Arriving back in the evening, we passed the modern part of Beijing; high rise offices and buildings.


We could still see lots of people cycling on the inner roads specially built for the cyclist.


…and the outer roads.. jam packed with cars and buses.


Later we headed to Wangfujing, located in Dongcheng District, Beijing. It is one of the Chinese capital’s most famous shopping streets. Majority of the main shopping area is pedestrianised and is very popular for shopping for both tourists and residents of the capital.


Wangfujing Snack Street, located in hutongs just west of the main street, densely packed with restaurants and street food stalls. The food stalls serves a wide variety of common and exotic street food. Dare to try?



Follow me on my last posting on Beijing and see where the the last place I dropped by before heading back. ๐Ÿ˜Š

China – Shanghai with a View (8)

My last post on my Shanghai, China trip.

Walking along Nanjing Road, heading from the West end to the East end, it was to the busiest part of the street filled lots and lots of giant shopping mall and a pedestrian mall.

…. nice colonial building and also the amount of people there is incredible!!

China_Shanghai8 (1)

Shots of the pedestrian mall along West Nanjing Road

China_Shanghai8 (2)

China_Shanghai8 (3)

Giant malls….. on both left and right side of the road.

China_Shanghai8 (4)

… an old trishaw on display

China_Shanghai8 (5)

China_Shanghai8 (6)

more people everywhere…..

China_Shanghai8 (7)

This was taken from my hotel room. A view of the Shanghai from the top.

China_Shanghai8 (8)

China_Shanghai8 (9)

Last shot… Xintiandi; this is the place to go at night and where all happening happens. Here is where all the pubs and high class restaurants are.

China_Shanghai8 (10)

Hope you enjoy my pictures of Shanghai. So where’s next? If you want to know, follow me and you will find out. =)

The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 5)

3 weeks to go… and the decoration for the coming Chinese New Year are all up. Chinese New Years songs can be heard playing in malls. People rushing to buy new year clothes, food and hampers. The feeling of another holiday is closing in. =)

This is the update the mall from my last blog; The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 4) With the decoration completed, I can now see the theme that this mall has done. It was created like a streets in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

2013 ChineseNewYear (1)

2013 ChineseNewYear (2)

They even made a ‘street’ in the center area for the customers to walk and shop.

2013 ChineseNewYear (3)

2013 ChineseNewYear (4)

Shops within shops and the looks like the old Taiwan and Hong Kong.

2013 ChineseNewYear (5)

2013 ChineseNewYear (7)

2013 ChineseNewYear (8)

2013 ChineseNewYear (9)

‘Old’ wooden chair for customer to seat and have their meals or drinks.

2013 ChineseNewYear (10)

… they even have road signs… maximum speed 20km/hr!!! So no speed walking or running. Heavy humanย  traffic ahead.

2013 ChineseNewYear (11)

All the sign boards hung up like in the street of Taiwan and Hong Kong

2013 ChineseNewYear (12)

More to come…….

The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 4)

This is a follow up from my previous blog; The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 3)

Went to a shopping center this morning after having breakfast . You can see lots of red lanterns and decorations for sale. Some of them are traditional decorations while some are more modern ones. So which or what should I get? hmmmmm….



….or Chinese Prosperity Money God?


or…. nice little cute stuff snakes for the Year of the Snake?


Well… Chinese New Year is one of the big celebration here (and in Asia) and … it will be interesting the things that will happen as the festival approaches.

The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 3)

A month away and the feeling and sight of Chinese New Year is more obvious.

Below are the snap shots of the center course where the mall is preparing for a huge decoration for the up coming Chinese New Year. It has been going on for a fews days and by next week it will be ready. Looks humongous rite? I bet it will be. I too waiting and see what is in surprise this time.

These shots were taken a few days ago from the 3rd floor.

20130111-055755 AM.jpg

This one is another area of the mall. Also in the midst of preparation.

20130111-055817 AM.jpg

Ground floor shot.

20130111-055838 AM.jpg

Giant lanterns which will be hanging down from the 3rd floor.

20130111-055857 AM.jpg

…stay on with me and find out the final decoration of this place.

…. Latest updates. Taken today.

Still a mess but it is coming to shape.

20130111-044003 PM.jpg

Lanterns hanging down…

20130111-044033 PM.jpg

The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 1)

Just after Christmas and New Year celebration around the world, another celebration is coming along at it is the Chinese New Year. Only a month plus away and signs of preparation can be slowly seen all around.

20130106-053946 PM.jpg
Even M&M is also celebrating the coming Chinese New Year

20130106-054012 PM.jpg lanterns are all up…

20130106-054035 PM.jpg damn… This is a huge hamper!!

20130106-054137 PM.jpg Hampers as gifts. People will buy and give to friends and relatives before the Chinese New Year.

So, stay tune for more pictures to come. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Taipei – The City @ Night

Going out to Taipei city at night is always interesting especially near the Taipei 101 and the shopping area near there. In fact, near that area is also the office area. So there will be lots of tourist, local and also the office staffs.

Taipei_City (1)ย  The office area near the Taipei 101

Taipei_City (2) Street artist performing their skills. They even have their own recording DVD for sale.

Taipei_City (3)

Taipei_City (4)ย  Taipei 101 – shot from below

Taipei_City (5) Looks at the crowd crossing the road….

Taipei_City (6)

Taipei_City (7)

Taipei_City (8)

Taipei_City (9) A shot from the overhead pedestrian bridge

Taipei_City (10)

Taipei is an interesting city with lots of happening.

The Curve – Street Stall & Xmas Deco (belated Xmas blog)

I didn’t realize I had a draft blog on Xmas sitting in my post until I checked it out today. Anyway it is still within 12 days of Xmas. LOL!!!

It was a holiday that day and I dropped into another mall after doing some errants. It was unusual to see the street vendor in this mall on a weekday but it Xmas and everyone is on holiday and doing last minute shopping.

The stall setup with colour canopies.

20121221-093444 PM.jpg

20121221-093517 PM.jpg

20121221-093548 PM.jpg

20121221-093607 PM.jpg

20121221-093704 PM.jpg

This Xmas deco here is more to flower and colourful mushrooms.

20121221-093747 PM.jpg

20121221-093812 PM.jpg

20121221-093837 PM.jpg

20121221-093858 PM.jpg

Anyway.. Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year!!