Taipei – A walk about at Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is located in Wanhua District and is Taipei’s the oldest temple. Built in 1738 by the settlers from Fujian, China. It serves as a place for worship and gathering place for the early settlers. It was destroyed by earthquake and also fire and was also part of the temple was destroyed during the Second World War. It was rebuilt again by the Taipei resident after the war.

I was able to get there (again reachable by MRT) and it is only a stone away from the MRT station.

Taipei_6 (1) This is the MRT station which I got off.

Taipei_6 (2) The temple entrance

Taipei_6 (3)

Taipei_6 (4) Inside the temple.

Taipei_6 (5) I was lucky as on that, as they were having some offering to the God as you can see the food on the table.

Taipei_6 (6)

Taipei_6 (7)

Taipei_6 (8) An old lady clearing the candles…..

Taipei_6 (9)

Taipei_6 (10) Side of the temple.

Taipei_6 (11)

Taipei_6 (12)

Taipei_6 (13)

Taipei_6 (14)

Taipei_6 (15)

Taipei_6 (16)

Next stop will be the Night market (haha..again); Huaxi Night Market which is a walk away. =)


7 thoughts on “Taipei – A walk about at Longshan Temple

  1. Some great photos here πŸ™‚ What camera do you have? I particularly like the one of the table with food and the flowers. How did you capture photos with the colour at the centre but not the edges…. or is this photoshop?

      • Thanks… I have just got a ‘Bridge Camera’ for Christmas…. just learning the multitude of possibilities available to me! So exciting πŸ™‚ I also need to know what software to use, preferably free!

        • No problems. Nowadays, the smartphones camera are in fact quite good and with the software such as Snapseed or Camera+, you make wonders to your photos. Most of my recent photos in my blogs are taken using my 4s and edited on the smartphone itself and uploaded instantaneously.

    • I had an excellent, though much raunchier time in Taipei as well. Glad to see you enjoyed the city. Which Camera app would you recommend btw? I don’t like pudding camera or instagram or camera 360

      • Thanks. Taipei and the rest of Taiwan is a wonderful place to visit. I am using Camera+ or Snapseed to do my photo editing if the pictures were captured using my Ip4s and if captured on my DSLR Nikon D5000, I will use Picasa 3 for some minor editing.

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