What happens after Covid-19? What are your plans?

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I hope that all of readers and followers are safe at your home and surviving through this hard times of pandemic that is hitting the whole world. Yes, my country; Malaysia is not spared also from this invisible enemy lurking around. I am already in my 26th day in our Movement Control Order (MCO) which was suppose to end in 2 days time but it has been extended till 28th Apr 2020. Yes, it will be 6 weeks and this will be subjected to how the Malaysian people are serious on cutting the chain of infection. Even if the MCO is lifted, life will never be the same again whether it is within Malaysia or any part of the world and that’s for sure.


Picture courtesy from http://www.thestar.com.my

My partner and I had plan in end Apr to go to Switzerland for 11 days. My partner had been planning since last year Aug for this trip. We were so looking forward to it but unforeseen circumstances due to Covid-19, we had to cancel the trip at the very last minute as the situation in Europe and also Switzerland was not getting any better. Even if we did go, we will be putting ourselves in danger and also the possibilities of getting stuck there and not able to get back home.

But let’s not give up. My partner and I will still want to go to Switzerland once things get much better but it will be a while before we can start travelling anywhere. Even in Malaysia, we are restricted to a 10km zone movement from our home and only allowed to go out for food and medical supplies within a time period set by the government. It is good measure as we all also want to stop the chain of infection as soon as possible so that we can go back to our (nearly like) old life back.

What about you? How are you coping with situation in your country? What are your plans after this pandermic? Share your thoughts and opinions.

Stay home, stay safe & stay calm.