Finally back home…

Finally back home after a week away. Busy week with meetings and meetings and lots of eating. Guess I would have put on a coupled of kilos.

20121130-065244 PM.jpg
Slight delay in flight but glad to be back home home.


Another lamb meat in hot pot

I thought teeters at dinner will be something easy on my stomach but I was wrong … Totally wrong. It was lamb meat in hot pot again. 2 days in a row!! but it was in a different place. Thank my lucky stars but it was still a strain to me stomach.

20121130-072259 AM.jpg
As usual, the places are in Taiwan are always pack during dinner especially the famous one. This one we had to wait for quite a while. By the time we sat down on the small little stools, tr food we ordered came quite fast.

20121130-072529 AM.jpg

20121130-072534 AM.jpg

20121130-072539 AM.jpg

20121130-072543 AM.jpg

20121130-072547 AM.jpg

20121130-072608 AM.jpg

20121130-072613 AM.jpg
The place was much better than the night before both in food and also the ventilation but it was still hot.

Vegetarian for lunch (nice to have no meat at all for one of my meals!!)

It felt so good to hear that yesterday lunch was purely vegetarian cuisine. It felt so good!! At least my stomach had a rest as it was over working for the last few days churning all those meat. It is really a nice meal using just veg, nuts tau-fu and others.

20121130-071826 AM.jpg This is the appetizer.

20121130-071901 AM.jpg then came the soup.

20121130-071924 AM.jpg … Then was the main course.

There were a few more other extras but I did not bother to snap as I was busy eating then. Lol

Anyway it was another good meal in Taiwan.

Gluttony is the word!!

Been eating heavy dinners for the last 3 days straight … and can feel the heaviness coming unto me.

Today I was brought to eat lamb meat meat buffet style in a small shop at a all alley out somewhere. The shops is popular and full of people. As usual we had to queue by the time we arrived there. Lucky the wait was short as all of us we hungry.

20121128-095729 PM.jpg Outside the shops .. with lots of helmets and raincoats as it was raining.

20121128-095737 PM.jpgAnother shot of the shop in case you want to know the name of the shop =)

20121128-095747 PM.jpg
Inside, it was stuffy and hot if compared to the outside which was cool. Actually the best time to eat lamb meat was on a cold day but today was not that cold but just cool as we could feel the heat and sauna in the shop.

20121128-095929 PM.jpg People enjoying the food.

20121128-095935 PM.jpg
On each table there is a stove  and they will serve the soup with the lamb meat into a pot and best part, it is free flow which you can ask them to refill.

20121128-100058 PM.jpg
Aside from that we also ordered fried rice (which was very tasty when fried with small shrimp) and fried noodles.

20121128-100211 PM.jpg
We can also pick and select the extra like vegetables, fish ball and others from the counter

20121128-100315 PM.jpg

20121128-100415 PM.jpg

20121128-100436 PM.jpg Yum yum… just look at the fat meat… HAHA!!

20121128-100442 PM.jpg

I believed we had a couple of refills and extras.

By the end of it, our pot was empty and our stomach fill to the brim!! and our clothes soaking wet with sweat Lol due to the sauna in the shop.

So sleepy…. Need coffee again

So sleepy. Having my cup of latte today. Tried the vanilla latte. Yesterday was the caramel latte.

20121128-015216 PM.jpg
Guess I am not really a coffee drinker or addict but more of a social coffee drinker who can’t really differentiate these two. To me it is nearly the same (unless they did give me the same!).

I only have my coffee when I feel like it but not an addict that needs the daily or hourly shot.

Beef Noodles….

Had dinner at one of the famous shops selling beef noodles in Hsinchu; original and also the hot and spicy ones with side dishes to order.

20121127-090946 PM.jpg
The bowls are huge and for the hot and spicy, it is really hot and spicy. Haha

20121127-091029 PM.jpg Original Beef Noodle

20121127-091037 PM.jpg Dry hot and Spicy beef noodle

20121127-091041 PM.jpg Side Dishes

20121127-091046 PM.jpg Dumpling in hot and spicy sauce
It was a nice meals. I can people queuing outside to get a seat to eat the noodles. So the place is pratically full all the time.

‘Light’ breakie

The day started a wet and cold morning. (again). It is still drizzling outside. Temperature I guess is 14C.

Hotel is providing the guest w complimentary breakie but do not expect a 5 star serving. It was mixture of western, Chinese and Japanese.

I started off w a light and simple one.
20121127-073607 AM.jpg

…. then came the heavy stuff.
20121127-073707 AM.jpg

It is just pure gluttony to start of the day but it is always good to have a good and heavy breakfast (but not always this heavy).

Dinner @ 123

What a ‘welcoming’ site to Taiwan; wet and cold. It took 45min before I got to the hotel and it was still raining. Was hungry as the airplane food did not help much on me stomach.

So … the next best thing was to borrow an umbrella from the hotel and to look for food nearest to the hotel.  Mmm… saw this small little shop each time I was here but never step in or tried this place. It was always full of people during dinner time. So tonight was the night to give it a try.

The deco is like a typical simple Japanese stall … guess most it customers were Japanese (can see also lots of Japanese words and magazines and lots of empty sake bottles)

20121126-114112 PM.jpg All the empty bottles…..

Tables and chairs are small but comfortable. Menu was simple and in both English and Japanese. Asked the waitress for their specialty and she recommended their Japanese fried chicken. (everything Japanese haha). Aside from that we ordered some fried glass noodles, fried rice, fried veg, fried dumpling and fried prawns…. Geesh.. all fried stuff.. Lol

20121126-114433 PM.jpg  Name cards of their customers who dine there.

20121126-114442 PM.jpg Pineapple Beer anyone? Taste real nice….  Ladies will like this a lot.

20121126-114447 PM.jpg Fried Glass noodles

20121126-114452 PM.jpg Their speciality….. Japanese Fried Chicken

20121126-114457 PM.jpg Simple deco…..

20121126-114501 PM.jpg Fried prawns with pineapple with sweet and salty mayo.

20121126-114509 PM.jpg Fried Dumpling.

Overall, the food is nice and home cook. Guess we will come back again the next time and to try the others dishes which are not on their menu.

Flight to Taiwan (delayed post)

Another hour to go be arriving at Taoyuan International Airport. Lucky it is only a 4 hour flight. Bumpy at the beginning but at later was a smooth on.
Flight meal really sucks. Had the seafood noodle or is it me who just got fed up w airplane food after having traveling on n off. It is either chicken or fish, rice or noodles. Can’t they have other kind of food!!! Another meal that I did not finish. Maybe it is better to get some street food in Taiwan for supper.

At least I got a good shot out from my window. Nice sky colour.

20121126-112949 PM.jpg

Last trip overseas for the year….

Arrived at international airport to catch my flight to Taiwan. I never actually took time to actually stop n look n snap shots of the airport even been here a few times.

20121126-124612 PM.jpg

20121126-124725 PM.jpg

20121126-124743 PM.jpg
As known, airports are never the best and also known for been expensive places to eat. Guess that’s the way to make money out of the passengers as passengers have no choice but just to take it or leave it.

20121126-124901 PM.jpg
This is my lunch which does not look so appealing as compared the picture they put up. Taste… Mmmm edible but I wouldn’t order again the next time. I think I better stick to the fast food like McD the next time.