USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (5)

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For now, let’s move on with this series of my trip in Las Vegas.

Where was I? Oh yes… in Caesar’s Palace. I have seen many normal elevator that goes straight up or down but never a spiral one. This is 1st time I saw of this kind. From the side, you will think that it is just a spiral stairs that one would have to walk up and down but until I saw people moving up steady without moving their body or legs. That really caught my eyes.


Not sure where else you can find these now but definitely it was my 1st back then.


Next stop; Mirage Hotel & Casino. Nothing much here. Did not go inside. Anything interesting inside there?


Street stalls on the side of the Imperial hotel. This guy or artist was doing painting using paint spray art ..



This hotel was really one of kind back then; The Venetian. One of the best so far that I visited. I believe the one in Macau nearly has the same build but I prefer the one in LV. =)


A short from the overhead bridge looking down…..


Lovely ‘old’ building in ‘Venice’


Gondola on strolling along the ‘canal’


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Taipei – Maokong Gondola and Tea Garden

One of the places that I visited while I was in Taipei was the Maokong Tea Garden. (but do not visit during the summer season; hottest in July – mistake that I did. Freaking hot!!!). It is located in one of the suburbs in Taipei and you can get there by MRT.

Caught a gondola up to the hill which is located in Maokong and the Taipei Zoo is also located next to the station. You can also hike up to the Maokong area but I decided to take the gondola as the weather is not on our side.

Taipei_5 (1) One of the gondola.. which can seat up to 4 people.

Taipei_5 (2) View from the gondola.

Taipei_5 (3) … another view

Taipei_5 (4) The Maokong Station up on the hill.

Taipei_5 (5) Shops along the track.

Taipei_5 (6) As usual… temple again

Taipei_5 (7)

Taipei_5 (8)

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