Chinese Opera – a dying thing in Malaysia

In Malaysia, to see a Chinese opera performance is very rare nowadays unless it is a special occasion and you cant find it in the big city anymore.

While attending the ceremonial prayers, they were also having a opera performance on the other side which manage to see.

20121229-092423 PM.jpg

20121229-092509 PM.jpg

20121229-092553 PM.jpg

20121229-092657 PM.jpg

Next to the opera stage, I also managed to catch a shot of a stall selling preserved fruits to his customers who were watching the opera performance.

20121229-092807 PM.jpg

20121229-092836 PM.jpg

31 thoughts on “Chinese Opera – a dying thing in Malaysia

  1. Will be back to Malaysia next January. Where exactly can I find Chinese Opera there? Is that only held when there is a ceremony or…? Thanks for visiting and following my blog. πŸ™‚

    • Well the Chinese opera here is unlike in China where it is more of a commercial type where they have performance. In Malaysia, they usually set up the Chinese opera stage more for the cultural or special chinese prayers to the Tua Pek Kong eg like the 7th Chinese Month, Moon cake festival, the 9th Chinese month etc.. and anyone can just attend and watch the opera shows. They will set it up in the housing or near the market area. I realize that most of these performance are up north in Penang Island.

        • No problem but I do not think they will have the Chinese Opera during the CNY as the most the Chinese will be back in their hometown (That’s the only time there will not be any opera shows). Like I mentioned earlier, it will be in other chinese festival that they will have in the 7th or 9th chinese month or one of the deity’s birthday that they will put up the opera show for deity and the public.

  2. I only saw chinese opera in puppet forms in Singapore. It’s just sad that sometime there was no one watching the show, and the arts may just disappear in the history.

    • Yes. In fact it is mostly the older generations that come and enjoy the shows. The younger ones does not have interest in kind of entertainment. But in Penang especially in the 7th month of the Chinese calendar, they have a lot of these performances for the ‘others’. So there are audience watching them but just we can’t see the audience. 😊

  3. What a pity that it is hard to see Chinese Opera in Malaysia these days. I remember it vividly from my visit there many years ago. I didn’t have a clue what was going on but found it fascinating. The costumes are gorgeous.

    • Well.. you are right. In the big cities like KL, you will not be able to see it anymore. In Penang, you still can especially near some chinese festivals where they will set up stage for anyone to come and watch. Haha.. I also dun understand what is going on but like you said, it is their costumes are really one of a kind. =)

  4. Oddly enough I was just talking about this with my husband about a week ago! We are going to asia in 2015 and I was hoping to see a Chinese Opera but it looks like something that will be hard to find. We’ll be on a tour and I have no idea whether one is included or not since it’s too early. It sure would be wonderful though!

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