China – Shenzhen’s Window of the World (5)

mmm.. this is my last part of the Window’s of the World before we ajourn for the night performance. (night performance?? – keep following me then you will know)  Yup, there a lot of monuments but I can’t show you all of it. It is best you see it yourself and enjoy it. It can take you the whole day to walk this place.

Oh yes. there also performances at certain times in the day from each countries (not all but the famous ones) for the visitor like the Maori dances, the folk and culture dances and others. Dun worry. If you missed the earlier one, there will be a repeats later in the day.

China_Shenzhen3 (1)Leaning Tower of Pisa

China_Shenzhen3 (2)

China_Shenzhen3 (3)

China_Shenzhen3 (4)

China_Shenzhen3 (5)

China_Shenzhen3 (6) Big Ben (London)

China_Shenzhen3 (7)

China_Shenzhen3 (8)

China_Shenzhen3 (9) Taj Mahal

China_Shenzhen3 (10)

Sunset here…. time to enjoy the evening performance that comes with the entry ticket. See ya later……..

Taipei – Huaxi Street Night Market

From Longshan Temple, it is a walk away to another Night Market; Hua Xi Street Night Market.

I  was there early so I could see the hive of activities of the vendor preparing for their day of sales.

Taipei_7 (1.1) Entrance to the market…

Taipei_7 (1.2)

Taipei_7 (1.3)

Taipei_7 (2) People started to queue up to buy food.

Taipei_7 (3) Vendor preparing for the day…

Taipei_7 (4) People slowly trickling into the street

Taipei_7 (5)

Taipei_7 (6) It is quite common to find an entertainment area in the market

Taipei_7 (7) Arcade games anyone?

Taipei…. A snapshot from my viewfinder (4)

My trip in Taipei continues. This stop is at Shilin Night Market. Yup.. this is one of the famous night market in Taipei. Lots of people (literally) and also lots of shops. For food… I find that it is ok only. I think Feng Jia Market in Taichung is much bigger and more variety.  Heard that they have close to 2000 stalls in Feng Jia!!

Anyway, here are some shots from my viewfinder….

Taipei_4 (1) The market is right next to a MRT station. So you can’t miss it. =)

Taipei_4 (2) ….beeline of people heading to the Shilin Night Market

Taipei_4 (3) More people……

Taipei_4 (4) Anyone for ‘frogs’ eggs ?

Taipei_4 (5) … yup. Again more people shopping.

Taipei_4 (6) There is a temple right in the middle of the market.

Taipei_4 (7)

Taipei_4 (8)

Taipei_4 (9)

Taipei_4 (10)

It is a good place to go for shopping and eating especially if it is your first time. I would give this a miss if it is a 2nd or 3rd visit and go to a more un-touristy night market for more local feel. Anyone can recommend?

Taipei…. A snapshot from my viewfinder (3)

Across Ximending MRT … is the Red House Theater which is a historic theater in this area which was built by the Japanese. Well I did not go and see any performance but I just wanted to drop by there as there was another small night market there (another!!) . Well… just a very small one. =)

Taipei_3 (1)

Taipei_3 (2)

Taipei_3 (3)

Taipei_3 (4)

Taipei_3 (5)

Taipei_3 (6)

Stay tune…. more to come.