Hong Kong – Bus trip to Tai O (1)

While we were still in Hong Kong, we wanted to get out of the city and to see what they have out in the country side. So we decided to go to Tai O.

Tai O is a fishing town, partly located on an island of the same name, on the western side of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. We took the MTR to the last stop and continued by bus to the fishing village.

View from the MTR….

HK_TaiO1 (2)

HK_TaiO1 (3)

HK_TaiO1 (5)

Upon reaching Tai O … a sign greeted us.

HK_TaiO1 (6)

Seafood streets vendors all along the alley

HK_TaiO1 (7)

Stilt houses ….

HK_TaiO1 (8)

Follow me on the next part of Tai O…….

Taipei – Shilin… A view on an evening.

Usually people will go to the Shilin in the night but I had another opportunity to  arrive there in the evening where there is still some light and to see the place much more clearer instead  of night.

Taipei_Shilin2 (1)  Entertainment for kids…

Taipei_Shilin2 (2)Street stalls all up …

Taipei_Shilin2 (3) The crowds is building up

Taipei_Shilin2 (4) The temple in the middle of Shilin Market

Taipei_Shilin2 (5)

Taipei_Shilin2 (6)

Taipei_Shilin2 (7) Crowds are here!!

Taipei_Shilin2 (8)

Taipei_Shilin2 (9)

Taipei_Shilin2 (10)

Taipei_Shilin2 (11) A stone throw  away from the MRT

The Curve – Street Stall & Xmas Deco (belated Xmas blog)

I didn’t realize I had a draft blog on Xmas sitting in my post until I checked it out today. Anyway it is still within 12 days of Xmas. LOL!!!

It was a holiday that day and I dropped into another mall after doing some errants. It was unusual to see the street vendor in this mall on a weekday but it Xmas and everyone is on holiday and doing last minute shopping.

The stall setup with colour canopies.

20121221-093444 PM.jpg

20121221-093517 PM.jpg

20121221-093548 PM.jpg

20121221-093607 PM.jpg

20121221-093704 PM.jpg

This Xmas deco here is more to flower and colourful mushrooms.

20121221-093747 PM.jpg

20121221-093812 PM.jpg

20121221-093837 PM.jpg

20121221-093858 PM.jpg

Anyway.. Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year!!