Starting after a long break

Sorry for being away and quiet for a quite a while. Being busy with things and work. Gosh, didn’t know that WordPress mobile apps has also changed quite a bit. Have to stsrt to relearn and stsrt to get use to it.

So bear with me here. I will been leaving my footprint in some news places like Japan, Korea and few more places. So do stick around and do click and follow me so that you will not miss out on my updates.

Oh yes.. Do stay safe and stay at home to break the chain of Covid-19. It is also affe t8ng my country here in Malaysia and yes, I am also under MCO (movement control order) by the government for the next 4 wks; 18 Mar till 14 Apr but I have a bad feeling it will drag.

Anyway… It will give me time to stsrt my blogging again.

So stay tune….


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