Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (10)

Welcome back! This was the next morning. Yup we stayed on board the junk for the night. There were about 10 room (if I recall correctly) on lower deck each room was equipped with aircon, shower and a window with a view. =)

In the morning, we took a boat ride along the protected bay. As you can see, the water was so calm.

The shot below was our boat where they anchored 2 junk together as we went in a big group and had to use 2 junks.


Some people from the other junks took the chance to do some canoeing.


Another shot of our boat…


Then we headed through one of the caves to get over the other side.


going through the tunnel passage.


Locals coming with their goods to sell to the tourist like us.


Heading back.. we passed a fishing floating village in the bay area.



Do you see a guy’s face?


So the next question, where’s next? Wanna know…. then see me on my next posting. =)


Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (9)

Heading out from the Cat Ba Cave, the junk too us to another island which is the Hang Hanh of Bo Hon Island where there is a beach and also also a beautiful view of the sunset from the highest point on the island.


Closer view of the junks as our junk passed by.





A view from the highest point on the island waiting for the….


yes.. sunset!!


then it was off again on the junk to another area where we stayed on the junk boat for the night.


Oh yes.. did I mentioned anything about the junk boat that we stayed for the night? If I did not, then I will mention this in my next post. So .. stay tune. =)

Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (8)

I am still in the grotto of the from Sut Sot Cave at Halong Bay and looking out to the bay from 30m high. The view from the opening of the cave is magnificent. I took lots of photos but I decided to share only the nicest.

You can see the junk coming and going out from the jetty on Bo Hon Island.




Loved it especially when the junk open their sail…..




Coming down and heading back to the junk boat to continue our tour to visit another island; Cat Ba Island.




More pictures to come. =)

Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (7)

Hi.. Still with me? Good. 😊 Today we will be going to visit the famous bay in Vietnam. Located in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam is the Halong Bay which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The bay belongs to Hạ Long City, Cẩm Phả town, and part of Van Don district. It features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various sizes and shapes. Ha Long Bay is a center of a larger zone which includes Bái Tử Long bay to the northeast, and Cát Bà islands to the southwest.

When we reached the bay and we were lead to our Junk. It was really fun as we had to cross in between junks to get to ours without failing into the sea. We took the the overnight cruise on the junk. There are so many junk boats in the bay to bring tourist the around the bay.

Junk boats sailing out to the bay


while some were waiting for tourists to board their boats.




A baeutiful scenery caught on the boat while sailing on the bay


Arrived at Sung Sot Cave (Cave of Surprises). It is the largest cave in Halong Bay, Vietnam located at the Bo Hon Island


Jetty at Sung Sot Cave.


the grotto in the Sung Sot Cave.


Like what you see? If yes, then keep following me on my next post in Halong Bay. =)

Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (5)

Thanks for staying with me on my trail of Hanoi. Before I continue, let me share with you some information about the place that we will be visiting.

Ninh Binh is 90km away from Hanoi and is a popular destination for its’ beautiful tourist sites such as Tam Coc, Hoa Lu, Kenh Ga and Cuc Phuong National Park but today, the place of our interest is Tam Coc.

Tam Coc is known as Halong Bay on land for its’ breathtaking scenery. While Halong Bay features huge rock formations jutting out o the sea, Tam Coc has them jutting out of its rice paddies. Tam Coc means three caves; that is Hang Ca (the first), Hang Giua (the second) and Hang Cuoi (the smallest).

Our trip started with a boat trip which took us to all three caves. It took us about two hours; to and fro. Ok enough of writing. Lets enjoy the photos now.

Starting point to catch our boat ride which can carry a maximum of 3 adults which includes the ‘captain’.


Yup.. you saw it right. It leg pedal power!!


You bend down to go under the bridge or else….. Yes. Everyone had to bend down to cross the bridge to get to the caves.


Waiting your turn to cross under the bridge. It is a single lane and everyone has to wait.


A house built next to the trail.


Beautiful scenery of the rock formation next to the rice paddies.


Passing close to the rock formation heading to the caves.


Trails of boats on both direction heading to and away from the caves.


Love the photos so far? If yes, there are more to come. So keep following me on my next posting.

Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (4)

Another day in Hanoi but today, we were heading out of Hanoi city to…. Halong Bay on land. 😊 Yes you may have heard of Halong Bay where you take boat out to the bay but this one is slightly different.

This is a typical traffic in the morning in Hanoi. Lots of motorbikes.


More bikes than cars on the road.



On the way, we could see lots of skinny houses as seen below.


Not sure what sort of building out in rural area but can see that it is built behind a padi field.


To get there, we have to go through small town and dirt road. What a bumpy ride.


Along the way, I managed to take some shots




and a nice red temple near the ‘bay’


Follow me on my next posting to see the Halong Bay on Land.