USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (3)

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Still on the Strip, heading towards the end of Stratosphere Tower Hotel and Casino.

Further down, saw a row of shops with old structure that caught my eyes; old Pepsi Cola building with cute cartoon on it.


Wow… that’s a huge coke bottle. Anyone wanna share with me? LOL!! That’s goes too with the M&M. =)


Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino. Lovely deco.


Further down was Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino that comes along with the Eiffel Tower



If I recall, this is in interior of Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino…..



Lemonade anyone? I bet you can ‘buy’ a glass at 10c now.



Another shot of Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.



This is the interior of Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino with nice view of the ‘sky’ =)



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USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (2)

Hi there!! Thanks for still following me on my e-trip in Las Vegas. Hope you  enjoyed my earlier series to Grand Canyon.

The posting before was a view at night with all the neon lights but the in the day time, it is totally another sight to behold.

I stayed in one of those cheap drive-in wedding motel (although it is not that cheap) as I just needed a place for shower and a short nap as my trip here was just 2 days and a night.

Right after checking out the motel, I walked along the street where I stayed and saw lots of little chapels where you could just jam in and get yourself married. Yup, just like what  you see in the movies. These was one of them although I  did not enter any of them.


After that, I thought to myself, why not take the bus up to the end of the Strip using the 24hr pass which I bought a few hours earlier ago.

So, at the last stop that I got down on the strip before backtracking back by foot was the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Walking down the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard), I passed Excalibur Hotel and Casino.Very colourful….



Had to take this shot. =)



Looking back at a distance, I felt I was in Egypt with the pyramid in the background and Great Sphinx of Giza or was I??



Took a quick walk inside the Luxor Hotel & Casino. Hmmm… what this? Anyone’s guess?



Out and back on the Strip, I was passing New York New York Hotel & Casino. Yes, They have roller coaster line there too.



Facing the front of NY NY Hotel & Casino was MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Nothing special about this.



Walking down, I saw a row of nice buildings structure like you are in NY.



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