USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (7)

This is my last e-series of my trip to Las Vegas and covered LV and Grand Canyon within 36 hours literally. This excluded the travelling time from and to San Francisco by bus.

My walk was coming to the end as I am heading back to the interstate bus station which is near the Fremont Hotel and Casino. As I head back to that direction (on foot), passed one oldest Casino and hotel in LV. It was the 2nd Hotel and Casino to be opened on the LV Strip. (and closed in 2007) Guess this picture is just a memory.


Supercars for hire. Anyone?


Circus Circus Hotel & Casino. I didn’t know that they even have a RV park in it.


Stratosphere Hotel and Casino has the the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States and also 4 thrill rides at the top of the tower. From where I was, I could see the rides that was actually protruding out of the tower!! Damn! Anyone tried the rides up there?


mmmm… can’t remember this? Anyone knows this?


Anyway.. back at Fremont Hotel and Casino and taking a last detour before catching my bus back to San Francisco.


At the Fremont Street Experience lane…. This place is a crow puller especially at night with light show.



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USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (6)

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Ok… let’s get back to where I left off…

This is my 2nd last posting on this e-series in Las Vegas. If you have missed my earlier postings, do go and have a look so that you can catch up with me on my e-walk.

Treasure Island Hotel & Casino. A really colourful hotel if I may say so.



Like the pirate ship at the front. It really does make one feel back in time.

Walking further down, Wynn Hotel and Casino. Unique but simple design. Nope… I did not walked and explore in there as I was also rushing for time to catch my bus in the late afternoon. Yup, it was like a 24hr tour of LV and Grand Canyon. =P


Anyway walking further down , looking from overhead bridge looking onto the Las Vegas Blvd.


Encore at Wynn.


Just a quick drop in at Wynn.


Walking further down the Blvd, was the Fashion Show Mall. Damn…. looks like a giant surf board ‘flying’ over my head!! haha….


Another shot from another point of view.


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USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (5)

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For now, let’s move on with this series of my trip in Las Vegas.

Where was I? Oh yes… in Caesar’s Palace. I have seen many normal elevator that goes straight up or down but never a spiral one. This is 1st time I saw of this kind. From the side, you will think that it is just a spiral stairs that one would have to walk up and down but until I saw people moving up steady without moving their body or legs. That really caught my eyes.


Not sure where else you can find these now but definitely it was my 1st back then.


Next stop; Mirage Hotel & Casino. Nothing much here. Did not go inside. Anything interesting inside there?


Street stalls on the side of the Imperial hotel. This guy or artist was doing painting using paint spray art ..



This hotel was really one of kind back then; The Venetian. One of the best so far that I visited. I believe the one in Macau nearly has the same build but I prefer the one in LV. =)


A short from the overhead bridge looking down…..


Lovely ‘old’ building in ‘Venice’


Gondola on strolling along the ‘canal’


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USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (4)

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Where was I? Oh yes. I am still walking down The Strip.

These were my very brief stops at the Las Vegas Hotel Casinos along the way.

Bally’s Las Vegas


The lovely Caesars Palace


Entrance to Caesars Palace….


Pool side of Caesars Palace.


Flamingo Las Vegas


Imperial Palace


Harrah’s Las Vegas



Practically to many to really go in and explore unless I am there for more days else, with just less than 8 hrs, I rather explore the whole street and see what’s to offer and maybe… maybe the next time when I am in Las Vegas, I will definitely stay longer and explore more of Las Vegas.

Hey.. wait on.. I have not finish yet on this series. Stay tune for my next posting. =P

USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (3)

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Still on the Strip, heading towards the end of Stratosphere Tower Hotel and Casino.

Further down, saw a row of shops with old structure that caught my eyes; old Pepsi Cola building with cute cartoon on it.


Wow… that’s a huge coke bottle. Anyone wanna share with me? LOL!! That’s goes too with the M&M. =)


Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino. Lovely deco.


Further down was Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino that comes along with the Eiffel Tower



If I recall, this is in interior of Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino…..



Lemonade anyone? I bet you can ‘buy’ a glass at 10c now.



Another shot of Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.



This is the interior of Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino with nice view of the ‘sky’ =)



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USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (2)

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The posting before was a view at night with all the neon lights but the in the day time, it is totally another sight to behold.

I stayed in one of those cheap drive-in wedding motel (although it is not that cheap) as I just needed a place for shower and a short nap as my trip here was just 2 days and a night.

Right after checking out the motel, I walked along the street where I stayed and saw lots of little chapels where you could just jam in and get yourself married. Yup, just like what  you see in the movies. These was one of them although I  did not enter any of them.


After that, I thought to myself, why not take the bus up to the end of the Strip using the 24hr pass which I bought a few hours earlier ago.

So, at the last stop that I got down on the strip before backtracking back by foot was the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Walking down the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard), I passed Excalibur Hotel and Casino.Very colourful….



Had to take this shot. =)



Looking back at a distance, I felt I was in Egypt with the pyramid in the background and Great Sphinx of Giza or was I??



Took a quick walk inside the Luxor Hotel & Casino. Hmmm… what this? Anyone’s guess?



Out and back on the Strip, I was passing New York New York Hotel & Casino. Yes, They have roller coaster line there too.



Facing the front of NY NY Hotel & Casino was MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Nothing special about this.



Walking down, I saw a row of nice buildings structure like you are in NY.



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USA – Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (1)

Hi!! Hope you enjoyed my earlier series on my day trip to Grand Canyon. If you have missed it, you can drop in and have read; USA – Spectacular view of Grand Canyon

Well this is the continuation from my Grand Canyon trip back to Las Vegas. By the time I reached LV, it was already close to 8pm plus.

The tour bus dropped me back at my motel and I headed straight to Fermont  street as I wanted to catch the Light and Sound show which illuminates the 1,400 feet long Space Frame. This space is 90 feet in height along Fremont Street from Main Street to Fourth Street and has created a spectacular foyer for the existing resorts.


Well you can’t tell anyone that you been to Las Vegas unless you have been to the Strip or Las Vegas strip which is the Las Vegas Boulevard. In fact Las Vegas bills itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World, and is famous for its mega casino–hotels and associated entertainments.

Since 24 hour  pass to all RTC Residential Routes, Strip & Downtown Express (SDX) and Deuce on the Strip. Now it’s USD8 (cant remember how much was it back then). Got into one, paid and took the ride till nearly the end of the Strip. Got down at the NY/NY Hotel & Casino.

It was still busy and so brightly lighted up at 10 pm. Could feel the heat from all the neon lights even the weather was a quite cool.


As usual I would stroll down the strip in direction I came from; back tracking.


What a sight! Even they had the ‘Statue of Liberty’  in Las Vegas.


Harley Davidson Cafe next to Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.


Eiffel Tower !! Do you think I can get to the top of this in Las Vegas?’This is the Paris Hotel & Casino.


Maybe not but I got under it instead. =)


Right under ‘Eiffel Tower’ looking up from Paris Hotel & Casino.


Another Hotel & Casino; Ballys


Well… I just started my night walk. So catch me and see what’s next in my next posting on this new series. =)

USA – Spectacular view of Grand Canyon (6)

Welcome back! This is my last posting on this series in Grand Canyon.

We are at the Grand Canyon Village. This is the last stop before heading back to Las Vegas.

View from one the windows of a shop at the Village.




They even have guides to give a talk which I saw along the way.



Another magnificent view of Grand Canyon.



One of the lodges.



Another beautiful view….



The Tusayan Ruin and Museum. I did not get a chance to have a look inside but I bet it will be interesting.



Well, after that it is on my way back to Las Vegas with the sunset view.

Grand Canyon is really indeed a beautiful place to if you have the chance.



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USA – Spectacular view of Grand Canyon (5)

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Where did I left off? Oh yes, we are at Mather Point.


From there, we headed near to a campsite where there an information center (cant really remember much after so many years)

Some information about Grand Canyon….


weather..  (this is specially important if you are planning for a hike)


They even have a cycling trail if you do not intend to hike.


Our next stop was the Grand Canyon Village area. In this area, there a couple of lodges. Guess it is the start of the Village Route and also the Hermit Rest Route trail.


Another nice place to enjoy to beautiful scenic views.


Breathtaking view…..



Join me on my last posting on this series before heading back to Las Vegas and to see what they have to offer. So, do click ‘follow me’ and see what in te next posting. =)

USA – Spectacular view of Grand Canyon (2)

Welcome back!

Continuing from my previous post, from Hoover Dam, it was a 3 and 1/2hr ride to the National Geographic IMAX Theater Grand Canyon.

Sign board of the Visitor Center to the IMAX Theater at the entrance to the car park.


Display in the IMAX center of the history of the Grand Canyon. Part of the tour also include the 34min of IMAX Movie on the Grand Canyon in the IMAX theater.


After lunch was the trip to the Grand Canyon where it begins……… a 2.4km to the Desert View Drive. The 1st stop is the Yaki Point.

The view is magnificent; just like a painting. You just have to be there to enjoy this view.




The South Kaibab Trail but I did not take any walk as I was on tour.


Information on the Canyon and it’s river.


Breath taking view……


More? Yes….. more to come. Follow me on the trail…….