Taiwan – Trip to PingXi train line (6)

This is my last part of my series on my trip to PingXi train line.

The old building in Shifen is nice. It’s a small town all within walking distance. It was previously also a mining town.


While walking back to the train station, I managed to catch a close up of the lantern with hand written messages by the visitors who purchase and release it later. Can you read or understand what was written?


There were also lots of shops selling souvenirs of the miniature lantern where some can even glow at night.


Below is the message that was written by the tourists or local visitors on a bamboo sticks. Not sure what they wrote though. (I can’t read Chinese. Just only spoken and still struggling)


…..and cute mailboxes too to sent yr snail mails.


Here is another shot of one of the old machines which was used during mining times.


A beautiful view of the hills with the bridge over a small river.


My next and last stop was PingXi town.


Where should I head too?


A beautiful painted mural.


That’s all folks. So wanna guess what’s or where will it be for my next blog?


USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (5)

My 5th post on NYC. Continuation from my previous post; USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (4)

As I conitnued from NYSE, I headed along Wall St and captured the The Trump Building.

USA - NewYork City5 (1)

A shot of Wall St from the walk way.

USA - NewYork City5 (2)

and headed to South St Seaport Museum…..

USA - NewYork City5 (3)

USA - NewYork City5 (4)

A view of Brooklyn Bridge from East River Bikeway.

USA - NewYork City5 (5)

USA - NewYork City5 (6)

This shop really caught my eyes with its’ striking yellow.

USA - NewYork City5 (7)

Nearer to Brooklyn Bridge……

USA - NewYork City5 (8)

USA - NewYork City5 (9)

Follow me on my next post on NYC….

Macau – A Ferry Trip Across (2)

Macau has lots of Churches and old Portuguese buildings. Portuguese words also can be found on their street signs. I really love to walk along the alley and see what is behind and not just the front only.

These are the places where you will see a lot more things  and you can capture the magic moments or scenes.

Here are some from shots.

Macau2 (1) one of the much older casinos on older side of Macau

Macau2 (2)

Macau2 (3)

Macau2 (4)

Macau2 (5) small alley in Macau

Macau2 (6)

Some of the churches in Macau….

Macau2 (7)

Macau2 (8)

Macau2 (9)

Macau2 (10)

More to come… stay tune!

Malaysia – A visit to the city of Ipoh.. and its’ cave temples (1)

Ipoh is a city in the state of Perak in Peninsular Malaysia. It is located on the west side of Peninsular and about 2.5hrs drive from KL or 1.5hrs from Penang.

Architecturally, the Ipoh city center has the characteristic of colonial era Chinese shop houses which is very interesting to see and also several impressive historical buildings from the British Colonial era such as the Railway Station, the Town Hall and the Court House.

Malaysia_Ipoh1 (1 (9)

I took my family for a day trip there to visit the old city town and also to visit the Chinese Buddhist Cave Temple within a natural limestone hill.

The first was Kek Look Tong Cave…

Malaysia_Ipoh1 (1 (1)

Lime formation seen from outside

Malaysia_Ipoh1 (1 (2)

One of the altars in the cave

Malaysia_Ipoh1 (1 (3)

This  is  one the other side of the cave which you can walk through.

Malaysia_Ipoh1 (1 (4)

Malaysia_Ipoh1 (1 (5)

They even have a small park where the local will come here in the morning for their walks or exercise.

Malaysia_Ipoh1 (1 (6)

Malaysia_Ipoh1 (1 (7)

….follow me  to the next cave temple in the my next blog.

PutraJaya…. a trip to a planned city

Putrajaya? Planned city? Yup it is. It is a city that is planned for the federal administrative center; shifting from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya. I was there a year ago and it is a place where all the new building and structure area as previously… all the administrative was all over Kuala Lumpur but now they centralize it to here.

There are a few man made lakes and bridges to link to a so call man made island. It is a place nice to drop by to have a visit.

Have a look and give your thoughts….

DSC_0241-001 View of the Mosque from the bridge.

DSC_0249-001  View up directly from the bottom of the brdige. Superb view!!

DSC_0258-001Caution!!  Reduce…..s..p..e..e..d!!








DSC_0322-001  Sunset @ Putrajaya

DSC_0346-001 Another view of the building @ sunset


DSC_0364-001 Night shot….