Malaysia – Night Market the Malaysian way (1)

Yesterday, I brought my Taiwan colleague to see the night market in Malaysia. I guess you may have heard, seen or been to a night market in Taiwan as it is so well known. Example like Shihlin in Taipei or Liuhe in Koahsiung or Fengjia Night Market in Taichung.

Well today I am going to share with you the typical night market scene in Malaysia. This is the Chow Yang SS2 night market. The size of the market…. well do not expect it to be huge like the Taiwan ones but it is good enough to capture your stomach and also your pockets. 😊

We had to park our car quite a distance as there wasn’t any parking close by as it was located within a housing area. It was good excuse for an exercise after a heavy dinner (I will be posting the place where we ate; Dinner – Restaurant Murni SS2 in my food blog)

The stall was selling fresh jack fruit. What is jack fruit you may ask….


This is jack fruit. Inside it, it has many little pieces which were attach to the center.


It has a firm texture and sweet in taste with a seed in the center which you can’t eat.


Stall selling fresh buns from the oven. Lots of variety to choose from.


You want to try the local pastries? This stall sells pastries.


….. they also have a stall selling praying incense; joss stick.


More pastries…..


Fruits? Well not local fruits but more of imported fruits like oranges, apples, cherries, grapes….. as they quite popular among the locals.


Want to see more? Then stay tune……


Visit to the Wet Market in Penang

Before I post on my visit on New York City, let me share a post on a visit close by. This is a blog on wet market.

I love to visit markets anywhere I go when I travel; locally or abroad as there is where you get to see the locals mingle and haggle over things, and you can get to see all types of vegetables, fishes, and other sorts food which may be grown, made or caught locally.

Today I am posting on the wet market that I visit every weekend. This is to let my readers see the local activities in a local market in Penang.

This portion of the wet market; vendors selling vegetables, fishes, eggs etc

20130204-105109 PM.jpg

20130204-105128 PM.jpg

20130204-105143 PM.jpg

This is the other area; dry market where vendors selling all the dry stuff like onions, salted fish, garlic etc

20130204-105200 PM.jpg

Fruit stalls ……

20130204-105217 PM.jpg

Pineapple but these pineapple if you look carefully is slightly different. They are used for the Chinese prayers as offerings.

20130204-105234 PM.jpg

Vendors selling Ti Kueh (sweet sticky confection) which you can find a lot especially near Chinese New Year as housewives will buys these as an offering to the Kitchen God so when they go back to report to their superior, it will be sweet and good news. Lol!! More on this on my food blog.

20130204-105252 PM.jpg

20130204-105308 PM.jpg

Cycling in the Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam – Botanical Garden

Went to the Botanical Garden again. This the 2nd time in 2 days. The day before, I was there to participate in the Skytrex Adventure where I did climbing and doing lots of flying fox up in the air, high wire crossing, doing tarzan swings; 26 thrilling challenges, all up to 17m above ground.

Today, I was there early to enjoy cycling in the park which cover over 1260 hectares. Even though I was early there, there was a lot of people earlier than me, and waiting for the gates to the park to be open. Reason, so they go in and quickly rent a bicycle to cycle as the shop inside only has a limited of up to 200 bicycles for rental.

It was a nice day to cycle as the night before it rain heavily and in the morning, it was cool and nice.

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (1) Cycling …. It is not a flat road but an uphill and downhill along the way.

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (2) A nice shot of the beam of sunlight through the trees in the morning.

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (3) The Skytrex Adventure which is located inside the park.

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (4) A group of people doing the initiation training before taking on the real challenges!!

In the garden, there is also an orchard where you can find all sorts of tropical fruits where they have planted and taken care; rambutans, mangosteen, durians, starfruit, dragon fruit and lots more.

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (5)

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (7) Hand picked rambutans directly from  the trees.

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (8) Chempedak still on the tress.

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (6) Me on the bike….

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (10) Dragon fruit trees.

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (9) Stop and give way to porcupine crossing

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (11)…. and deer crossing too.

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (13)

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (12) Their also built a Malay kampung style building.

On the way back to the entrance, took this shot of a small lake.

Bukit Cahaya_Dec_2012 (14)

It was a nice cycling day all together….. a perfect day for a family outing or group activities.

Trip back…. A weekly affair w the bus (continues)

The trips continues…. taking the North-South Highway, the sight of Banjaran Titiwangsa and the greens all along the way with sights of line stones hills on and off. It is a 3 lane highway at initial but then drops to 2 lanes per direction.

20121207-065048 PM.jpg

20121207-070904 PM.jpg

20121207-070926 PM.jpg

20121207-070944 PM.jpg

Stopping at the R&R area, sight of stalls selling fruits and food for the travelers.

20121207-071055 PM.jpg

20121207-071115 PM.jpg

20121207-071232 PM.jpg
This is the mangosteen; a fruit which we usually eat along side with the durian.

20121207-071251 PM.jpg
Anyone wants steams peanuts? It’s tasty. 😊

20121207-071309 PM.jpg
This is one sight every country will have; the toll !!! Malaysia also has these all along the highways exit points.

A day in the wet market….

This would be my usual weekly affair.. to visit the wet market near my place. To think of it, I did not really capture the hive of activities on pictures in my own area as I usually do it when I travel overseas. I always make a point to see and understand how other countries’ wet market and the way people sell and buy the stuffs. Everywhere, it is different and here in Malaysia it is also different, not to mention in different states too.

20121201-092806 AM.jpg  Dry market…… onions, shallots,anchovies stall

20121201-092813 AM.jpg  Part of the wet market … stall selling stuff for making soup, wet spices…

20121201-092822 AM.jpg Poultry stall

20121201-092829 AM.jpg Stalls selling vegetables…..

20121201-092836 AM.jpg … a variety of vegetables.

20121201-092847 AM.jpg King of the fruits… Durian!! It is the right season to come as there are abundance of it.

20121201-092853 AM.jpg A stall selling all the Chinese prayers stuff

20121201-092859 AM.jpg Hmmmm… 12 for Rm100???? I bet this guy will not be selling any oranges today. I believe he may have added a zero by mistake. A costly mistake for sure.

IMG_1128[1] Mother and child preparing the vegetables to be sold.

It is nice to watch the all the activities and people busy zooming in and out, buying things and all the mixtures of colour of the food and surroundings around.