Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History (2)

Hi there!! If you have followed me on my previous posting. I am posting my trip to Tainan City, Southern Taiwan which is the oldest city in the country. It has left behind a very complex history but I will not dwell into that as I will not bore my reader with history lesson. =P

Back to the train.This is shot in the train… a long4 1/2 hr journey from Hsinchu by the normal train. If I recall correctly, there were  about 25 stops before reaching Tainan.

20140418-014323 pm.jpg

Yup.. you could see that I was getting bored here. Taking weird shots. HAHA!!

20140418-014331 pm.jpg

The view. The railway tracks is near the coast. So you could see lot of wind turbine along the way.

20140418-014340 pm.jpg

… lots of open fields where farmers plating their crops. So, if you like to see the view of the country side, you could take this normal train and enjoy the slow ride.

20140418-014348 pm.jpg

One of the stops along the way before arriving in Tainan.

20140418-014410 pm.jpg

Ok… let’s skip and head to Tainan.

My first stop was to Chikan Tower or also known as Fort Provintia. It is among the most important historic sites in Tainan City as well as all of Taiwan and not to mention, also one of the prettiest.

Below is the map of the Chikan tower and it’s compound. Yup… it is right in the heart of Tainan city surrounded by the newer buildings.

20140418-014423 pm.jpg

View from the entrance to the tower. You can see the stone slabs which is the turtle monument.

20140418-014433 pm.jpg

Old quarters which is turn into souvenir shops.

20140418-014446 pm.jpg

Like what you read and see? Well, dun stop. Follow me on my next posting to see more of Tainan through my  ‘íphone 4s’ lense. =)


Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip of History (1)

Welcome back!!

Yup. This is another series of my trip to Taiwan and this time, my visit will be Tainan. Took the opportunity to travel down south from Hsinchu to Tainan for the weekend break back in Apr early this year. Hope you will enjoy this series of posting as it will quite a long ‘e-trip’ journey here.

As usually, starting off from Hsinchu where I was at for my business trip.

This is a shot from my room view in the early morning before heading out to the Railway station.

20140418-013731 pm.jpg

It was a last minute planning and also a wrong time as it was also the Tomb Sweeping weekend where everyone was traveling in Taiwan. Getting the train ticket for the time I wanted was practically none.

So I had to grab what was available even if it took 4 1/2 hrs slow train where an express train would only take 2 1/2 hrs. (High speed train only took  an hr trip but of course, the cost was double of the normal express train cost)

20140418-013742 pm.jpg

Guess you have seen this before. This is the Hsinchu Railway station. A 15min’s walk from the hotel I stayed in.

20140418-013914 pm.jpg

Waiting for my train to arrive. Snapping away to kill time. LOL!!

20140418-013927 pm.jpg

20140418-013939 pm.jpg

The view of the Hsinchu Railway Station from the platform.

20140418-013949 pm.jpg

One of the express trains passing through the station.

20140418-014000 pm.jpg

Well.. here comes my train.

20140418-014016 pm.jpg

Come let get on board and follow me on my trip in the slow train to Tainan. =)

Taiwan; Hsinchu Night Market (3)

Hi.. I am still in Hsinchu Night Market (not literally though) . My 3rd and final posting on my walkabout in the Hsinchu night market.

Guess the night market never fails to catch my attention time each time I visit Taiwan. Yup.. I am always scouting around for food to try and the happening environment. It is always different. =)

Ok. … let’s get back to the walk.

This food vendor is selling skewed food. Looks like hell of a long skewed stick.

20140418-071758 am.jpg

Stinky tofu but this is the wet version that comes with the soup. This is the type that I could not stomach. Next to that, is the fried oyster with flour and egg. It’s different from Malaysia’s fried oyster with egg. In Malaysia, there’s more egg and less flour. Guess you have to try it both yourself to see which you like most. (sorry… but my preference is the Malaysia’s fried oyster with egg. =P )

20140418-071809 am.jpg

Just look at the crowd!! Most of the tables were taken up but people come and go.

20140418-071825 am.jpg

Wow… what a cool concept to promote your food.

20140418-071835 am.jpg

and not forgetting for the children. There’s always kiddy rides for the young ones.

20140418-071855 am.jpg

Guess what’s this? Anyone?

20140418-071913 am.jpg

Again… look at the crowd. Guess you have to keep your eyes wide open to look for an available table to sit and enjoy your meal.

20140418-071925 am.jpg

More grilled food choices.

20140418-071947 am.jpg

Something light? Well, you can always have bread, pasty or cakes to choose from.

20140418-072008 am.jpg

Like what you read and see? Well… how about another night market in Taiwan? If yes, then follow me on my next posting. Wanna guess which one? =)

Taiwan; Hsinchu Night Market (2)

Welcome back! More on my walk about in Hsinchu Night Market.

Cooked prawns. Sold by the weight. Looks nice but I did not buy them as I wanted to save for others. =P


Popsicle? Well.. it is grilled corn with toppings. You can choose the toppings that you like to be coated on your grilled corn.

20140418-071537 am.jpg

More games for the young and old.

20140418-071550 am.jpg

and if you do well in your games, you will get these……

20140418-071557 am.jpg

More skewed food too choose from.

20140418-071609 am.jpg

Strawberries in basket load. Yup, you buy by the basket load. Sorry,  you are not allowed to pick/select them one by one.

20140418-071622 am.jpg

More strawberries. Definitely I know I can’t eat the whole basket by myself. =)

20140418-071635 am.jpg

Strolling around and bumping into people along my path……

20140418-071648 am.jpg

More pictures to come……

Taiwan; Hsinchu Night Market (1)

Hi hi!! Welcome back. This is my next series of travel and the location in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

I will just cover the night market here in Hsinchu (which I always drop by if I am in Hsinchu). This night market isn’t the biggest or the best but it still has the local food that you can choose to eat or try. The locals come here with their family to enjoy a good meal and also have a short walk about. Oh.. before I forget, this night market only opens on Tuesday and Thursday and it is located behind the railway station.

Walking from my hotel, I had to pass the underground walkway as on the above, are the railway tracks.

20140418-071219 am.jpg

After coming up, you will see the night market just a stone throw away where night market were set up on an open car park.

Wow… look those colourful waffles.

20140418-071235 am.jpg

Lots of food to choose from… mmm what’s nice here?

20140418-071247 am.jpg

or here?

20140418-071300 am.jpg

Fried giant squids anyone?

20140418-071314 am.jpg

… and for the kids and big kids, time for some fun.

20140418-071327 am.jpg

Lots of games stall which you can pick and choose to play.

20140418-071339 am.jpg

and here’s another one.

20140418-071359 am.jpg

Lovely isn’t it? Well… More pictures coming. Stay tune!