Minions Rush @ McDonalds

Minions Rush or craze … that’s what I call it. Malaysian folks; young ones and the yuppies were going for the minions craze after the show ‘Despicable Me’.

McDonald in Malaysia and Singapore were giving out free Minions (while stocks last .. which only lasted like 2 hours or less) for each purchase of Happy Meal. They had a set 9 characters which was released over a period of few weeks and each time it was release it was sold out without hours.

So.. I took the jump in (what was i thinking off!!) and volunteered to queue up for my friend and see how crazy the Malaysian folks were on this Minions.

This was the numbered I got and this was even an hour before McDonald was opened. 300++!! (They just handed the number randomly to the people in the queue.. in actual I was like to 50th+ ppl in the line. =P )


The queue was getting longer as it gets closer to the opening time.



…. And they say that the queue start here!!


Finally got the 2 minions.


Looks cute to think if it. Haha.


Malaysia – View of a Ramadan Bazaar (3)

At the Ramadan Bazaar, you will find lots of stalls selling of Malay food but after a while you will see some stalls selling the same things.

Ayam percik….


Not sure what they are selling here but it does smell good.


Lots of people walking and looking to buy food to break fast (not breakfast).


This stall selling nasi lemak.


Fried popiah


Grilled chicken wings…..


Lots and lots of food to choose from. No worries.. still got another a week plus more to try the things that you missed out. =) else you can catch all this next year.

Anyway.. not only the Muslims that are buying but also the rest of the other Malaysians too  that are enjoying this and sharing this occasions with them.


Malaysia – View of a Ramadan Bazaar (2)

Still at the Ramadan Bazaar.

More selections of food…

Murtabak.. Roti canai which either chicken or mutton filling in it.


Dishes eaten white steam rice to choose from.


Look at all those selection and also the red spicy colour. Haha


Another stall selling drinks..


Ikan bakar…. Grilled fish.


… Yum yum… Satay with peanut gravy.


Want more? Well follow me on my last post on my visit to the Ramadan Bazaar.

Malaysia – View of a Ramadan Bazaar (1)

This is one of the happening thing in Malaysia which is the celebration of Hari Raya Puasa. If you were following on my previous posting; Malaysia – Next Big Celebration coming…. Hari Raya Puasa . This is a continuation of it but it is a topic by itself.

A month before the this celebration, our Muslim friends will fast for a month and during this month, the food traders will take this opportunity to sell their food before the breaking of fast. Today, I will share with you of my visit to one of the Ramadan Bazaar.

The Ramadan Bazaar offer an array of delicious fare of Malay food. These bazaars are closed throughout the day, but come to life in the late afternoon as bazaar food shops prepare food for Muslims breaking their fast at sundown.

The shoppers in the bazaars aren’t all Muslim, though; Malaysian Chinese, Indians and foreign tourists also benefit from the bazaars’ great eats and bargains.

Roasted chicken on the grill. That a pick. 😊


Many choices of drink… all packed for those breaking fast.


Lots of people walking around and looking for the many options and varieties to choose from.


Bee Hoon soup…..


More Malay food….




Malay style Yong tau foo and also they offer squid and Kangkung mixed w prawn paste.


More pictures to come. Stay tune on my next post.

Malaysia – Next Big Celebration coming…. Hari Raya Puasa (2)

Continuation from my previous blog; Malaysia – Next Big Celebration coming…. Hari Raya Puasa (1)

The feeling of Hari Raya Puasa is getting more intense. Shopping malls and hypermarket are greeting ready with decorations and also hampers as gifts to friends. And yes.. green in colour


Even hotel lobbies were decorated with the Hari Raya Puasa.


In one of the big shopping mall, they did a very special and detail decoration.


One of the passage way with beautiful decorated ‘beam’.


Pictures from the top views…




Hari Raya cookies being sold. Look delicious right?



More pictures of the Hari Raya Puasa.  Stay tune….

Malaysia – Night Market the Malaysian way (3)

Welcome back! Last part of my posting on my walk in Chow Yang SS2 night market.

People standing and eating lok lok from a mobile lok lok stall.


Many choices to choose from to eat for your supper.


More biscuits to choose from.


Ladies accessories…..


People still walking about with their family and kids and enjoying the walkabout and eating or buying that ‘strike’ their eyes or stomach.



This stall selling the young famous ginger which is used to cook dishes for ladies who are in confinement after delivery.


People sitting, eating and enjoying their supper.


Hope you like it. It is slightly different from the night market in Taiwan but it does get people or families out for an evening walk and enjoying a family evening outing.

So… Stay tune. Wonder what my next blog? If you want to know… then follow me. 😊

Malaysia – Night Market the Malaysian way (2)

Continuation of our walk in the Chow Yang SS2 night market from my previous posting.

Hairy fruit; the rambutans are in season. Rm10 per basket.


Along the walk, we stopped to buy the Ban Chang Kueh. Nice with crush peanuts and sweet corn.


More fruit stalls….


Stall selling dry food stuff


Yum yum… fried youtiao fresh from the hot oil pot.


Variety of biscuits ……


Mobile stall selling char kuey kak.


Like it? Follow me on my last post on the Malaysian night market.