Thailand – Bangkok; Walking down the streets (1)

Thanks for staying with me. If you are new here, welcome to my blog page. This is my 3rd series of my posting on my trip to Thaliand; Bangkok way back in 2008. If you have missed my earlier series, pls feel free to visit them and hope you enjoy reading them. =)

Ok… coming back here, this series is on my walk about in Bangkok  city literally down the street (not whole but part of Bangkok) by foot and also by MRT after my trip on Chao Phraya river cruise.

It was already evening and we took the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) to Siam Center using the BTS – Sukhumvit line.

A view from the BTS Chitlom station where the Erawan Shrine is located. More on that later.

20140501-020317 pm.jpg


We walked around the Chitlom area and you will be surprised to see stalls along the alleys.

Aren’t they colourful? Can’t remember what are they (been too long. LOL!)

20140501-020325 pm.jpg


More food……

20140501-020346 pm.jpg


Our simple dinner…

20140501-020355 pm.jpg

20140501-020401 pm.jpg


Their famous dessert; thap thim krop

20140501-020407 pm.jpg


Walking back along Ratchadamri Rd on the elevated pedestrian walk.

20140501-020413 pm.jpg


Stayed tune for more on my series on walking down Bangkok streets.


Taiwan – Kaohsiung; Kai-Xuan Night Market. (1)

Hi!! Well I will be posting another night market walk about in Taiwan.

This was on my last trip to Taiwan in early January this year where I was in in Kaohsiung. This is the newest and also largest night market in Qianzhen District of Kaohsiung City ; Kai-Xuan Night Market. In fact, the other new night market is Jin-Zuan which is located next to Kai-Xuan Night Market (mmmm… how come I did not notice this. Well.. a good reason to visit there again to go to Jin-Zuan Night Market). Both the night market is covering over 320,000 sq feet!!

Getting there was not a problem. Just hop on the MRT and get down at Kai-Xuan station. Then .. it is a 10min walk to Kai-Xuan Night Market. If you are lazy to walk, they even offer a free shuttle bus just outside the Kai-Xuan MRT station.  =)

Upon reaching the night market, the place so well lighted up and so so many stalls; some say it is close to 1,000 stalls which offer visitors various foods, games and shopping opportunities. One distinct differentiation is the stalls are in 10 rows (if I remember correctly) where each rows may consist about 10 or more stalls per side. So it is like walking up and down the ‘street’ and it a street name for each. You can see the street plate at the beginning of each street.

Brightly lighted stalls….

20140112-103309 pm.jpg

games for kids and adults….

20140112-103322 pm.jpg

Anyone want deep fried locusts?

20140112-103336 pm.jpg

This one is nice…. deep fried century egg. =) yum yum!!!!

20140112-103346 pm.jpg

.. top with dried fish maw with sauce.

20140112-103359 pm.jpg

Deep fried octopus tentacles

20140112-103421 pm.jpg

cute cartoon clays for shoppers who would like to buy and …

20140112-103429 pm.jpg

do their own painting on it.

20140112-103438 pm.jpg

more? If yes, then follow me on my next posting on Kaohsiung; Kai-Xuan Night Market.

Taiwan – Trip to PingXi train line (1)

Hi there!!! It has been a while since I wrote on my blog as I have been busy and also was on the road.

My last recent trip was to Taiwan (yup again!) but this trip was much longer and I stayed over the weekend. This time I managed to visit 3 small outskirt towns away from Taipei where I had to take bus from where I was staying to Taipei then another 45 to 1 hr train ride to Ruifang to catch another train on the PingXi train line.

On the day I travelled, it was a wet and gloomy day. Had to wait under the rain with an umbrella to catch a bus.


This is the Taipei Central Station where the HSR, local trains and MRT converged. Colourful lockers at the station.

Taipei ticket counter. .


Arrived at Ruifang station to change line to the PingXi line to Houtong for my first stop


… and this is the colourful train on the PingXi line to my first stop.


Upon arrival in Huotong, I was greeted by cats and lots of cats around. In fact there is a street or place for the cats there and you could see the visitors mostly local visitors from Taiwan feeding them…. and yes the cats are all well fed!! Lol


Where shall I go?


Well if you like to know … then follow me on my next posting. 😊

Taipei – The Grand Hotel… grand enough for you??

This is one of the biggest hotel in Taipei that I have seen. In fact it is within walking distance from the Shilin Night Market area and you definitely cant miss it if you are taking the MRT or driving towards the Shilin area.

I love the outlook  of this hotel as the building retains the elements of classic Chinese architecture. It is not only the most splendid landmark of Taipei, but representative of contemporary palatial architecture. Have a look at the pictures below and you tell me. =)

Taipei_GrandHotel (1) mmmm.. This is another small temple on the way up to the Grand Hotel.

Taipei_GrandHotel (5) Main entrance to the Grand hotel

Taipei_GrandHotel (3)..Tada!! Welcome to the Grand Hotel

Taipei_GrandHotel (4)

Taipei_GrandHotel (2) View from the side

Taipei_GrandHotel (7)

Taipei_GrandHotel (6) lastly…. shot of the entrance from inside the hotel.

Taipei – Shilin… A view on an evening.

Usually people will go to the Shilin in the night but I had another opportunity to  arrive there in the evening where there is still some light and to see the place much more clearer instead  of night.

Taipei_Shilin2 (1)  Entertainment for kids…

Taipei_Shilin2 (2)Street stalls all up …

Taipei_Shilin2 (3) The crowds is building up

Taipei_Shilin2 (4) The temple in the middle of Shilin Market

Taipei_Shilin2 (5)

Taipei_Shilin2 (6)

Taipei_Shilin2 (7) Crowds are here!!

Taipei_Shilin2 (8)

Taipei_Shilin2 (9)

Taipei_Shilin2 (10)

Taipei_Shilin2 (11) A stone throw  away from the MRT

Taipei – DanShui ‘Fresh Water’

When in Taipei, you can take the MRT to the last northern stop which is a small city called DanShui. It is actually a fishing village but now it is already a tourist area. You can also find lots of local going their with their family for outing such as kayaking or cycling.

Below is the my trip there … to DanShui.

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.1) Taking the MRT from Taipei Main

Taiwan_DanShui1 (1.0) Yup… there is a Waiting Zone for Ladies.

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.2) Bicycles for rent…..

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.4) DanShui Waterfront

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.5) Fisherman’s Wharf

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.3) Lover’s Bridge

Taiwan_Danshui1 (2) Hongmao Castle (Fort San Domingo)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (3)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (4)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (5)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (6)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (7) DanShui Old Street

Taiwan_Danshui1 (8) Lots of scooter as usual. =)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (9)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (10)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (11)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (12) Scooters parked along the road.

Taiwan_Danshui1 (13) Even a small narrow alley does not stop them going through.

Taipei – A walk about at Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is located in Wanhua District and is Taipei’s the oldest temple. Built in 1738 by the settlers from Fujian, China. It serves as a place for worship and gathering place for the early settlers. It was destroyed by earthquake and also fire and was also part of the temple was destroyed during the Second World War. It was rebuilt again by the Taipei resident after the war.

I was able to get there (again reachable by MRT) and it is only a stone away from the MRT station.

Taipei_6 (1) This is the MRT station which I got off.

Taipei_6 (2) The temple entrance

Taipei_6 (3)

Taipei_6 (4) Inside the temple.

Taipei_6 (5) I was lucky as on that, as they were having some offering to the God as you can see the food on the table.

Taipei_6 (6)

Taipei_6 (7)

Taipei_6 (8) An old lady clearing the candles…..

Taipei_6 (9)

Taipei_6 (10) Side of the temple.

Taipei_6 (11)

Taipei_6 (12)

Taipei_6 (13)

Taipei_6 (14)

Taipei_6 (15)

Taipei_6 (16)

Next stop will be the Night market (haha..again); Huaxi Night Market which is a walk away. =)

Taipei…. A snapshot from my viewfinder (2)

This is my continuation of my trip to Taipei. Next place visited was the crowd puller – Ximending. It is an attraction for the young and trendy as this is where all the happening occurs. You will find all sort of fashion and dressing youngsters here.

It is a nice place to see lots of different food too and lots of shopping (well shopping is not my thing) especially for young ladies.

Taipei_2 (2) Ximending MRT Station…

Taipei_2 (1) Look at the crowd……

Taipei_2 (3) Even the guide  dog is getting bored here….. lol

Taipei_2 (4) Clothes for your pet dog…..

Taipei_2 (5) Cute tags……

Taipei_2 (6) Lots of stalls to shop from.

Taipei_2 (7)  So colourful place.

Taipei_2 (8)Crowd is mostly youngsters.

Taipei_2 (9) A shot outside the Ximending area.

To be continued……..