Ceremonial prayers from a 4s lens …

Today I followed my family to a ceremonial prayers where people go there to request for help or advise. They also give offering. Some of you may have seen while some may not.

Here are some pictures to share.

20121229-084110 PM.jpg

20121229-084147 PM.jpg

20121229-084235 PM.jpg

20121229-084306 PM.jpg

20121229-084337 PM.jpg

20121229-084413 PM.jpg
Can you guess the animal candy shape?

20121229-085426 PM.jpg

20121229-085451 PM.jpg

20121229-085519 PM.jpg

20121229-085544 PM.jpg

20121229-085800 PM.jpg

20121229-085824 PM.jpg

On the other side…. there is a Chinese opera show performance. Will share this in the next blog. Stay tune!


Taipei – Huaxi Street Night Market

From Longshan Temple, it is a walk away to another Night Market; Hua Xi Street Night Market.

I  was there early so I could see the hive of activities of the vendor preparing for their day of sales.

Taipei_7 (1.1) Entrance to the market…

Taipei_7 (1.2)

Taipei_7 (1.3)

Taipei_7 (2) People started to queue up to buy food.

Taipei_7 (3) Vendor preparing for the day…

Taipei_7 (4) People slowly trickling into the street

Taipei_7 (5)

Taipei_7 (6) It is quite common to find an entertainment area in the market

Taipei_7 (7) Arcade games anyone?