China – Beijing, a walk back into History (1)

Welcome back!! This is my 4th write up on China. This is on my visit to Beijing way back in Mar 2006.(You can read my earlier posting; Suzhou, Shenzhen and also to Shanghai)

In fact, this was actually my first visit to China; more than 7 years ago which was 2 years before the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games. Yes… Beijing at that time was rushing to get ready for the games and the city was busy with construction everywhere and was messy.

When I touched down in Beijing, it was just right at the ending of winter and beginning of spring so the temperature was still a bit cold (eeer.. more like erratic. LOL!! The guide told us that it was due to the wind blowing the coldness from Siberia) To tell you the truth, I did not know what to expect as I only heard stories from friends and read about China from newspaper and books but not see it with my own eyes.

First glances was,… mmm how do you say it… it was dull colour and not so bright looking. Maybe it was due to the building colours unlike in other countries where it is more lighted up or modern or upbeat. Maybe could also due to the cloud and also the time (ending winter). =)

Anyway, this was my first impression as soon as we started going around Beijing city.


Our first stop was at the Temple of Heaven or some people say it as the Altar of Heaven; is a complex of religious buildings situated in the southeastern part of central Beijing. The Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties would visit the complex for annually for ceremonies of prayer to Heaven for good harvest.

This is the entrance to the complex of Temple of Heaven which covers about 2.73km² of parkland. It comprises of three main group of construction; The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, The Imperial Vault of Heaven and The Circular Mound Altar.


This is the Circular Mound Altar where the Emperor prayed for favorable weather.



… this is the Imperial Vault of Heaven which is a single-gabled circular building, built on a single level of marble stone base. Surrounded by a smooth circular wall, the Echo Wall, that can transmit sounds over large distances.


Outside the ground of the temple, we walked passed some of the flats.



Where’s next destination in Beijing? Yup.. as you guessed it; The Forbidden City. It sits in the central Beijing facing Tiananmen Square and has been designated as a National Palace Museum and its counted as one of the world’s five Palaces (the Forbidden City in Beijing, the French Palace of Versailles, Buckingham Palace, the White House and Kremlin). The palace of the Forbidden City is China ‘s largest and most significant ancient architectural complex with a total area of over 720 thousand square meters.

We entered the city from the northern entrance; The Gate of Divine Might, and heads towards the southern gate; Meridian Gate.


A brief summary of the history of the Palace Museum.


More to come….

P.S I will not tell too much or bore you on the history as there is so much here in Beijing to tell or write and some are very interesting. I will just share the photos while you can enjoy the reading of the history at your own pace. =)


Hong Kong – A walk in Kowloon area… (1)

This trip to Hong Kong was last year along with my Macau trip and Shenzhen. Guess Hong Kong is smack in the middle  (nearly) of these 2 places.

Anyway not much to tell but just enjoy the snap shots taken…..

HK_Kowloon (1)

HK_Kowloon (2)

… all the different signs

HK_Kowloon (3)

.. and all sorts of T-shirt design with the word ‘Hong Kong’

HK_Kowloon (4)

HK_Kowloon (5)

A walk along Ladies market..

HK_Kowloon (6)

HK_Kowloon (7)

Hong Kong – A walk in Mong Kok Area

Coming back from Shenzhen the day before, I have the chance to drop by the famous shopping area in Kowloon – Mong Kok . I have seen Mong Kok in the Hong Kong shows but I have never stepped foot there until now.

Why evening? Well..this is the best time to see the activities starting and also the crowd slowly coming in and packing the street with people instead of cars.

This is a shot from the top of a shopping mall of the longest escalator in Hong Kong; Langham Place.. from the 4th floor leading up to the 8th and another pair leads to the 12th floor.

HongKong (1) 

HongKong (2)

On the streets of Mong Kok….

HongKong (4)

HongKong (5)

HongKong (6)

HongKong (7)


China – Shenzhen’s Window of the World .. Night Performance!

Welcome back!!

It is nice to know you are still following me. Thank you. (but if you just join me, do visit my blog on my 1st 5 parts of my visit to Shenzhen’s Window of the World and enjoy the blogs and pictures)

Apart from just enjoying the replica of the monuments here, they also have a daily night performance for the visitors which is one of the main attraction of this place. The show last for bout 45min and covers the love stories like  Cleopatra to the Cinderella to the The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and more. If you do visit this place, do stay for the show. It is worth the wait.

Shenzhen_Night (1)  The night shot .. waiting for the performance to start.

Shenzhen_Night (2) Beautiful clear night and with the view of crescent at the background.

Shenzhen_Night (3) Visitors taking their seat and waiting for the performance to begin.

Shenzhen_Night (4)

…. and the performance begins.

Shenzhen_Night (5)

Shenzhen_Night (6)

Shenzhen_Night (7)

Shenzhen_Night (8)

Shenzhen_Night (9)

Shenzhen_Night (10)

Shenzhen_Night (11)

It was a good performance. In fact I been there twice and I still enjoyed it.

Shenzhen_Night (12) Time to go back…..

Shenzhen_Night (13)  night shot of the China’s pyramid.

China – Shenzhen’s Window of the World (2)

…. continuation of my trip to Shenzhen’s Window of the World.

Guess I do not have to describe much about the famous monuments as you would be able to recognize them. As you can see, the day was a nice clear hot day to walk around. Clear blue sky.

China_ShenZhen1 (1)

China_ShenZhen1 (2)

There is even a snow world inside the park for ice skating and enjoying the snow even during the hot summer.

 China_ShenZhen1 (3)


China_ShenZhen1 (5)

China_ShenZhen1 (6)

… to be continued.

China – Shenzhen’s Window of the World (1)

This trip to Shenzhen, China was about 2 years ago (and another time was last year). China is huge.. really huge country and it is never in ones life to cover the whole place as there is so many nice places (and maybe some not so nice) to visit.

For this blog, it will be sharing on my visit to Shenzhen’s Window of the World park. This part was built way back in 2004 and covers over 48 hectares and has over 130 reproduction of some of the worlds most famous attraction in the world. The tallest reproduction is 108metres and as you guessed it… it is the Eiffel Tower.

The time I went there, their theme was also on the famous beers around the world!!! So all the beer lovers…. you may have missed the chance to enjoy all the world’s beer under one roof. =)

DSC_0007 Nice structure outside the Window of the World

DSC_0008 Building design like  in the colonial times.

DSC_0010 Huge Beer Jug!!!

 DSC_0011 Barrels of ‘beer’…..

DSC_0013 The China ‘pyramid’

DSC_0016 More beer barrels….


DSC_0024 The Eiffel Tower in China ??

DSC_0027 L’arc de Triomphe – The Arch of Triumph inthe background.

To be continued…….