PutraJaya…. a trip to a planned city

Putrajaya? Planned city? Yup it is. It is a city that is planned for the federal administrative center; shifting from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya. I was there a year ago and it is a place where all the new building and structure area as previously… all the administrative was all over Kuala Lumpur but now they centralize it to here.

There are a few man made lakes and bridges to link to a so call man made island. It is a place nice to drop by to have a visit.

Have a look and give your thoughts….

DSC_0241-001 View of the Mosque from the bridge.

DSC_0249-001  View up directly from the bottom of the brdige. Superb view!!

DSC_0258-001Caution!!  Reduce…..s..p..e..e..d!!








DSC_0322-001  Sunset @ Putrajaya

DSC_0346-001 Another view of the building @ sunset


DSC_0364-001 Night shot….



To take ferry or the bridge is the question…

Take the ferry of course!! Had to take trip to the peninsula. It was either to take the ferry or use the bridge to get across.

It is a 15 to 20 min ride on the ferry. The ferry can ferry both cars and passengers and it is a double deck. They named each ferry with a island names in Malaysia. It was kinda cute.

So… enjoy the ride with me on the ferry.

20121208-111041 AM.jpg

20121208-111114 AM.jpg

20121208-111139 AM.jpg

20121208-111153 AM.jpg

20121208-111212 AM.jpg

20121208-111230 AM.jpg

20121208-111248 AM.jpg

20121208-111309 AM.jpg

20121208-111334 AM.jpg