Wishing all readers a Happy Lunar New Year!!

To all my readers, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Chinese readers and followers a Happy  Lunar New Year and for the rest, Happy Holidays.

A cute decoration which I saw on my sis’s place; a group of kids playing with fire crackers.

20140130-024153 pm.jpg

I will be posting more when I am back from more eating and visiting relatives and friends.

Kong Xi Fa Chai!!!!!!!! Huat ah!!!! ( translated….Happy Chinese New Year!!! Prosperous come come….!!!!) =)


Malaysia – The Chinese New Year’s Red Envelope or packet called Ang Pow…..

Chinese New Year celebration is just a day away. Today is the eve’s of Chinese New Year and all (nearly) are busy getting ready for tonight’s reunion dinner. Some have already started theirs prayers before the afternoon. Most of the Chinese shops or restaurants (especially those run by Chinese or Chinese families) will be close today or if even open, they will only open till noon time.

Today, I will just share with you some thing about the Chinese New Year’s Red Envelope or red packet which they called Ang Pow (which is Hokkien) or Hong Pow (in mandarin). In Asian societies, this red packet signifies a monetary gift especially in festive seasons like Chinese New Year and other special occasion such as a Chinese wedding.The red colour of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits.

Below are some of the red packets that I have collected over the past years.

20140130-020417 pm.jpg

All sorts of red packets…… which banks, shops that will give out to their customers where they will put their logo on it.

20140130-020427 pm.jpg

These are the ones from the year of the dragon. Guess these are useful for the Year of the Dragon. Have to wait for next cycle to come; 10 years. =P

20140130-020444 pm.jpg

These ones are from the beauty center which they give out to their customers.

20140130-020454 pm.jpg

… and this years one; Year of the Horse with picture of the horse or ‘ma’ in mandarin on the red packets.

20140130-020504 pm.jpg

Anyway, will be getting busy soon…. stay tune for the Chinese New Year celebration!!!!

Malaysia – A Red Chinese New Year (4)

Guess you wanted more… and that’s why you are back. =)  Thanks for coming back here.

This is a cut out from a paper cutting of red paper. Can you see what is the picture they have cut out?

20140119-084232 pm.jpg

Open windows…..

20140119-084237 pm.jpg

… and old vintage Chinese bicycle. (this is something hard to find in Malaysia)

20140119-084243 pm.jpg

another showcase…. other part of old Chinese ‘mock up’ house

20140119-084249 pm.jpg

20140119-084255 pm.jpg

‘sunning’ the food under the ‘sun’

20140119-084301 pm.jpg

20140119-084310 pm.jpg

During that time when I was there, the mall also had arrange a lion dance performance to entertain the shoppers. You can see than the ‘lion’ was trying to cross a stream. Very interesting performance.

20140119-084316 pm.jpg

20140119-084322 pm.jpg

20140119-084327 pm.jpg

20140119-084335 pm.jpg

20140119-084340 pm.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Want more? Well.. keep following and you will find out. =)

Malaysia – A Red Chinese New Year (3)

Hi there!! You thought that that was the last on the Red Chinese New Year? Well you are wrong. =P

Below pictures are taken in another shopping mall in Penang, Malaysia. Their theme is different from my earlier one.

A big treasure box filled with ‘gold’ and jewels…..

20140119-083907 pm.jpg

and protected by a dragon!!!

20140119-083914 pm.jpg

This mall theme was more like a old china house with a horse shed…..

20140119-083920 pm.jpg

Why you ask a horse shed? Well the coming Chinese New Year, the chinese zodiac is horse.

20140119-083927 pm.jpg

Outside the mall…  cute 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Seen your Chinese zodiac around?

20140119-083934 pm.jpg

20140119-083940 pm.jpg

20140119-083948 pm.jpg

Another view …..

20140119-084003 pm.jpg

20140119-084009 pm.jpg

A close up shot of the old Chinese house. You can even see the giant joystick and also the Chinese household shrine.

20140119-084019 pm.jpg

Want more pictures? Stay tune……. =)

Malaysia – A Red Chinese New Year (2)

Hi there!! More red here. Still at the shopping mall and walking around. Lots of different decoration to see and also very tempting to make the shoppers buy (lots of) stuff.

Red and pink flowers (fake)…..

20140115-101146 pm.jpg


Chinese decoration for the shoppers to hang in their house.

20140115-101152 pm.jpg


more deco’s…..



20140115-101157 pm.jpg


This year is the year of the horse… so lots of cute stuff horse toys.

20140115-101201 pm.jpg


Kids will just love it… and adults too!!! Lol!!

20140115-101206 pm.jpg


More flowers to choose from.

20140115-101211 pm.jpg


This stall sells all the all the oriental decorations… something different from others.

20140115-101215 pm.jpg


….mmmm something to think to have in your home.

20140115-101221 pm.jpg


Stay tune. More pictures of the preparation for the Chinese New Year celebration from other places around Malaysia. =)

Malaysia – A Red Chinese New Year (1)

Another festive is round the corner after Christmas. This time is a another over at the eastern part of the world….  a big celebration for the Chinese folks all around the world.

In Malaysia is also the same and is a big one too. Another 2 weeks more to go and everyone is busy doing last minute shopping. Shops all decorated in red and playing Chinese New Year songs.

As usual, every year, there will be lots of cookies to choose and eat from. Sometimes there are even kind of cookies that you never the year before. 😊

20140114-021849 pm.jpg

Not forgetting hampers as gifts to families and friends.

20140114-021859 pm.jpg

Boxes and boxes of mandarin oranges to pick from; small to large sizes of mandarin oranges.

20140114-021906 pm.jpg

This year, this shopping mall decoration is red and Chinese bamboo plant. Red in colour…..

20140114-021913 pm.jpg

A view from the top.

20140114-021936 pm.jpg

Another area of the mall where they had a big ‘Chinese bamboo plant’ gondola like deco

20140114-021942 pm.jpg

20140114-021947 pm.jpg

20140114-021953 pm.jpg

Eye view shot…..

20140114-021959 pm.jpg

20140114-022004 pm.jpg

Stay tune. More picture to come. =)

Malaysia – Happy Diwali …. A Celebration of Light

Hi there!! Indians in Malaysia or can I say, Indians around the world will be celebrating Diwali (or called Deepavali in some places) tomorrow. It is one of the celebration in Malaysia aside from Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Puasa (for the Muslims). It is also an officially holiday in Malaysia and Singapore.

Diwali or also called as ‘Festival of Lights’ which translates into “row of lamps”.It involves the lighting of small clay lamps filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil.They are kept on during the night and one’s house is cleaned, both done in order to make the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, Lakshmi feel welcome. Firecrackers are played as it is believed that it drives away evil spirit. During Diwali, Indians will wear new clothes and share sweets and snacks with family members and friends.

Kolams (also knowm as Rangoli) can be seen at the entrance of the Hindu households to welcome the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, Lakshmi as well as guests into their homes. Kolams also can be seen in shopping malls and and the entrance of hotels.

20131030-100642 pm.jpg

What is Kolam or Rangoli? Kolam means ‘beauty’ and are actually floor drawing using coloured rice powder and are used for ornamental or ceremonial design during Indian festivals.

20131030-100647 pm.jpg

Traditionally, kolams are widely practiced by female Indian community worldwide to represent responsibilities of the women to maintain her household as well as to train them to be a good housekeeper.

20131030-100654 pm.jpg

Kolam is a geometrical line drawing composed of curved shapes and dots of rice flour are placed in a grid pattern framework.  Apart from geometrical shapes, it also incorporates motifs like animals, fruit and flowers. Aside from rice powder, other ingredients also can be used which includes beads, shell, salt, fruits and vegetables.

20131030-100659 pm.jpg

Beautiful kolam, right?

20131030-100705 pm.jpg

Here’s wishing all my readers who are celebrating this festival a Happy Diwali!!

Penang – Visit to the Snake Temple (2)

This is 2nd part of my visit to the Snake Temple.

Worshipers jostling around to put their josticks ….

20130215-050035 PM.jpg

The offerings … and look at the size of the roasted pig. This was just one of the roasted pigs. If I am not mistaken, I think I saw another few more roasted pigs there.

20130215-050108 PM.jpg

More worshipers..

20130215-050135 PM.jpg

Look at the various sizes of the josticks…

20130215-050206 PM.jpg

20130215-050309 PM.jpg

and also colourful ones too.

20130215-050347 PM.jpg

This portion of the temple is where the snakes are kept or sleeping. They also created hand made giant snake to mark this year of the snake.

20130215-050415 PM.jpg

More shots of the temple.

20130215-054009 PM.jpg

20130215-054038 PM.jpg

20130215-054128 PM.jpg

Penang – Visit to the Snake Temple (1)

Yesterday I dropped by another famous spot in Penang; the Snake temple in Bayan Lepas. There were prayers and activities happening there, and lots of worshippers and tourists seen visiting the temple.

I managed to capture some interesting pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

20130215-014214 PM.jpg

The entrance of the temple. A matter of fact the temple is smack in middle of an industrial area or more like the area was developed around the temple.

A short write up about the temple but it is in Malay language.

20130215-021541 PM.jpg

Chinese New Year decorations can be seen around the temple.

20130215-021609 PM.jpg

20130215-021646 PM.jpg


20130215-021714 PM.jpg

Another shot of the entrance from another angle.

20130215-021751 PM.jpg

‘God of Prosperity’ among the crowd

20130215-021830 PM.jpg

The temple entrance where the worshippers are praying.

20130215-021933 PM.jpg

20130215-022050 PM.jpg

To be continued.

Trip back for Chinese New Year Celebration

My trip back yesterday was a smooth one. I was expecting a long and slow drive back as everyone was taking leave and also rushing back to their hometown.

Got up 5am plus to start our journey as last year we left a bit later and the traffic was heavy and was a pace of average 70km per hour and it took us about 6 hrs where a good smooth trip will usually take about 5 hrs.

Our first stop for breakfast was on of the RnR (rest and recreation) area along the highway.
20130208-100035 PM.jpg

Food to buy and if you noticed, early in the morning people were already eating rice with dishes to select from.
20130208-100052 PM.jpg

20130208-100122 PM.jpg

Seating area…
20130208-100146 PM.jpg

I was kinda lucky as the traffic was smooth.
20130208-100208 PM.jpg

Reaching Ipoh for our next RnR stop

20130208-100339 PM.jpg

This is a new building built next to the highway where the highway user can stop and buy fresh groceries.

20130208-100358 PM.jpg

Agromall; it is still new and not many stalls slot utilized.

20130208-100451 PM.jpg

It also has toilet rest area and also a prayer place for the Muslim and a small playground for the children

20130208-100510 PM.jpg

20130208-100554 PM.jpg

… and my journey continues.