China – Shanghai with a View (7)

Wow.. I am still in Shanghai Old City. Guess you must be wondering how many pictures I took at this place alone? Well… a lot!!

Anyway more photos for you enjoy looking at….

China_Shanghai7 (1)

Nice hand made figurines..

China_Shanghai7 (2)

Another alley that I past and I cant help taking a snap shot. Notice there are lots of drawing on the wall.

China_Shanghai7 (3)

Heading to Nanjing Road

China_Shanghai7 (4)

China_Shanghai7 (5)

A vendor setting up a stall selling bird cages.

China_Shanghai7 (6)

Am I seeing correct at the picture below?

China_Shanghai7 (7)

China_Shanghai7 (8)

Nice sculpture…..

China_Shanghai7 (9)

China_Shanghai7 (10)

Follow me on the last part of my trip to Shanghai in my next post.


China – Shanghai with a View (5)

Here is continuation of my trip to Shanghai.

I took a walk and captured the famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower across the Shanghai Bund

China_Shanghai5 (1)

Lots of people both locals and tourists walking along the Shanghai Bund

China_Shanghai5 (2)

Old beautiful building along the Shanghai Bund

China_Shanghai5 (3)

China_Shanghai5 (4)

China_Shanghai5 (5)

China_Shanghai5 (6)

A shot in the Shanghai Metro. Very convenient to get around.

China_Shanghai5 (7)

Careful… pinching doors!!

China_Shanghai5 (8)

One of the alleys in Shanghai

China_Shanghai5 (9)

China_Shanghai5 (10)

more to come…..

China – Shanghai with a View (4)

More photos on Shanghai Old City. Wow… all I can say is that you can take lots of pictures here as it big and lots of interesting things to capture (but I cant publish all as there are way too many!!)

More accessories sold by the street vendor

China_Shanghai4 (1)

Cute stuff made of twisted metal

China_Shanghai4 (2)

…dolls made from straw

China_Shanghai4 (3)

China_Shanghai4 (4)

Colourful handmade dolls…

China_Shanghai4 (5)

Hand made statues

China_Shanghai4 (6)

China_Shanghai4 (7)

Lanterns along the alley

China_Shanghai4 (8)

old building….

China_Shanghai4 (9)

Heading to the Bund…

China_Shanghai4 (10)

stay tune……. more to come.

China – Shanghai with a View (3)

Welcome back…

Still in Shanghai Old City’s Yuyuan Garden……  beautiful architecture of China old buildings.

Nothing much can be said but just enjoy the pictures. =)

China_Shanghai3 (1)

China_Shanghai3 (2)

China_Shanghai3 (3)

Looks at the calligraphy brushes…… all sizes from big to small.

China_Shanghai3 (4)

China_Shanghai3 (5)

all types of sweet candies.

China_Shanghai3 (6)

the old type of peep hole cinema and it is a ‘full’house. LOL!!!

China_Shanghai3 (7)

The place was crowded by noon. Packed with people back to back.

China_Shanghai3 (8)

China_Shanghai3 (9)

China_Shanghai3 (10)

still want more? well.. I have more. So follow me on my next part. =)

China – Shanghai with a View (2)

Continuation on my trip to Shanghai. I was there for a business trip and  I managed to stay over the weekend and to go around some interesting places.

Saw this vending machine in one of the Shanghai Metro station; selling which I believe food vouchers. Catching a metro in  Shanghai is easy once you get the hang of it.

 China_Shanghai2 (1)

Heading to Shanghai Old Street….but it looks like no old street with the high rise apartments in the background.

China_Shanghai2 (3)

China_Shanghai2 (2)

Vendor selling all sorts of Chinese calligraphy brushes and souvenirs.

China_Shanghai2 (4)

… moving along, I was heading to Shanghai Old City. This is an interesting place as it was literally packed with tourist but is rather touristy area but undeniably picturesque with old buildings that caught my eyes.

China_Shanghai2 (5)

China_Shanghai2 (6)

China_Shanghai2 (7)

Connected to the Old City, is the Yuyuan Garden (Happy Garden) which was believed to be built in the Ming Dynasty, around 400 years ago.

A pond filled with Japanese Carp…

China_Shanghai2 (8)

Yuyuan Garden which was just next to the Shanghai Old city.

China_Shanghai2 (9)

China_Shanghai2 (10)

More to come. …..

China – Shanghai with a View (1)

This post is on my trip to Shanghai, China back in 2009. Follow me on this and enjoy the photos.

Landed in Shanghai Pudong International Airport early in the morning on a weekday and when I headed to the city.. I was met with a long jam. Guess that kinda normal in any big city and with a population of 23mil people.

First sight was the halves sphere as I approach the city….

China_Shanghai1 (1)

mmm.. some kind of sculpture in the middle of the street.

China_Shanghai1 (2)

Outer ring of Shanghai city.

China_Shanghai1 (3)

China_Shanghai1 (4)

China_Shanghai1 (5)

Low lying apartment at the outer part of Shanghai

China_Shanghai1 (6)

A sight of the Shanghai city; Oriental Pearl Towel

China_Shanghai1 (7)

Shanghai Financial World Center

China_Shanghai1 (8)

Bear made of soft drink cans.

China_Shanghai1 (9)

Stay tune for more of Shanghai….

USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (10)

Still on Times Square. I could not help it to take pictures here as there so may places that caught my viewfinder. It was really colourful.

t\USA - NewYork City10 (1)

Is it a chicken man?

USA - NewYork City10 (2)

2 little Reb Bull cars zooming past.

USA - NewYork City10 (3)

Superb place. Just look at the crowd!!

USA - NewYork City10 (4)

Free hugs anyone?

USA - NewYork City10 (5)

Another shot of an interesting building with neon lights.

USA - NewYork City10 (6)

USA - NewYork City10 (7)

USA - NewYork City10 (8)

Follow me on my last part of NYC.

USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (9)

If you have been following my 8th post; USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (8) (wow.. that’s a lot on NYC) and the earlier posts, now I am headed to the famous Times Square.

It is really full of neon lights even when it was still early in the evening. Lots of yellow cab and people too. Jamming up the place and making it so lively.

Shots of NYC’s Times Square

USA - NewYork City9 (1)

USA - NewYork City9 (2)

USA - NewYork City9 (3)

USA - NewYork City9 (4)

Big baseball glove chair that caught my eyes.

USA - NewYork City9 (5)

The crowd of people buzzing around here…..

USA - NewYork City9 (6)

USA - NewYork City9 (7)

Stay tune for the last post on NYC.