Time flies. Faster when you get older?

Have you ever notice that when you are young… I mean when you are schooling… time seems to past so so slow; at a snail pace, and you will keep on complaining ‘why does the time pass so slow?’

Then as you grow older and older, you will noticed that the time you have gets shorter and shorter; not only the hour but also the days and months and years passes even quicker than you expect.

20121201-085408 PM.jpg
Just like me, I used to complain that why time is so slow when I was schooling but once I started working….. days after days past like a water tap flowing until water dripping drop by drop during my early school days.

Now it is already beginning of December 2012 and with a blink of an eye, it will be end of December and another new year and it repeats again but … at end even faster pace. Every years feels even shorter and shorter than the year before. Do you ever feel that?

Xmas feeling is in the air!!

Shopping malls everywhere are ready with their Xmas deco and you can hear the Xmas songs been played and the holiday mood among the shoppers.

There is a mall near my area that has a sweet Xmas deco done with huge candies, cupcakes and lollipops with big snowman.

20121201-010018 PM.jpg Huge doughnuts with chocolate toppings and lollipop

20121201-053444 PM.jpg Big muffins with icing and toppings

20121201-053450 PM.jpg Giants cakes with chocolate Swiss rolls.

20121201-053456 PM.jpg Spongebob and Piggy soft toys…..

Guess Xmas is getting very commercialize now a days and no more like the old days where it is the mood of Xmas is felt more differently. This is more of my view but I may be wrong.

But again… It is still Xmas and I like to take an early opportunity to wish to all my readers a Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year!!!

A day in the wet market….

This would be my usual weekly affair.. to visit the wet market near my place. To think of it, I did not really capture the hive of activities on pictures in my own area as I usually do it when I travel overseas. I always make a point to see and understand how other countries’ wet market and the way people sell and buy the stuffs. Everywhere, it is different and here in Malaysia it is also different, not to mention in different states too.

20121201-092806 AM.jpg  Dry market…… onions, shallots,anchovies stall

20121201-092813 AM.jpg  Part of the wet market … stall selling stuff for making soup, wet spices…

20121201-092822 AM.jpg Poultry stall

20121201-092829 AM.jpg Stalls selling vegetables…..

20121201-092836 AM.jpg … a variety of vegetables.

20121201-092847 AM.jpg King of the fruits… Durian!! It is the right season to come as there are abundance of it.

20121201-092853 AM.jpg A stall selling all the Chinese prayers stuff

20121201-092859 AM.jpg Hmmmm… 12 for Rm100???? I bet this guy will not be selling any oranges today. I believe he may have added a zero by mistake. A costly mistake for sure.

IMG_1128[1] Mother and child preparing the vegetables to be sold.

It is nice to watch the all the activities and people busy zooming in and out, buying things and all the mixtures of colour of the food and surroundings around.