Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (4)

Walking down the end of the Jiufen Old Street, I came to street with old buildings which have been converted to shops. Guess the pictures t ell a better story than I do. Lol!!!

Mixture of new and old buildings ..

20131012-045045 pm.jpg

Where to now?

20131012-045052 pm.jpg

Something different in middle of the village.

20131012-045100 pm.jpg

More old buildings along the street

20131012-045107 pm.jpg

20131012-045114 pm.jpg

Another nice view of the houses on the hillside.

20131012-045122 pm.jpg

Another beautiful shot…..

20131012-045138 pm.jpg

Cluster houses…. You can kinda get lost in the maze of road in here where I nearly did.

20131012-045145 pm.jpg

We are only half way through….. Wanna see more? Then keep up with me 😊

Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (3)

Hi.. !! you are still with me. Good! Let’s ‘walk’…..

Still walking in the Jiufen Old Street, there were a lot of things to see and try.

Lots of stalls selling cute little handmade stuff.

20131012-044823 pm.jpg

As it got close to noon, there were more people coming, mostly tourists and also locals looking and enjoying the weekends.

20131012-044830 pm.jpg

Along the street, I saw a break where to road lead either up or down. Guess I will have to make another round after coming to the end of this street and see what they have on the top and bottom of these stairs.

20131012-044838 pm.jpg

At the end of the Jiufen Old Street, another beautiful shot from the top overlooking the northeast of Taiwan; Keelung.

20131012-044846 pm.jpg

Houses built on the hill side.

20131012-044854 pm.jpg

20131012-044903 pm.jpg

Cute Doraemon water tumbler when you purchase the guava juice from this stall.

20131012-044927 pm.jpg

More? Yes.. there’s more. Stay tune.

Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (2)

Thanks for following me here on my walk in Jiufen. Before I start my walk, a brief intro on Jiufen. Jiufen is located in a mountain area in the Ruifang District of New Taipei City near Keelung, Taiwan.

Jiufen literally means ‘9 portion’ (direct translation from chinese to english). History says that Jiufen was a small isolated village where it has 9 families house in the area during the Qing Dynasty and each time they was any shipment, the families would ask the shipments to be divided into 9 portions as accessibility to their village was hard. So that how it was that the town got its name. Ok back to the walk.

A view from close to the top of the hill. Gloomy weather with thick clouds flying above (when I was there, they were expecting typhoon hitting the northern part of Taiwan by noon but lucky me… there was a delay (haha) else…..)

20131012-044306 pm.jpg

Fushan Temple. More on this temple later on.

20131012-044314 pm.jpg

Heading up to the street to the historic (small) commercial district ….

20131012-044322 pm.jpg

Mmm. Which direction should I go?

20131012-044331 pm.jpg

At the entrance of the Jiufen Old Street. You can’t miss it. 😊

20131012-044338 pm.jpg

Lots of small stalls on both sides….. stall selling Chinese calligraphy brushes.

20131012-044346 pm.jpg

to bag luggage tags…. more!

20131012-044358 pm.jpg

Only this? Well hell no!! LOL!! There’s more stay tune. 😊

Taipei – DanShui ‘Fresh Water’

When in Taipei, you can take the MRT to the last northern stop which is a small city called DanShui. It is actually a fishing village but now it is already a tourist area. You can also find lots of local going their with their family for outing such as kayaking or cycling.

Below is the my trip there … to DanShui.

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.1) Taking the MRT from Taipei Main

Taiwan_DanShui1 (1.0) Yup… there is a Waiting Zone for Ladies.

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.2) Bicycles for rent…..

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.4) DanShui Waterfront

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.5) Fisherman’s Wharf

Taiwan_Danshui1 (1.3) Lover’s Bridge

Taiwan_Danshui1 (2) Hongmao Castle (Fort San Domingo)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (3)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (4)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (5)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (6)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (7) DanShui Old Street

Taiwan_Danshui1 (8) Lots of scooter as usual. =)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (9)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (10)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (11)

Taiwan_Danshui1 (12) Scooters parked along the road.

Taiwan_Danshui1 (13) Even a small narrow alley does not stop them going through.