Malaysia – Christmas is Just Round the Corner (2)

This is my follow up of my post on Malaysia РChristmas is Just Round the Corner (1) . By now, all the shopping malls and shops are in full force and ready for the Xmas shoppers with Xmas song blasting in the background. People busy window  shopping and looking for gifts or items on offers.

This is the final decoration up in one of the biggest shopping mall in South East Asia. Sights of giant ‘hot air balloons’ in the center of the concourse.

20131203-095733 pm.jpg

Very colourful sight indeed….

20131203-095740 pm.jpg

They even have wooden rocking horses all around for the kids to sit and ride while their parents take photos.

20131203-095746 pm.jpg

More shots…..

20131203-095753 pm.jpg

20131203-095759 pm.jpg

From the 2nd floor looking down. People walking on the ‘map’ of the ‘ancient world’

20131203-095807 pm.jpg

Lots of colourful stuff toys for sale……

20131203-095835 pm.jpg

and.. more. Guess kids (and adults too) love all these.

20131203-095841 pm.jpg

Xmas wishing from the big fellas…….

20131203-095847 pm.jpg

lastly…. to top it of…. a Christmas tree.

20131203-095853 pm.jpg

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014 Year ahead!!!


Sale! Sale! Everywhere…& even Little Santa Helper is helping…

Yup… today is a busier day in the mall that I was in. Heard that one of the main tenant was having a 2 Days Sale. The whole place was packed with people. Car park are packed to the brim. Restaurant filled with patrons. Shops filled with customers…. It’s sale sale & sale EVERYWHERE!!!



Guess they all also need ‘Little Santa Helpers’ to help out in the stall ……



So.. have you done your last minute Xmas shopping?

Xmas Shopping – the final rush…

Xmas is just round the corner… to be exact; a week away. People are busy doing last minute shopping. Over here, it is also near the end of the school holidays and parents bringing their children out shopping or to visit places. One of the places would be the mall where you can see also the beautiful decoration for Xmas festive. Shops decorated and the staffs in Xmas costumes serving the customers.

It does bring the Xmas mood and festive to all.

20121218-051757 PM.jpg

20121218-051848 PM.jpg

20121218-051918 PM.jpg

20121218-051938 PM.jpg

20121218-051953 PM.jpg

20121218-052008 PM.jpg

20121218-052026 PM.jpg

20121218-052042 PM.jpg

…. Let the countdown begin!!

Xmas feeling is in the air!!

Shopping malls everywhere are ready with their Xmas deco and you can hear the Xmas songs been played and the holiday mood among the shoppers.

There is a mall near my area that has a sweet Xmas deco done with huge candies, cupcakes and lollipops with big snowman.

20121201-010018 PM.jpg Huge doughnuts with chocolate toppings and lollipop

20121201-053444 PM.jpg Big muffins with icing and toppings

20121201-053450 PM.jpg Giants cakes with chocolate Swiss rolls.

20121201-053456 PM.jpg Spongebob and Piggy soft toys…..

Guess Xmas is getting very commercialize now a days and no more like the old days where it is the mood of Xmas is felt more differently. This is more of my view but I may be wrong.

But again… It is still Xmas and I like to take an early opportunity to wish to all my readers a Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year!!!