Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (5)

This is my 2nd time walking on Lebuh Armenian on foot and each time I come, I find and see different things.

A typical old shop house. Inside, an old man making a rattan chair by hand. This is something you do not see much anymore.


Another metal art on the outside wall of a old heritage building.


yeah…. someone had a spark of idea to paint Minions on a divider and yes.. it caught a  lot of attention. =)


An old bicycle shop…. along Lebuh Armenian.


Magic show……. on the shuttle of a old shop.


Low cost advertising that caught my attention.


At the end of the street.


no more? no… this is only the half way point. =) Come…. dun stop. Stick with me and enjoy the ‘walk’ =)


USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (3)

Part 3 of my NYC trip from my last post; USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (2)

New York City…. heading along Broadway to Battery Park to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.

Photo shots along the way…..

USA - NewYork City3 (1)

Nice unique old buildings

USA - NewYork City3 (2)

USA - NewYork City3 (3)

USA - NewYork City3 (4)

Colourful and old elegant Starbucks Coffee ….

USA - NewYork City3 (5)

USA - NewYork City3 (6)

One of the biggest pretzel I have seen.

USA - NewYork City3 (8)

Very unique to see tall slim buildings.

USA - NewYork City3 (9)

More to come….. follow me to catch on my next post.

Macau – A Ferry Trip Across (4)

Welcome back!

We are still at Senado Square. Over here I cant stop shooting pictures of the buildings and churches that is along the way to ruins of St Paul Cathedral. Every corner surprises you. You just have to keep your eyes wide open and your camera ready all the while. =)

Well.. I will not describe anymore but you just enjoy the pictures…..

Macau4 (1)

Macau4 (2)

Macau4 (3)

Macau4 (4)

Macau4 (5)

Macau4 (6)

Macau4 (7)

Macau4 (8)

Macau4 (9)

and the final stop, the ruins of St Paul Cathedral…. in my next blog. =P

Macau – A Ferry Trip Across (3)

Want more? Here are more pictures from the trip to Macau. It has a lot of nice old Portuguese buildings and churches too. Every corner you walk or head too, the buildings around  are so beautiful that you cannot stop taking pictures of them. (which is what I did =) )

Macau3 (1)

Macau3 (2)

Macau3 (3)

Macau3 (4)

Macau3 (5)

Macau3 (6)

All these places above are within walking distance to Senado Square,  which is famous for sightseeing. This would be the first place tourist will drop by.

Macau3 (7).

Macau3 (8)

Macau3 (9)

Macau3 (10)

To be continued……

Taipei – The City @ Night

Going out to Taipei city at night is always interesting especially near the Taipei 101 and the shopping area near there. In fact, near that area is also the office area. So there will be lots of tourist, local and also the office staffs.

Taipei_City (1)  The office area near the Taipei 101

Taipei_City (2) Street artist performing their skills. They even have their own recording DVD for sale.

Taipei_City (3)

Taipei_City (4)  Taipei 101 – shot from below

Taipei_City (5) Looks at the crowd crossing the road….

Taipei_City (6)

Taipei_City (7)

Taipei_City (8)

Taipei_City (9) A shot from the overhead pedestrian bridge

Taipei_City (10)

Taipei is an interesting city with lots of happening.

A walk in Georgetown Heritage Area … (part 2)

… Continuation. In Georgetown, there are lots of heritage building of the colonials style. It is like walking back in time.

20121211-114124 AM.jpg

20121211-114141 AM.jpg

20121211-114134 AM.jpg

20121211-114155 AM.jpg

20121211-114522 AM.jpg

It is wasted that the government did not put a briefly information of the history of each building after the restoration (some of them have and some do not) as it will help the tourist and also the locals to understand the history of them but they did put in a good effort.

Lunch in Georgetown….

Penang has a lot of old heritage buildings especially in Georgetown. One has to walk around to enjoy all this.

I was having lunch @ Mizi Bistro in New World Park on Shatow Lane ( you can read more on this on my food blog) and this area has a lot of old buildings where they have been restored beautifully and also painted colourfully. 😊

20121209-020929 PM.jpg

20121209-021005 PM.jpg

20121209-021022 PM.jpg

20121209-021038 PM.jpg

Take a walk around Georgetown and each corner you take, will surprise you either with beauty or with food.