Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (16)

Finally. This is the last posting for this series on my trip to Tainan for the weekend. Hope you have enjoyed following me on this ‘e-trip’ .

Before ending the trip or heading back to Hsinchu, I had to walk back to the hostel. Walked through Tainan Train Station. It is one of the historic site. Opened back in the 1900 and it expanded since then.

20140426-093029 pm.jpg


Walking along the walkway to the hostel. You could see lots of scooters parked on both sides. Yup as it is near the famous university, National Cheng Kung University which was established in 1931. It’s nickname is Koxinga University.

20140426-093058 pm.jpg


Got my stuff nad headed to the train station to catch my train and then THSR (Taiwan High speed Rail) to Hsinchu.

20140426-093106 pm.jpg


My ticket from Tainan station to Shalun station to catch my bullet train. =)

20140426-093115 pm.jpg


Here comes the train.

20140426-093123 pm.jpg


THSR ticket to Hsinchu.

20140426-093131 pm.jpg


Orange bullet train.

20140426-093138 pm.jpg


This was the speed it was going at some point but I think it was still not the maximum. The max I have seen was 300km/hr.

20140426-093146 pm.jpg


Ok. that’s it for this series. Hope you enjoyed. Want to know where the next place I will be writing? If yes, then click ‘Follow me’ if you haven’t  and stay tune. =)


Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (15)

Wow!! It’s been a long ‘e-walk’ if you have been following me. Sorry if my ‘e-walks’ had been to slow for you. Guess I love to take my time and enjoy the culture and views. =P

Anyway, this is nearing the end of the day (and also this series, I bet you must be saying… ‘finally’).

Well, I am now heading out from Anping Old Street (but still in Anping area) and walking along its perimeter.

20140423-103448 pm.jpg

As you can  see, the streets are quite narrow (and also a hot sunny day too)

20140423-103453 pm.jpg

Another place where you can see people hanging high up all the oyster shells (or can I say.. their collections) and I mean lots of it. Guess, from the picture you can really see the real quantity they have shelled.

20140423-103458 pm.jpg

Workers removing oysters from their shell. Yup, it’s a manual job and not auto.

20140423-103504 pm.jpg

As I head out along Pingsheng Rd, I came to a fisherman’s wharf. Lots of the fisherman and their boats anchored to the jetty.

20140423-103509 pm.jpg

From there you can take a stroll on Anyi Bridge which is one of the 3 bridges (maybe could be more) that were built across the Tainan canal for locals and tourist to get across from Tainan to Anping.  From this bridge you can look across to see Anping Harbour.

Next to the bridge I saw a long queue and as usual, my curiosity brought me there to see what is so good there.

20140423-103515 pm.jpg

Yup, they were selling ice cream on a cone. Nice to have on a hot day.

Cute little mobile stall in shape of a cartoon character. That really do get the children’s attention.

20140423-103522 pm.jpg

It was getting late. So, I had to head back to Tainan to catch my train back to Hsinchu. Catching a bus back was easy; #88 or #99.

Saw this robot made of scrap metal. Creative!

20140423-103529 pm.jpg

Do stay with me on  my last posting for this series which will be coming soon. =)

Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip of History (1)

Welcome back!!

Yup. This is another series of my trip to Taiwan and this time, my visit will be Tainan. Took the opportunity to travel down south from Hsinchu to Tainan for the weekend break back in Apr early this year. Hope you will enjoy this series of posting as it will quite a long ‘e-trip’ journey here.

As usually, starting off from Hsinchu where I was at for my business trip.

This is a shot from my room view in the early morning before heading out to the Railway station.

20140418-013731 pm.jpg

It was a last minute planning and also a wrong time as it was also the Tomb Sweeping weekend where everyone was traveling in Taiwan. Getting the train ticket for the time I wanted was practically none.

So I had to grab what was available even if it took 4 1/2 hrs slow train where an express train would only take 2 1/2 hrs. (High speed train only took  an hr trip but of course, the cost was double of the normal express train cost)

20140418-013742 pm.jpg

Guess you have seen this before. This is the Hsinchu Railway station. A 15min’s walk from the hotel I stayed in.

20140418-013914 pm.jpg

Waiting for my train to arrive. Snapping away to kill time. LOL!!

20140418-013927 pm.jpg

20140418-013939 pm.jpg

The view of the Hsinchu Railway Station from the platform.

20140418-013949 pm.jpg

One of the express trains passing through the station.

20140418-014000 pm.jpg

Well.. here comes my train.

20140418-014016 pm.jpg

Come let get on board and follow me on my trip in the slow train to Tainan. =)

Taiwan; Hsinchu Night Market (3)

Hi.. I am still in Hsinchu Night Market (not literally though) . My 3rd and final posting on my walkabout in the Hsinchu night market.

Guess the night market never fails to catch my attention time each time I visit Taiwan. Yup.. I am always scouting around for food to try and the happening environment. It is always different. =)

Ok. … let’s get back to the walk.

This food vendor is selling skewed food. Looks like hell of a long skewed stick.

20140418-071758 am.jpg

Stinky tofu but this is the wet version that comes with the soup. This is the type that I could not stomach. Next to that, is the fried oyster with flour and egg. It’s different from Malaysia’s fried oyster with egg. In Malaysia, there’s more egg and less flour. Guess you have to try it both yourself to see which you like most. (sorry… but my preference is the Malaysia’s fried oyster with egg. =P )

20140418-071809 am.jpg

Just look at the crowd!! Most of the tables were taken up but people come and go.

20140418-071825 am.jpg

Wow… what a cool concept to promote your food.

20140418-071835 am.jpg

and not forgetting for the children. There’s always kiddy rides for the young ones.

20140418-071855 am.jpg

Guess what’s this? Anyone?

20140418-071913 am.jpg

Again… look at the crowd. Guess you have to keep your eyes wide open to look for an available table to sit and enjoy your meal.

20140418-071925 am.jpg

More grilled food choices.

20140418-071947 am.jpg

Something light? Well, you can always have bread, pasty or cakes to choose from.

20140418-072008 am.jpg

Like what you read and see? Well… how about another night market in Taiwan? If yes, then follow me on my next posting. Wanna guess which one? =)

Taiwan; Hsinchu Night Market (2)

Welcome back! More on my walk about in Hsinchu Night Market.

Cooked prawns. Sold by the weight. Looks nice but I did not buy them as I wanted to save for others. =P


Popsicle? Well.. it is grilled corn with toppings. You can choose the toppings that you like to be coated on your grilled corn.

20140418-071537 am.jpg

More games for the young and old.

20140418-071550 am.jpg

and if you do well in your games, you will get these……

20140418-071557 am.jpg

More skewed food too choose from.

20140418-071609 am.jpg

Strawberries in basket load. Yup, you buy by the basket load. Sorry,  you are not allowed to pick/select them one by one.

20140418-071622 am.jpg

More strawberries. Definitely I know I can’t eat the whole basket by myself. =)

20140418-071635 am.jpg

Strolling around and bumping into people along my path……

20140418-071648 am.jpg

More pictures to come……

Taiwan; Hsinchu Night Market (1)

Hi hi!! Welcome back. This is my next series of travel and the location in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

I will just cover the night market here in Hsinchu (which I always drop by if I am in Hsinchu). This night market isn’t the biggest or the best but it still has the local food that you can choose to eat or try. The locals come here with their family to enjoy a good meal and also have a short walk about. Oh.. before I forget, this night market only opens on Tuesday and Thursday and it is located behind the railway station.

Walking from my hotel, I had to pass the underground walkway as on the above, are the railway tracks.

20140418-071219 am.jpg

After coming up, you will see the night market just a stone throw away where night market were set up on an open car park.

Wow… look those colourful waffles.

20140418-071235 am.jpg

Lots of food to choose from… mmm what’s nice here?

20140418-071247 am.jpg

or here?

20140418-071300 am.jpg

Fried giant squids anyone?

20140418-071314 am.jpg

… and for the kids and big kids, time for some fun.

20140418-071327 am.jpg

Lots of games stall which you can pick and choose to play.

20140418-071339 am.jpg

and here’s another one.

20140418-071359 am.jpg

Lovely isn’t it? Well… More pictures coming. Stay tune!

Taiwan – Hsinchu; National Day Super Run (3)

Welcome back!!!!Sorry for a long break in between.

If you missed my earlier posting, please do have a look to catch up with the story. =)

The ‘flight’ has but mostly of the superman and superwoman are still on the ground…… in total of up to 2500 of supermen and superwomen.

20131014-080138 am.jpg

Gosh… the superheroes had even time to pose on the side of the street.

20131014-080149 am.jpg

More of them coming but some of them decided to walk instead of ‘flying’.

20131014-080156 am.jpg

Superboys here they come!!!! with their Super-mommy

20131014-080206 am.jpg

Captain America also decided to join in the ‘flight’ with Superwoman. LOL!!!! Superwoman looks a bit shy here.

20131014-080214 am.jpg

Passed along the older part of Hsinchu.

20131014-080224 am.jpg

Finally arrived at the final destination. All having a break.

20131014-080232 am.jpg

Nice cute giant poster.


Hope you enjoy with me on this Super Run. Catch and follow me on my travel in my upcoming posting =)

Taiwan – Hsinchu; National Day Super Run (2)

Thanks for following me here for the Super Run.

Close to the ‘flying’ time, they even arranged for a warm up session for all the runners.

20131014-075857 am.jpg

Warming up……. Stretch.. stretch….

20131014-075934 am.jpg

Another shot from a higher ground.

20131014-075908 am.jpg

Cosplay…. Everyone want to take a photo with these 2 guys…

20131014-075916 am.jpg

… not sure what character are they dressing up as. Do you?

20131014-075927 am.jpg

Every superboy also came. Guess he will be flying in his pram. =)

20131014-075943 am.jpg

Getting ready at the starting line…..

20131014-075950 am.jpg

… here we go!!!!! Damn… it is not ‘flying’ as fast as it should. Guess too much air traffic. HAHA!!!

20131014-080000 am.jpg

See me ‘fly’ along the route in my next posting. Stay tune.

Taiwan – Hsinchu; National Day Super Run (1) – my 250th posting!!!

Before I start on this posting, I would like to share with my readers that I have reached another milestone in my blogging. This is my 250th posting and also exactly 1 year from the month that blog was born. It could not have gone so far without the great support of my readers and followers which have balloon to more than 4,600 followers and close to 40,000 views. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all for this. =)

Well… let move’s on….

Like the title says ‘National Day Super Run’ but with a twist. Let me bring you all up to speed.

I was lucky to be in Taiwan on the week when they were celebration their National day, which falls on 10th Oct each year. In Hsinchu, the county had organized a run, mmmm… more like a fun run with the theme of Super heroes; Superman and Superwoman. And…. yes, the runners dressed up in superman and superwoman costumes.

As I only found this out at the eleventh hour, I did not managed to register but thanks to my lucky star, one of my colleagues could not make it. So I took over his place. Below is the box that they given when the runners collected their numbers and costumes; in a ‘Super Run’ box.

20131014-075421 am.jpg

The booklet with the instruction and also the route of the run.

20131014-075438 am.jpg

In the box… run number, booklet, and most importantly, the super costume.

20131014-075447 am.jpg

The costume even come with a drape and you gotta wear your undies outside. LOL!!!

20131014-075458 am.jpg

Got up at 5am and we arrive at the run area 15min later as it was a short drive from the hotel. It was held at the exhibition area where they located the Taiwan’s Shanghai Expo Pavilion.

Welcoming us at the place was the stage with the background of a cartoon with a character of ‘Superman’.

20131014-075508 am.jpg

People posing at the stage to get their photos taken.

20131014-075518 am.jpg

More people arriving in their super costumes (not all but close to 90% of them wore the super suits).

20131014-075530 am.jpg

Even superman and superwoman had to queue up in line to use the toilet!!! HAHA!!

20131014-075557 am.jpg

More on the being super…. but how super? Catch me on my next posting……..

Taiwan – Hsinchu Guandi Temple

Welcome back!!

Not far from the Hsinchu morning market, I found a temple; Hsinchu Guandi Temple or known as God of War temple . Built in 1776, this temple was noted for its refined ornamentation and inscriptions carved by local scholars on the temple pillars. This is just one of the God of War temples. There are others in Changhua, Lukang, and Hsinchuang, and Xingtian Temple in Taipei.

A stone plague outside the temple wall.

20131018-051201 pm.jpg

Main Entrance to the temple. The temples is practically surrounded by old building and new shops.

20131018-051211 pm.jpg

Beautiful and colourful structure of the temple.

20131018-051220 pm.jpg

20131018-051227 pm.jpg

A blowup figurine of a god of war.

20131018-051236 pm.jpg

Entrance to the temple

20131018-051244 pm.jpg

Inside the temple ground and buildings

20131018-051254 pm.jpg

20131018-051300 pm.jpg

20131018-051330 pm.jpg

Small temple but beautiful place to visit and take pictures.

Catch me on my next posting. Something interesting too and also, it’s going to be my 250th posting. Wanna know? If yes, then keep following me. =)