Penang – Visit to the Snake Temple (2)

This is 2nd part of my visit to the Snake Temple.

Worshipers jostling around to put their josticks ….

20130215-050035 PM.jpg

The offerings … and look at the size of the roasted pig. This was just one of the roasted pigs. If I am not mistaken, I think I saw another few more roasted pigs there.

20130215-050108 PM.jpg

More worshipers..

20130215-050135 PM.jpg

Look at the various sizes of the josticks…

20130215-050206 PM.jpg

20130215-050309 PM.jpg

and also colourful ones too.

20130215-050347 PM.jpg

This portion of the temple is where the snakes are kept or sleeping. They also created hand made giant snake to mark this year of the snake.

20130215-050415 PM.jpg

More shots of the temple.

20130215-054009 PM.jpg

20130215-054038 PM.jpg

20130215-054128 PM.jpg


Penang – Visit to the Snake Temple (1)

Yesterday I dropped by another famous spot in Penang; the Snake temple in Bayan Lepas. There were prayers and activities happening there, and lots of worshippers and tourists seen visiting the temple.

I managed to capture some interesting pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

20130215-014214 PM.jpg

The entrance of the temple. A matter of fact the temple is smack in middle of an industrial area or more like the area was developed around the temple.

A short write up about the temple but it is in Malay language.

20130215-021541 PM.jpg

Chinese New Year decorations can be seen around the temple.

20130215-021609 PM.jpg

20130215-021646 PM.jpg


20130215-021714 PM.jpg

Another shot of the entrance from another angle.

20130215-021751 PM.jpg

‘God of Prosperity’ among the crowd

20130215-021830 PM.jpg

The temple entrance where the worshippers are praying.

20130215-021933 PM.jpg

20130215-022050 PM.jpg

To be continued.

Penang – Celebration of Thaipusam (3)

The is the 3rd part.If you have not followed on my 1st 2 parts of the blog, here are the links; Penang – Celebration of Thaipusam (1) and Penang – Celebration of Thaipusam (2)

More pictures from the celebration of Thaipusam in Penang

Penang_Thaipusam3 (1).

Coconuts piled up on the road.

Penang_Thaipusam3 (2)

Devotees waiting for the chariots…

Penang_Thaipusam3 (3)

Penang_Thaipusam3 (4)

Coconut with burned joystick as offerings……

Penang_Thaipusam3 (5)

Chariots arriving soon…. devotees praying and getting ready

Penang_Thaipusam3 (6)

Me and my shadow…. also waiting for patiently.

Penang_Thaipusam3 (7)

Devotees smashing the coconuts on the road before the arrival of the chariot of Lord Murugan

Penang_Thaipusam3 (8)

Penang_Thaipusam3 (9)

Follow me on the last part of the Thaipusam celebration on my next blog to catch glimpse of the chariot of Lord Murugan.

The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 6)

More pictures of the Chinese New Year celebration fever which is around the corner. This is already part 6. Woa!! So much happening that can be seen.

Pomelo… a crisp citrus fruit native to South and Southeast Asia. During Chinese New Year, the Chinese uses this as offering during the prayers.

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (2)

More colourful decorations

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (3)

This is the Chinese New Year Bamboo Lucky plant

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (4)

More Chinese New Year cookies to choose from….

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (5)

Boxes and boxes of mandarin oranges.

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (6)

This mall has organized a Lantern making competition using only the red packets ‘ang pow’ for the customers to participate.

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (7)

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (8)

Chinese Prosperity Money God made of balloons!!

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (9)

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (10)

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (11)

2013 ChineseNewYear1 (12)


Hong Kong – Visit to Wong Tai Sin Temple (1)

When I was in Hong Kong, one of the temples that I had to visit was the Taoist Wong Tai Sin Temple ( the Great Immortal Wong Temple). It is one of the well known shrine and also famous tourist attraction. It is s famed for the many prayers answered from their worshipers.

Getting there is easy . Just hop off at MTR Wong Tai Sin Station and it is just 2 minute walk and you are there at the entrance.

The temple has beautiful architecture; traditional Chinese temple style with grand red pillars, a magnificent golden roof adorned with blue friezes, yellow latticework, and multi-colored carvings. In the temple grounds there is the Daxiong-baodian, the Three-Saint Hall and the Good Wish Garden. This is just to name a few. It is worth the visit and as usual… I manage to captures some nice shots inside the temple ground.

Anyway… enjoy the pictures.

HK_WongTaiSin (1)

HK_WongTaiSin (2)

HK_WongTaiSin (3)

High rise building seen close by the temple…. mmm correction; more like their neighbors.

HK_WongTaiSin (4)

HK_WongTaiSin (5)

HK_WongTaiSin (6)

HK_WongTaiSin (7)

HK_WongTaiSin (8)

HK_WongTaiSin (9)

…catch me on the 2nd Part on the visit of the temple.

Ceremonial prayers from a 4s lens …

Today I followed my family to a ceremonial prayers where people go there to request for help or advise. They also give offering. Some of you may have seen while some may not.

Here are some pictures to share.

20121229-084110 PM.jpg

20121229-084147 PM.jpg

20121229-084235 PM.jpg

20121229-084306 PM.jpg

20121229-084337 PM.jpg

20121229-084413 PM.jpg
Can you guess the animal candy shape?

20121229-085426 PM.jpg

20121229-085451 PM.jpg

20121229-085519 PM.jpg

20121229-085544 PM.jpg

20121229-085800 PM.jpg

20121229-085824 PM.jpg

On the other side…. there is a Chinese opera show performance. Will share this in the next blog. Stay tune!

Thai Buddhist Temple – A Visit .

Visited one of the famous Thai temple in Petaling Jaya, Selangor for some prayers. The temple is Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple. The structure and details of the temple is very well done by skilled craftsman local and from Thailand and was completed in 1962.

On  weekends, there are a lot of people coming to the temple to perform prayers and also give thanks.