Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (12)

Hello! Where are we you may ask? Well, we are still in Anping Old Street, Tainan, Taiwan.

If you have been followed me in my previous posting, you will get the direction where I am heading.

Still walking along this long street, slowly, as there were so much things to see, many short stops to do some food tasting at the little snack stalls.=P

Here  we see a stall where kids, and adults too cooking their own caramel cake (if I am correct, pls correct me if I am wrong here)

20140422-102718 pm.jpg

Kids really enjoying this but of course, with their parents around to help them else the cake may be burnt or overcooked food.

20140422-102733 pm.jpg

Long queue for……? Well, this stall is selling pickled fruits. Guess locals love eating them.

20140422-102741 pm.jpg

Moving deeper into Anping Old Street……

20140422-102746 pm.jpg

Stall selling drink….

20140422-102752 pm.jpg

Prawn crackers. Lots of stall selling fresh made from crackers where they used machines to make them. Lots of different flavour to choose from.

20140422-102757 pm.jpg


The end? Well… we are 2/3 there in this series. Want more? Well.. yes, there’s more. Just stay tune. =)


Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (11)

Hello!!! If it is your first time dropping in to my blog, welcome!!

This series of my posting is on my trip to Tainan, Taiwan back  on Apr 2014. It’s a 2 days short weekend trip to enjoy the history and, mostly scouting for their local food snacks. This is my 2nd day walk about. If you have missed  my earlier posting of my 1st day and my earlier half of my 2nd day, do backtrack on my older post so that you can be up to speed with me on my ‘e-walk’ =)

We are walking along Gubao Street heading to the famous old street; Anping Old Street where where all the happenings are.

20140422-102456 pm.jpg

Now at one end of Anping Old Street……

20140422-102503 pm.jpg

As it was a weekend, it was packed with people, walking in all direction. It was a human jam. At times, it could be standstill (just for a few minutes though =P )

Lots of stalls selling snacks to hot cooked food, to souvenirs and clothes and other stuff.

20140422-102510 pm.jpg

hhmmmm what’s this?

20140422-102520 pm.jpg

and this?

20140422-102529 pm.jpg

.. guess there are way too much to choose from.

20140422-102537 pm.jpg


This is another shot in Anping Old Street at one end. Yup, the street is narrow with stalls on both sides.

20140422-102544 pm.jpg

20140422-102553 pm.jpg


Well, this is only part of Anping Old Street. Wanna see more? Then dun stop. Keep following me on my next posting. =)

Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (10)

Hi!! Glad you are still with me on this series. Yup, this is a long one. =) Hope I amnot boring you.

Anyway, still in Tainan’s Anping Old Street. By now, it is already mid noon in Spring and it is a bit too hot for me (even with bermudas and T), and already started to sweat. Guess Tainan is most further south and it can get a bit (or much more) hotter than Taipei.

Ok. Back to where I left off in my last posting. Walking along the alleys in Anping Old Street, you can find lots of nice and unique old houses that really captures your eyes.

20140422-102249 pm.jpg

Walking further down towards one end of street, saw this old Catholic Church; St. Laurentius Church (1956). In fact, about 10% of the city’s population are Catholic.

20140422-102255 pm.jpg

Mobile stall with wheels selling snack.

20140422-102302 pm.jpg

Another temple in Anping area; Anping Matsu Temple

20140422-102310 pm.jpg


That weekend when I was there, there had some martial arts performance for the locals and visitors.

20140422-102317 pm.jpg


Martial art students getting ready for their performance.

20140422-102325 pm.jpg

Walking down Anping road and Gubao Street, guess what I saw?

You must be wondering what’s all these basket loads? Well, there are oyster shells.

20140422-102340 pm.jpg

Workers removing the oysters from their shells.

20140422-102347 pm.jpg


… just look at the pile of oyster shells. Anyone wanna guess how many oysters are there in that pile? Imagine eating half a load of that!! LOL!!!

20140422-102353 pm.jpg


Well… the journey does not end here. My series still goes on. If wanna to more, then keep following me on this ‘e-trip’. =)

Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (9)

Hi!! Thanks for staying with me till this far of my series. If you have missed my earlier half, pls do have a look so that you will be up to speed on my e-travel. =)

We are still in Anping Old Street, Tainan. Yup, in the middle of hot day, walking along the old streets of Anping on a weekend can be a challenge. It is getting more crowded as it gets further to the evening.

20140422-100148 pm.jpg

Animal shaped pancake. Aren’t they cute?

20140422-100152 pm.jpg

Colourful handmade handicrafts..

20140422-100203 pm.jpg

I diverted from the Old street and walked along some the small alleys that lead to homes of the locals there. Once you are in there, it’s like a maze (Maze walker) . =)

Beautiful view of the old houses and structures.

20140422-100207 pm.jpg

20140422-100214 pm.jpg

and not forgetting temples also.

20140422-100218 pm.jpg


Reflection shot.

20140422-100222 pm.jpg

Old banged up red door which is the entrance to someone home.

20140422-100233 pm.jpg


Like it? Well, this is still not the end yet. More posting coming. Just stay tune and keep following me. =)

Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (8)

Welcome back!!

Hope you enjoyed my series on my Tainan; 2 days History trip. Well, we are just only half way through this 2nd day of my series.

To get some of you up to speed, we are currently at Anping Old street in Tainan city.  Walking down this historical place and enjoying the scenic of old building and houses, and… and not forgetting the street food that are available here.

A shot of an old house of it’s window (panels). Yup, red bricks.

20140422-100011 pm.jpg


Locals and tourists walking in the street market.

20140422-100015 pm.jpg


Food time!!! Looks like one of the famous ones. How do I know? You can they have pictures of the owner with famous personalities that have throng to their place. Guess.. it must be good then. =P

20140422-100020 pm.jpg


Menu? Easy. If you do not read Chinese. Just point at the photos when you order. haha… that’s what I did. =)

20140422-100025 pm.jpg


This is their menu where you place your order by putting the quantity you want next to the item you like, then you bring it to the counter, pay and wait for your meal to be sent to your table.

20140422-100029 pm.jpg


hhhmmm.. what’s this? Toasted bread?

20140422-100033 pm.jpg


Yup, it is but it has chowder filling in the center of the toasted bread. Any guess what’s called?

20140422-100037 pm.jpg


Well… it’s called coffin toasted bread! Guess the picture tell the whole story how the name came about.

More food? Well… yes of course. Stay with me on the next posting to see more. =)