Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (8)

Hi!! My last posting on my visit to Kek Lok Si Temple.

At the area near the main pagoda, another area of the temple where you can make your wish again on the wishing tree by putting the wishing ribbon as seen below.


lighted oil lamps on the altar by the worshipers as offering.


Another shot around the temple grounds


This is the 7 storey main pagoda of the temple which house the 10,000 Buddhas.


Buddhas on the walls all the way up to the top…..


Shots from outside the pagoda…..


Another monastery…


A view right from the top of the pagoda….


Hope you enjoy the ‘walk’ with me on this trip to the Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang.

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Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (7)

Still at the top of the Penang’s Kek Lok Si Temple,. Walking about was really nice and serene. There was another small temple at the top where another wishing tree where you could make your wish but putting a colourful wishful ribbon on it.


Nearby also a small man-made pond where you could see lots of Japanese carp swimming inside it. It was really a beautiful sight and you could also see part of the Penang Island from here.


Worshipers giving offering and prayers.


Electric tram tickets which I bought to get my trip to the base of  the temple.


Finish? Nope….. there’s still lots to see. Heading to the other side, I was walking toward the seven storey main pagoda of the temple or the Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas.


Again… beautiful architecture of the stone carving on the walls and pillars.  Guess words can’t describe them as well as photos…..




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Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (6)

Hi there!! Sorry for the long break on this posting of my Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple. I was traveling and also the the Lunar New Year celebration where there were so much things to share and post in between.

If you have missed my earlier posting on this, you can find them here; Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (5)

mmm.. where was I? Oh yes… me taking an electrical tram up to the top of the hill in the temple. If you do not want to take the tram up, you can also opt to walk up. =). Passing a monastery which was part of the temple.


At the top of the temple…. you can see part of the old white plaster Kuan Yin statue. It was replaced by the bronze statue of Kuan Yin where the earlier statue was damaged by a fire a few years ago..


The the new statue of the bronze Kuan Yin which stands at 30.2m The construction was completed in 2002 and open to the public. Due to generous donations from affluent chinese community, these allowed additional buildings to be constructed and also an ornate shelter for the Kuan Yin statue was constructed from 2005 to 2009. Later,  16 carved dragon pillars were built, carrying the top of three concentric octagonal roof.



Guardians at the front of the statue of Kuan Yin


Beautiful architecture around the bronze statue of Kuan Yin.


More pictures…..



Beautiful right? Well it is indeed. Want more? Then stay tune. =)

Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (5)

Welcome back!! Before I start my posting, I also would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers and followers a Happy New Year 2014 and a better year ahead for all of us.  =)

Back to my posting….. been away from my computer for the holidays. Anyway I am back on the follow up on my trip to Penang’s Kek Lok Si Temple.

Still inside the temple with more pictures to show you the details and colours.




Wishing ‘tree’… You can write and put your wish on the tree.




Detail architecture of the roof…..


This is the track up the hill which is located inside the temple to head up to the 30meter bronze statue of the Kuan Yin .


… stay tune for more.  =)

Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (4)

Sorry for the short break. Have been on some technical training. Ok.. back to my trip to KeK Lok Si Temple.

Walking up half way, I was close to the temple entrance. The sight of the temple and also the colour does get one attention. Guess no amount of words can describe it but just enjoy pictures and sight. =)

This was the sight coming after the pond filled with turtles.



A shot from the slightly higher point.


Beautiful mural drawings as you enter.






Like the pictures? More to come. Stay tune.

Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (3)

Glad that you are still with me. From the Air Hitam wet market, to get up to the Kek Lok Si Temple, there is a path way of steps which you will pass through small little stalls where you can buy local stuffs and also souvenirs. Since I was there really early (about 9am+), most of the stalls are still close.(mmmm .. I guess it was also a public holiday too. =P )

Walkway up…..  with stalls still close (too early). Later in the day, there will be lots of visitors and also the worshipers who will come here.


Walking through the path, I saw a side entrance to a school which I did not even realized it until then. Guess it is one of the lower primary that cater for the children staying in that area.


A hand made sign board to lead you to the Kek Lok Si Temple. So, do not worry. You will not get lose here. =)


Another hand made sign out of partial carton box. Guess it says it all. Wonder which agency will enforce it? LOL!!


As you approach near the entrance of the temple, you will see a man made pond where it is filled with lot of black tortoises where you can buy some vegetable from the stalls nearby to feed them. Black tortoise or black turtle is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations and in China, they were thought to be spiritual creatures symbolizing longevity. Yup, some of them I believe would have lived close to 100 years old in the pond.


This is the entrance from the pathway (there is another way up to the Kek Lok Si temple which is by car but why waste the beautiful view when you can walk up)  to the temple where you will be greeted by a small pagoda.



Another shop from the base of the temple looking up at the pagoda.


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Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (2)

Hi there…… still walking around the outside of the wet market in Air Hitam, Penang before heading up to the Kek Lok Si Temple. If you missed my earlier part, here you go; Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (1)

A matter of fact, there were so much things to look here as it’s one of the local places that tourists or visitors may have missed when they go to Kek Lok Si Temple as they would have gone straight up to the temple.

As you can see, the cars had to slowly go through the road as it’s always filled with people on both sides. Not only people but also lots of motorbikes too.



Walking inside the wet market…..


Small stall selling all the dry cooking stuff.


Fish monger… selling all sorts of prawns.


When we were outside, we stopped by a stall that was selling some fried buns. It smelt so good that I could not resist  buying and giving them a try.


they have 2 types of filling….. one was with ku chai (garlic chives or chinese chives)


the other is with meat stuffing.


Both tasted good. =) For sure, when I go there again, I will definitely buy again and more pieces this time. LOL!!

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Malaysia – Penang; Visit to Kek Lok Si Temple (1)

Hi there!! Welcome back to my blog.

Today’s posting will be a place in Penang, Malaysia; Kek Lok Si Temple. I went there with my kids a few months back and now, I have finally got my share it with my readers about this place and it’s beauty.

A bit of history about this place before I continue. It  is one of the best known Buddhist temples on the Penang island (and also in South East Asia) and situated in Air Itam. Translated from Penang Hokkien, it means “Temple of Supreme Bliss” or “Temple of Sukhavati”. It was inspired by the chief monk of the Goddess of Mercy Temple at Pitt Street, Penang and construction began in 1890.

A seven storey main pagoda of the temple or the Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas, was completed in 1930. This pagoda combines a Chinese octagonal base with a middle tier of Thai design, and a Burmese crown. It reflecting the temple’s embrace of both Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism.

The other attraction is the bronze statue of the Kuan Yin which stands 30.2m, was completed in 2002 and open to the public.  This replaced the previous white plaster Kuan Yin statue which was damaged due to a fire a few years earlier. The temple is a focal point of festivals of the Chinese community in Penang especially during the the Chinese New Year celebrations.  For 30 days following Chinese New Year, the temple remains open until late at night whilst thousands of lights turn the scenery into a sea of light and this is very impressive view!! =)

Ok.. enough of reading. Let’s continue our journey. =)

View from the bottom of the hill taken from the open car park.


Statues seen in the open car park. I believe these statues will be brought up to the temple when they are completed.


Walking along to road at bottom of the hill of Air Hitam. You can see the pagoda and also the Kuan Yin which stands out.


There is a market near the temple where every weekends it will be filled with lots of people and cars.


Stall selling all sorts of lanterns…


Lots of motorbikes seen outside the wet market.


Food stall outside the market. It is a good place to try some of the local food of Penang here.  =)


Clear signboard leading to the temple; Kek Lok Si Temple.


Well.. stay tune with me. More on the wet market and the surrounding area before we head up the steps to the temple. If you like.. then keep following me… and ‘walk along side’ with me on this trip. =)