Full moon package gift??? What the heck is this?

What is this full moon package? You must be wondering. Keep on reading….

Guess for those who are not a custom to the Asian Chinese culture, this full moon package is the gift of thanks from the parents of a new born baby who reached exactly 1 mth old.

I am not sure about other Asian countries but in Malaysia, this is usually the gift box of food Malaysian Chinese will give to their relatives or friends. Some will give cakes or things that are sweet like chocolates in little cute gift boxes.

You may be wondering what kind of food they give if it is not cakes or sweet or chocolate…, well here are some shots.

20121203-073902 PM.jpg
Inside the package you will find yellow glutinous rice, hard boiled eggs colour in red colour, curry chicken and lastly is the sweet pastry called ‘Ang Ku’

20121203-073923 PM.jpg
A close up of the yellow glutinous rice and the ‘Ang Ku’

20121203-074018 PM.jpg
The ‘Ang Ku’ is actually a hokkien name ; one of the chinese dialect, meaning red (Ang) turtle (Ku). If you notice the shape and pattern looks like a turtle shell.

20121203-074041 PM.jpg
What is inside the red turtle? Well it is filled with meshed yellow bean and it taste sweet. The red ‘shell’ which has a slight rubbery feel, has one taste that you never forget. When you take that bite into one of these little things, it will keep you wanting for more.

20121203-074059 PM.jpg


The price of not doing a proper warm up….

I always love a game of squash with anyone if I can get a chance to play, I will play.

Last week I think I was just too lazy to warm up before playing and I believe I may have… Mmm better put it that, I had pull a muscle or injured my arm brachioradialis muscles, and it freaking hurts when I turn my wrist to face my palm up and extend my hand at the same time.

I thought it would go away after a day or so but later today… I saw my arm was already bruising. Damn!!! Better drop by to see the doc.

20121203-123622 PM.jpg

Lesson learnt… Dun be freaking lazy… Just do the warm and you will have an injury free game (provided if you are not hit by your opponent’s racquet!!)