Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History (6)

Hi!! Glad that you have stayed with me on my walk around the old Tainan city.

So where’s next?

While walking around, behind of the temples, I saw this Japanese house. Yup, you can go inside and see the architecture. Something new for me as I have never been or stayed in a typical Japanese house.

20140420-060642 pm.jpg


Figurine outline on their gates.

20140420-060649 pm.jpg


Another temple along the path which I took; Cheng Family Temple.

20140420-060658 pm.jpg


One of the old buildings; Land Bank of Taiwan, is a wholly state-owned bank of the Republic of China (ROC).

20140420-060707 pm.jpg


The entrance to another temple…

20140420-060716 pm.jpg


Walking further down, I passed the Old Tainan Martial Arts Academy.

20140420-060725 pm.jpg


The (side) entrance… to the Tainan Confucius Temple ground

20140420-061040 pm.jpg


Lovely red colour wall…..

20140420-061046 pm.jpg


Ok so far? Want to see more? Well… we are only half way through. Dun stop now….. keep following me. =)


Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History (5)

Hi!! Still at Chikan Area; the old part of Tainan City.

If you have followed me in the previous post, I have just visited the Grand Mazu Temple. Walking out from small alley was another temple; Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple. Nope, I did not enter but I saw a group of people performing outside the temple.


20140420-060410 pm.jpg

Here’s another temple near by; just across the street where I was.

20140420-060420 pm.jpg

mmm… what’s this guy selling?

20140420-060428 pm.jpg


Anyone can read?

20140420-060437 pm.jpg


Well… it is like a sweet candy and you have the option to have the Chinese celery in it too. For me, it was a bit too hard for my teeth and also a bit on the sweeter side. The celery did give a slightly different taste though.

20140420-060444 pm.jpg


Walking along the older part of Tainan city, you can see lots of temples. If you love the Chinese temple architecture, Tainan would be the place.

Here are some temples…..

20140420-060452 pm.jpg

20140420-060528 pm.jpg


Want more? Well’s there more.

Just keep following me and see Tainan from my Iphone 4S lens. =P

Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History (4)

Great!! You are still with me. So, let keep moving.

Before moving out from Chikan Tower, below is a snap short of brief history of Chikan Tower at the entrance to Chikan Tower ground.

20140420-060044 pm.jpg

Anyway moving on, walking nearby, I cant help stopping at the nearest shop for a like meal. Well… this shop looks interesting.

20140420-060119 pm.jpg

Had Lu Rou Fan (braised pork rice) for my late lunch

20140420-060131 pm.jpg

mmmmm.. and this, I cant quite remember. Anyone?

20140420-060140 pm.jpg

After my meal, I took a walk behind one of the allies near Chikan Tower.

20140420-060149 pm.jpg

One of the temple behind the lanes; Grand Mazu Temple.

20140420-060159 pm.jpg

Wow… looks at those giant winter melons!!! Guess they must be in season in Tainan.

20140420-060212 pm.jpg

Entrance to the Grand Mazu Temple.

20140420-060221 pm.jpg

Ok.. time to walk out from the ally and keep on exploring Tainan. Remember… stay close with me so that you dun miss out the fun. =)

Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History (3)

Thanks for staying with me on my trip to Tainan City, Taiwan.

Still in Chikan Tower. Below is the ‘Statue of Compromise between Zheng Chenggong and the Dutch’

20140420-055756 pm.jpg

This is the Sea God Temple  and the entrance is the slabs which is the Turtle Monuments.

20140420-055814 pm.jpg

Side entrance to the Sea God Temple which I had to climb the steps up.

20140420-055825 pm.jpg

This is the Wunchang (God of Literature) Pavilion which is right behind the Sea God Temple.

20140420-055835 pm.jpg

Entrance to Wunchang Pavilion.

20140420-055849 pm.jpg

Beautiful wooden handcrafted architecture.

20140420-055902 pm.jpg

Side entrance to the hall in the the Wunchang Pavilion. Nice shape right?

20140420-055915 pm.jpg

Some of the literature books on display. All these were handwriting and the Chinese writing are so small. Yes, used by Chinese brush.

20140420-055929 pm.jpg

Well, there’s more to come on my walk in Tainan city. Want to know what’s coming up next? If, then stick around and you will find out. =)