Malaysia – Penang Starwalk 2013; Along Georgetown Heritage Trail (3)

My last series on Penang Starwalk 2013.

Participants of non-competitive ‘meeting’ up with the competitive walkers heading the opposite direction on Masjid Kapitan Keling Road.


Passing through Lebuh Cannon where it intersects with Lebuh Armenian. Lebuh Armenian is where you can find lots of street art. You can read on my earlier postings; Street Art around town; of a different kind, A walk in Georgetown Heritage Area and Malaysia – Georgetown; Continuation search for Street Art


This is the intersection of Lebuh Cannon and Lebuh Armenian.


Old heritage house on the left side on Lebuh Cannon.


After zipping out from Lebuh Cannon, we headed on Lebuh Carnarvon back to the finishing line which is about another 1km.


then to…Gurdwara Road. Finishing line in sight…… finally. LOL!!


Finishing line for the non-competitive walkers.




Where is this place you asked. Well below is where it was held; Penang Times Square.


Hope you like this. More posting on Penang coming soon. Stay tune. =)


Malaysia – Penang Starwalk 2013; Along Georgetown Heritage Trail (2)

Welcome back to my series on the Penang Starwallk – Walk Along Georgetown Heritage Trail.

The crowd were waiting for the flag off  the 7km non-competitive walk by the Governor of Penang from the Birch House on Dato Keramat Road. (Birch House was built to serve as the office of the tin smelting plant of Escoy Smelting, known in the late 20th century as Eastern Smelting. Now is it used as HQ for one of the housing developers)


… and the walk begins.


The participants walked along Penang Road. One a normal working day, this road is packed with cars, buses and not forgetting lots of motorbikes



A shot taken from the ‘Octopus’ pedestrian overhead bridge located on Penang Road.


Even the red light could not stop the participants on Transfer Road…. LOL!!


This is one of the oldest and famous steakhouse in Georgetown; The Ship along Sri Bahari Road.



Police patrol car caught in among the participants. They had to bow to the participants. LOL!!


Walking along Lebuh King which cut through Little India.


Join me on my last series of my Penang Starwalk – Walk Along the Georgetown Heritage Trail.

Malaysia – Penang Starwalk 2013; Along Georgetown Heritage Trail (1)

Last weekend, I had the chance to participate in a walk organized by a local newspaper in Malaysia. It was held in Georgetown, Penang and in the heart of the Heritage trail.

This is a yearly event that the local Malaysian newspaper; The Star who organized it around this time of the year.  . This years’ response will overwhelming; the participation was more than 22,000 people of all ages and races. It consist of a competitive walk of 10km and non-competitive walk of 7km.


I went there early (very early in fact – arrived at 5.30am) so that I was able to park nearby the event area. When I arrived at the registration area, there were already quite a number people in the area.The Start and Finish was at the shopping mall in the heart of the Georgetown.


Shot taken from the 2nd floor of the shopping mall.


People wandering around…..


Sponsors setting up stalls for lucky dip draw for the participants before the race; Freebies!!!


… the sun is rising


More daylight….


Look at part of the 22k crowd heading to the Starting line.



All waiting for the the start…..


What happens after the start? Join me in the next series…. =)

Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (9)

My last posting on my search for Street Art in Georgetown Heritage Trail.

Walking near the end of Love Lane, we saw this cute metal art sculpture next the wall of 7-11 convenient stall.


.. another one at the of the Love Lane.


looks cool…. sitting on small rattan chair and having coffee.


off Lebuh Chulia heading to Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, we saw another metal art sculpture at Lorong Seck Chuan.


More…. guess there are so many. I believe I would have again missed some of them. LOL!!




Anyway hope you like what you have seen. Guess there are lots of things that can be seen and do here in the Georgetown Heritage Trail and guess 1 day or even 2 days is not enough.

So catch me on my next episode … I wonder what’s next?

Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (8)

Still walking along Little India, we passed  Penang – Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple) along Lorong Stewart from Lebuh China.

More metal art sculpture on the wall of the old shop houses. (need to keep an eye out. lol!!)




metal art sculpture of the rickshaw with a real one next to the art. =)


Shot of an old shop houses along Lorong Stewart.


Further down, we turn to the left to Love Lane where we came to an old shop; ‘Living Story’ selling old picture and antique.


The interior of the shop. Upstairs of the shop that was converted into an art center.

An inside view of an old shop house…



Interesting? Well yes… there’s still a little more to ‘walk’.

Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (7)

More mural painting as I continued my search in Georgetown Heritage Trail.

Walking along Gat Lebuh Chulia, there is a small entrance to a bicycle rental shop near the street of old Kwong Wah Yit Poh building and you will see a painting of brother and sister playing basketball.


Still on Gat Lebuh Chulia, opposite the children playing basketball, you will  find another street art painting of ‘Children on the swing’ on the street named Step by Step Lane.  This drawing was done by a local artist; Louis Gan.


While shooting the street art mural, I can help looking the graffiti on the iron sliding door of the back of a printing warehouse.


and .. on the the other side, also another metal door with lots of writing.


heading back…. we walk towards Little India which is located on Lebuh Queen, Lebuh Chulia and Jalan Pasar (Market Street). More metal art sculpture…..




Still more…. hang around and find out. =)

Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (6)

You are back… =) Let’s move on.

Cute metal art showing the rickshaw ….


I was walking along Lebuh Pantai from Lebuh Armenian, I saw this painting  on the wall of the shops on the side of the Khoo Kongsi; cats carrying lanterns.


Exploring around.. hidden among the small alley at Ah Quee Street, I saw this mural painting of ‘Our Art is Dying’ by an unknown street  artist.


Another mural painting ‘The Real Bruce Lee Would Never Do This’ also at Ah Quee Street is part of the 101 Lost Kittens art project.


More metal art sculpture to enjoy……




Thanks for following me till this point but the walk is still not finish yet……….

Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (5)

This is my 2nd time walking on Lebuh Armenian on foot and each time I come, I find and see different things.

A typical old shop house. Inside, an old man making a rattan chair by hand. This is something you do not see much anymore.


Another metal art on the outside wall of a old heritage building.


yeah…. someone had a spark of idea to paint Minions on a divider and yes.. it caught a  lot of attention. =)


An old bicycle shop…. along Lebuh Armenian.


Magic show……. on the shuttle of a old shop.


Low cost advertising that caught my attention.


At the end of the street.


no more? no… this is only the half way point. =) Come…. dun stop. Stick with me and enjoy the ‘walk’ =)

Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (4)

Welcome back. Sorry for the slight detour on this. If you missed  my earlier write , here’s the link; Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (3)

Moving on…. still at Lebuh Armenian, there are a lot of metal art sculpture as seen below at the arches of the shops.

Each of them has their little story…..



Wall Art painting on the beam of  the old shops…


Look at the queue .. people waiting to take a shot of the street of the the brother and sister on a bicycle wall painting.


One of the old shops with old antique stuff… very quaint place to see all the old memorabilia.


Smart idea.. to repair the chair with colourful cloth rags.


.. another cat on the wall…


… the journey continues.  Remember to follow me on this search… as there is more.

Malaysia – Mid Autumn Festival; Moon Cakes and Lanterns (2)

Mid Autumn Festival mood is now definitely in the air. Shopping malls setting small stalls along their walkway for the individual moon cake companies to promote and sell their moon cakes.

In the Yuan dynasty, moon cakes were used as a medium by the Ming revolutionaries in their espionage effort to secretly distribute letters to overthrow the Mongolian rulers of China. But now in the modern times, they are offered between friends or on family gatherings instead as this festival is one of the four most important Chinese festivals. So… dun go looking for secret messages in the moon cakes that you receive. LOL!! Just cut and enjoy eating them with your relatives and friends.

A wide selection of moon cakes to choose from; standard ones are usually made from lotus seed or red beans paste with the option of single or double salted duck egg yolk in it to durian moon cake flavor, black sesame skin and lots more.


Small stalls set up selling moon cakes.


More option to choose from….


..and more


even more……


They even have the ones that are kept refrigerated; snow skin moon cakes.


More variety.


Look at the crowd? People having a free taste of the special made moon cakes and deciding to buy or not to buy.


Lovely packing for the moon cakes if you buy in a pack of 2 or 4. Like I mentioned earlier, these companies spent quite a sum (and passing the buck to the consumer) on doing up nice packaging as people buy these as gifts for friends or relatives too aside from buying for themselves.



Anyway .. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers all over the world a Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

I will be back on the continuation of my write up on my search;