Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip; Day1 Tainan Flower Night Market (5)

This is my final posting on my walk in the Tainan Flower Night Market.

Lots of things to do, eat and also enjoying the environment around.

Everywhere I went in the market, it was just pack (maybe certain area it was not so crowded…. just slightly)

20140426-095253 pm.jpg


Stall selling grilled giant escargots coated with cheese

20140426-095300 pm.jpg



20140426-095305 pm.jpg


More wonderful looking sugar coated strawberries…

20140426-095310 pm.jpg


Aside from food, there were also stalls selling toys and clothes.

20140426-095314 pm.jpg


pickled clams….

20140426-095320 pm.jpg


Kids (and adults too) loves this. It’s playtime.

20140426-095325 pm.jpg


Fresh cut fruits all packaged up.

20140426-095331 pm.jpg


mmmm… what’s this? Anyone?

20140426-095338 pm.jpg


Anyway… I had a full stomach and now, it’s time to head back to the hostel. Yup… another an hour’s walk back (and no, I did not take the buseven though I could). It is always nice to take a walk and see what around and this is what I managed to see when I was heading back; a life Chinese opera show along the street side.

20140426-095346 pm.jpg


So, what’s next? Well, catch me on my next posting where I will cover my 2nd day in Tainan and the places I visited. Wanna know which part? If yes, then follow me…… =)


Chinese Opera – a dying thing in Malaysia

In Malaysia, to see a Chinese opera performance is very rare nowadays unless it is a special occasion and you cant find it in the big city anymore.

While attending the ceremonial prayers, they were also having a opera performance on the other side which manage to see.

20121229-092423 PM.jpg

20121229-092509 PM.jpg

20121229-092553 PM.jpg

20121229-092657 PM.jpg

Next to the opera stage, I also managed to catch a shot of a stall selling preserved fruits to his customers who were watching the opera performance.

20121229-092807 PM.jpg

20121229-092836 PM.jpg