Malaysia – Penang; Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition (5)

Welcome back! My last posting on Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition.

Another nice picture… using rubbish as balloons where a little girl is holding the floating rubbish.

20140202-084849 pm.jpg

The ‘golden’ trolley carrying rubbish…….

20140202-084909 pm.jpg

More modern art paintings……

20140202-084933 pm.jpg

20140202-085000 pm.jpg

This is interesting. It looks like a picture frame on the floor.

20140202-085037 pm.jpg

The crowd enjoying the artist painting and the message he is trying to get across. Even an old lady is trying to figure out the meaning of his paintings.

20140202-085123 pm.jpg

Lastly… he did not forget to wish all the visitors a  (Belated) Happy Lunar New Year from the Lego figurine.

20140202-085212 pm.jpg

Hope you enjoy this postings.


Malaysia – Penang; Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition (4)

Welcome back!! More on Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition.

His artwork on the outside on the old walls of the bus depot compound……

Painting of 2 boys fooling around with the triangle cone…..

20140202-084244 pm.jpg

cute little painting of the doddle horse (yup this  is the year of the horse) above an old door

20140202-084317 pm.jpg

Another beautiful painting on the wall of what standing of an old building….

20140202-084420 pm.jpg

Shark’s fin made of pieces of papers..

20140202-084438 pm.jpg

Under the covering roof… another painting of a boy playing with the triangle cone….. with a rainbow at the background.

20140202-084525 pm.jpg

.. a close up shot.

20140202-084634 pm.jpg

mmmm… modern art. What do you think he trying to say?

20140202-084705 pm.jpg

One more posting on this…….. my last one on his theme ‘Art is rubbish is art’.

Malaysia – Penang; Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition (3)

Wow.. here’s  more pictures.

Painted on coffee canvas…. using charcoal.

20140202-083014 pm.jpg

20140202-083038 pm.jpg

What do you get when you mix milk with black coffee?

20140202-083105 pm.jpg

Painting of a girl playing with rubber band.

20140202-083128 pm.jpg

This is nice. It is totally done up with thumb tack.

20140202-083209 pm.jpg

Let’s head to the outside of the building……

Here’s the bad guy Lego figurine. (life size if I may say. If I am not mistaken.. it stands more than 5 feet or taller)

20140202-083351 pm.jpg

and.. an innocent red dress girl Lego figurine.

20140202-083405 pm.jpg

Lavatory for Gents and ladies…

20140202-083528 pm.jpg

Can you see the painting at the backdrop; 2 boys in a sampan (wooden boat) …..

20140202-083641 pm.jpg

More? Of course…… stay tune.

Malaysia – Penang; Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition (2)

More picture from Ernest’s Exhibition……

20140202-082056 pm.jpg

Love this one…

20140202-082107 pm.jpg

An old man on a trishaw painted on an old window blind.

20140202-082124 pm.jpg

Another small boy on a doddle horse.

20140202-082249 pm.jpg

Another drawing on window blind….

20140202-082202 pm.jpg

Portraits on a wooden planks…..

20140202-082635 pm.jpg

20140202-082711 pm.jpg

20140202-082738 pm.jpg

Girl in pink on a yet another wooden plank.

20140202-082826 pm.jpg

like it? More to come……

Malaysia – Penang; Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition (1)

Guess some of you may have heard of him; the Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic or even saw his street art in Penang, Malaysia and some say ‘was’ in Johor, Malaysia. You can catch some of my blog of his  street paintings and also of others in my earlier blogs; Malaysia – Georgetown; Continuation search for Street Art and Street Art around town; of a different kind.

His recent art work was ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ where he display his art pieces at the old Hin Company Bus Depot from 17th Jan till 14 Feb 2014. (sorry for the late information. Tomorrow is the last day.. but at least you can enjoy the pictures here. =P )

I have a quite a time looking for this place but eventually found it. The old bus depot was directly in front of the Grand Continental Hotel (now closed). When I reached, there were already people crowding outside, waiting for the doors to open at 12pm. It was open daily from 12pm to 8pm till 14th Feb 2014. (Not sure what they will do to the wall art after that date though)

Entrance of the old Hin Company Bus Depot.

20140202-081601 pm.jpg

His theme……

20140202-081630 pm.jpg

.. a friendly reminder….

20140202-081643 pm.jpg

20140202-081659 pm.jpg

Some of his works….

20140202-081745 pm.jpg

not sure whether it is modern art or not…. but he uses all the rubbish to make it to something artistic.

20140202-081804 pm.jpg

more of it….

20140202-081823 pm.jpg

Painting on a door….

20140202-081854 pm.jpg

Painting on a old coffee canvas…

20140202-081914 pm.jpg

That’s all? Nope…… more to come. Stay tune with me…..

Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (2)

Still at Chew Jetty, we were strolling along the passageways, passing the clustered wooden houses which were still occupied by the occupants of the Chew Clan communities.

The passageway made of wooden planks. The houses built on wooden stilts.


One of the typical wooden houses at the Chew Jetty.


Colourful sign boards…. so that you do not get lost lol!!!


Wooden houses on stilts. If you look at the picture below on the far left, there used to be an Ernest Zacharevic’s painting; Children in a boat but due to the rain and sunshine… it was slowly disappearing. You can catch this painting in my earlier posting – Street Art around town; of a different kind


Boats tied to the jetty and it was low tide.


A view at the end of the jetty overlooking Penang Bridge from afar.


Walking out from the Chew Jetty…. we were heading to the Gat Lebuh Armenian (Armenian Street Ghaut) road.

Old shops doing metal works… and this one was doing anchors for boats or ships.


Want more? Then dun stop… let’s continue ‘walking’ with me and let’s find those street art. =)

Street Art around town; of a different kind

Street art around town? You must be thinking of graffiti? Well it is not really graffiti.

I was in Georgetown on the Penang Island a few weeks back and I heard about a guy who did wall paintings. (Guess I was too ignorant bout it) and I took a trip there to do some ‘Wall  painting Hunt’

It was done by a guy who came to a Georgetown, Malaysia and did wall painting of children on historical building during the Penang Georgetown Festival. The guy’s name was Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist. His painting was really different and it had painting and also old items attached to it …. like a story behind it.

Just have a look at the pictures below.. and you can see what I mean.

DSC_0821 2 little children enjoying riding an old bicycle.

DSC_0842 Can you c the old man with his hand?

DSC_0868Tris haw rider waiting for a customer

IMG_0719Kids on a ‘sampan’ near the jetty

 IMG_0721A boy on an  old motorbike.

IMG_0752 A llittle girl ….. haha.. this one looks a little scary especially her eyes. Reminds me of a scary movie but I just couldn’t remember the name of the show.

IMG_0722 Lastly … a little boy playing with dinosaur as if it was hit little pet.

A matter of fact… you can rent a bicycle and go around the little street and searching for the wall painting where some can be easily found while some you just have to open your eyes bigger to look for it. …. more like a wall painting hunt. Lol. But dun worry… there is a map which you can get from the Tourist information or the other best is look for the crowd as you will see people queuing up to take pictures next to the painting.