I-City…. City of Lights??

Found out about a new (not so new to others) area near my place; about 30min drive.

The developers who developed the township with condominiums and shops lots found out that it wasn’t getting enough people to buy the shop lots or condo or go there. So, what they did was, they developed a water theme park and also a city of lights where the park is lighted up at night.

ICity (1) Map of the I-City

After 7pm…. there is a place in the park where it will be lighted up.

ICity (2)  Xmas Tress

ICity (3) More trees…

ICity (4)

ICity (5) Sunflowers.

ICity (6) Snowman and snowkid

ICity (7) A couple of snowman

ICity (8) Snow man in suit

ICity (9) Sheep lighted up….

ICity (10) and last a lighted camel.

They did great in attracting people there at night only but still during the day… I can see most of the shops lots still vacant.

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