A trip down to the city….. to KLCC

It was a nice (hot & clear) day to take a trip down to the city to see one of the (was) biggest man made structure; Petronas Twin Tower at the KLCC Suria. I took the LRT from one the station and it went straight to KLCC station.

Kelana Jaya LRT Station

Kelana Jaya LRT Station

Guess taking it was taking any MRT or LRT or subway in any big cities.

IMG_1160[1] This it the Kelana Jaya Line (KJ Line) that will get us to the KLCC.

IMG_1161[1]  Malaysian LRT (Light Rail Transit) that connects the surburb and the city of KL.

IMG_1177[1] Walkway from KLCC station to the KLCC Suria.

IMG_1178[1]Interior of KLCC Suria.

IMG_1188[1]Another section  o f the building.

IMG_1179[1]As usual… there will be Xmas deco as it is a mall .. a high class mall. It has all the branded names. You name it.. it will be there.

IMG_1189[1]View from of the Twin Tower from outside near the Musical fountain.

IMG_1191[1]Sky scrapper all around….

IMG_1192[1]Another view of the Twin Tower for a different angle.

IMG_1193[1]This shot is taken directly under the Twin Tower.


IMG_1205[1] 2 F1 cars welcoming you to the KLCC Tower !!

It is one of the iconic landmark that not only the locals throng here during the weekend but also foreigners, to see and take pictures of the structures. It is worth dropping by to have a look and see this. In fact, you are able to go up to the 41and 42 storey to walk on the sky bridge but it is only limited to a number of people per day. If you want, you will need to go early to get the pass to get up and see the view of Kuala Lumpur.

As usual… food is my thing and I will never missed this. Lol. There are lots of restaurants from fast food to high class restaurants to food courts for you to choose from. For me… I tried the Korean food at the food court and also had the Malaysian ABC (Air Batu Campur)

IMG_1202[1] BBQ Chicken with kimchi soup and rice.

IMG_1203[1]Mixed Hot Rice Stone with Kimchi Soup

IMG_1204[1] This is the Malaysian ABC – It is actually consist of crush fine ice with lots of nice sweet ingredients deep inside with brown sugar and rose syrup topping. Opps and not forgetting a scoop of vanilla ice cream to top it off. It is something nice to eat on a hot day. =)