Thailand – Bangkok; Ride down River Chao Phraya (8)

Hi!! Great to see that you are still following me. It’s been a long 7 posting journey. We are nearly at the end. Bear with me a little more. =)

Near the exit of the Wat Pho, the view of the temple.

20140501-015516 pm.jpg

Walking outside Wat Pho temple is the Tha Tien Pier. There is also a market at Tha Tien pier which you can see all sorts of dried food being sold.

20140501-015523 pm.jpg

From Tha Tien Pier, we took the ferry across to the next temple crossing Chao Phraya river. What temple is that you may ask?

Well… it’s the Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan or famously known as Wat Arun Temple. It is located at Bangkok Yai district of Bangkok, Thailand, on the Thonburi west bank of the Chao Phraya River.

Wat Arun is among the best known of Thailand’s landmarks and the first light of the morning reflects off the surface of the temple with pearly iridescence.

The entrance…..

20140501-015533 pm.jpg

Buddha statues inside Wat Arun Temple compound

20140501-015539 pm.jpg

Another shot of the temple inside Wat Arun

20140501-015546 pm.jpg

Central prangs surrounded by smaller ones.

20140501-015553 pm.jpg

Another angle shot of the prang in Wat Arun.

20140501-015700 pm.jpg

We are nearing the end. So stay with me and follow me on the last posting on my series on Bangko; Ride down River Chao Phraya.


Thailand – Bangkok; Ride down River Chao Phraya (4)

Welcome back on my series ‘Thailand – Bangkok; Ride down River Chao Phraya’. Let’s get going…..

Moving away from the river bank after visiting the Wat Sam Phraya Worawihan , we took a tuk tuk ride around the area before heading to the Grand Palace.

Passed the Democracy Monument which was located in the middle of a round-about.

20140501-014642 pm.jpg

20140501-014652 pm.jpg

We stopped at a food market near the Grand Palace and had a short walk about.

A smile from food vendor….

20140501-014703 pm.jpg

Deep fried fish, anyone?

20140501-014711 pm.jpg

Fresh fruit drinks to choose from. Good to have on a hot day. =)

20140501-014727 pm.jpg

Walking in from the  Gate of Glorious Victory into the Grand Palace compound. Lots of visitors and tourists everywhere.

20140501-014742 pm.jpg

Temple of Emerald Buddha ahead…..

20140501-014752 pm.jpg

More picture on my next series. Stay tune for them. =)

Taiwan – Hsinchu Morning Market (2)

Thanks for still hanging along with me here.

Still in the Hsinchu morning market, I was keeping an eye out for interesting things or activities in there.

Here’s a stall selling bak kwa (dried grilled meat). This is something very common in other Asian countries.

20131017-081109 pm.jpg

More food …..

20131017-081118 pm.jpg

20131017-081125 pm.jpg

This lady wass selling roasted pork knuckle. Sampled some of it and it tasted good.

20131017-081135 pm.jpg

Anyway… enjoy the photos of the food that I have capture below, It is really making me hungry here. LOL!!!

All sorts of Taiwan sausages…

20131017-081144 pm.jpg

Deep fried …..

20131017-081214 pm.jpg

Home made bread that looks like croissant.(but a bit too dry for me when I took a bite at it)

20131017-081220 pm.jpg

20131017-081227 pm.jpg

This is the other part of the market; dry area and small little shop lots within the market.

20131017-081233 pm.jpg

Hope you enjoy  my tour here. Wonder what’s next in Hsinchu? If you want, then follow me on my next posting. =)

Taiwan – Hsinchu Morning Market (1)

After the day trip to Jiufen, I was back in Hsinchu. I decided to take a walk around the city of Hsinchu old town area. If you have missed my Jiufen trip, you can follow it here; Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street

One of my interest was to visit the market or wet market in each city or country.

The market was about 20mins walk from my hotel. It is located in between some old shops.

20131017-080612 pm.jpg

The market consist of a few areas;

Stalls selling ladies clothes

20131017-080625 pm.jpg

Ladies accessories such as brooch, pins etc

20131017-080631 pm.jpg

This is interesting. The stall sells both roast pork and also ladies clothes.

20131017-080637 pm.jpg

Deep fried food. Lots to choose from.

20131017-080707 pm.jpg

Stall selling some dried stuff used for Chinese cooking.

20131017-080800 pm.jpg

More deep fried food ..

20131017-080810 pm.jpg

Kids clothes for the young ones

20131017-080845 pm.jpg

Still strolling in the crowded market and keeping my eyes wide open. 😊

20131017-080858 pm.jpg

More ladies accessories to choose. Ladies will love shopping here.

20131017-080923 pm.jpg

Still walking. Wanna see more? If yes, stay along with me and enjoy the walk.

USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (8)

Sorry for the break on this write-up. Here is the continuation of my day trip to New York City from my previous post; USA – A day trip to the Big Apple.. New York City (7)

I stumbled on another weekend market and it was at 45th Street (if I can recall this correctly). Lots of stalls selling all sorts of food (which I will post in my food blog) and also clothes and accessories.

In fact, I was kinda surprised to see this kind of market in the big city. It was really interesting.

Here are some shots of the weekend market.

USA - NewYork City8 (1)

USA - NewYork City8 (2)

USA - NewYork City8 (4)

USA - NewYork City8 (5)

Join me on my next part of NYC in my next post.

Taipei – Shilin… A view on an evening.

Usually people will go to the Shilin in the night but I had another opportunity to  arrive there in the evening where there is still some light and to see the place much more clearer instead  of night.

Taipei_Shilin2 (1)  Entertainment for kids…

Taipei_Shilin2 (2)Street stalls all up …

Taipei_Shilin2 (3) The crowds is building up

Taipei_Shilin2 (4) The temple in the middle of Shilin Market

Taipei_Shilin2 (5)

Taipei_Shilin2 (6)

Taipei_Shilin2 (7) Crowds are here!!

Taipei_Shilin2 (8)

Taipei_Shilin2 (9)

Taipei_Shilin2 (10)

Taipei_Shilin2 (11) A stone throw  away from the MRT

Taipei – Huaxi Street Night Market

From Longshan Temple, it is a walk away to another Night Market; Hua Xi Street Night Market.

I  was there early so I could see the hive of activities of the vendor preparing for their day of sales.

Taipei_7 (1.1) Entrance to the market…

Taipei_7 (1.2)

Taipei_7 (1.3)

Taipei_7 (2) People started to queue up to buy food.

Taipei_7 (3) Vendor preparing for the day…

Taipei_7 (4) People slowly trickling into the street

Taipei_7 (5)

Taipei_7 (6) It is quite common to find an entertainment area in the market

Taipei_7 (7) Arcade games anyone?

Taipei…. A snapshot from my viewfinder (4)

My trip in Taipei continues. This stop is at Shilin Night Market. Yup.. this is one of the famous night market in Taipei. Lots of people (literally) and also lots of shops. For food… I find that it is ok only. I think Feng Jia Market in Taichung is much bigger and more variety.  Heard that they have close to 2000 stalls in Feng Jia!!

Anyway, here are some shots from my viewfinder….

Taipei_4 (1) The market is right next to a MRT station. So you can’t miss it. =)

Taipei_4 (2) ….beeline of people heading to the Shilin Night Market

Taipei_4 (3) More people……

Taipei_4 (4) Anyone for ‘frogs’ eggs ?

Taipei_4 (5) … yup. Again more people shopping.

Taipei_4 (6) There is a temple right in the middle of the market.

Taipei_4 (7)

Taipei_4 (8)

Taipei_4 (9)

Taipei_4 (10)

It is a good place to go for shopping and eating especially if it is your first time. I would give this a miss if it is a 2nd or 3rd visit and go to a more un-touristy night market for more local feel. Anyone can recommend?

Taipei…. A snapshot from my viewfinder (3)

Across Ximending MRT … is the Red House Theater which is a historic theater in this area which was built by the Japanese. Well I did not go and see any performance but I just wanted to drop by there as there was another small night market there (another!!) . Well… just a very small one. =)

Taipei_3 (1)

Taipei_3 (2)

Taipei_3 (3)

Taipei_3 (4)

Taipei_3 (5)

Taipei_3 (6)

Stay tune…. more to come.

Wet Market Lebuh Cecil – Georgetown

On the way back from Georgetown Heritage Area, we dropped by a wet market. Yup… It is in late afternoon and still there are a lot of activities there; people buying vegetables, poultry and others. But my main interest was on the food section and the activities of people in the market. This is my first time there and as usual, the curious of me always makes my eyes wander for anything that is different and lol it is always the food that catches my eyes.

20121211-050429 PM.jpg
This is the main entrance of the market which is facing Lebuh Cecil.

20121211-050443 PM.jpg
Many people are still in market having their late lunch or some could be their tea time.

20121211-050453 PM.jpg
Looks kinda crowded without the tables taken up.

20121211-050503 PM.jpg
Food hawker busy preparing food for their customers.
Catch some photos of the food here at my food blog caught at this place.