The Curve – Street Stall & Xmas Deco (belated Xmas blog)

I didn’t realize I had a draft blog on Xmas sitting in my post until I checked it out today. Anyway it is still within 12 days of Xmas. LOL!!!

It was a holiday that day and I dropped into another mall after doing some errants. It was unusual to see the street vendor in this mall on a weekday but it Xmas and everyone is on holiday and doing last minute shopping.

The stall setup with colour canopies.

20121221-093444 PM.jpg

20121221-093517 PM.jpg

20121221-093548 PM.jpg

20121221-093607 PM.jpg

20121221-093704 PM.jpg

This Xmas deco here is more to flower and colourful mushrooms.

20121221-093747 PM.jpg

20121221-093812 PM.jpg

20121221-093837 PM.jpg

20121221-093858 PM.jpg

Anyway.. Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year!!

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