A day in the wet market….

This would be my usual weekly affair.. to visit the wet market near my place. To think of it, I did not really capture the hive of activities on pictures in my own area as I usually do it when I travel overseas. I always make a point to see and understand how other countries’ wet market and the way people sell and buy the stuffs. Everywhere, it is different and here in Malaysia it is also different, not to mention in different states too.

20121201-092806 AM.jpg  Dry market…… onions, shallots,anchovies stall

20121201-092813 AM.jpg  Part of the wet market … stall selling stuff for making soup, wet spices…

20121201-092822 AM.jpg Poultry stall

20121201-092829 AM.jpg Stalls selling vegetables…..

20121201-092836 AM.jpg … a variety of vegetables.

20121201-092847 AM.jpg King of the fruits… Durian!! It is the right season to come as there are abundance of it.

20121201-092853 AM.jpg A stall selling all the Chinese prayers stuff

20121201-092859 AM.jpg Hmmmm… 12 for Rm100???? I bet this guy will not be selling any oranges today. I believe he may have added a zero by mistake. A costly mistake for sure.

IMG_1128[1] Mother and child preparing the vegetables to be sold.

It is nice to watch the all the activities and people busy zooming in and out, buying things and all the mixtures of colour of the food and surroundings around.

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