Taipei – The City @ Night

Going out to Taipei city at night is always interesting especially near the Taipei 101 and the shopping area near there. In fact, near that area is also the office area. So there will be lots of tourist, local and also the office staffs.

Taipei_City (1)  The office area near the Taipei 101

Taipei_City (2) Street artist performing their skills. They even have their own recording DVD for sale.

Taipei_City (3)

Taipei_City (4)  Taipei 101 – shot from below

Taipei_City (5) Looks at the crowd crossing the road….

Taipei_City (6)

Taipei_City (7)

Taipei_City (8)

Taipei_City (9) A shot from the overhead pedestrian bridge

Taipei_City (10)

Taipei is an interesting city with lots of happening.