Taiwan – Hsinchu Morning Market (1)

After the day trip to Jiufen, I was back in Hsinchu. I decided to take a walk around the city of Hsinchu old town area. If you have missed my Jiufen trip, you can follow it here; Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street

One of my interest was to visit the market or wet market in each city or country.

The market was about 20mins walk from my hotel. It is located in between some old shops.

20131017-080612 pm.jpg

The market consist of a few areas;

Stalls selling ladies clothes

20131017-080625 pm.jpg

Ladies accessories such as brooch, pins etc

20131017-080631 pm.jpg

This is interesting. The stall sells both roast pork and also ladies clothes.

20131017-080637 pm.jpg

Deep fried food. Lots to choose from.

20131017-080707 pm.jpg

Stall selling some dried stuff used for Chinese cooking.

20131017-080800 pm.jpg

More deep fried food ..

20131017-080810 pm.jpg

Kids clothes for the young ones

20131017-080845 pm.jpg

Still strolling in the crowded market and keeping my eyes wide open. 😊

20131017-080858 pm.jpg

More ladies accessories to choose. Ladies will love shopping here.

20131017-080923 pm.jpg

Still walking. Wanna see more? If yes, stay along with me and enjoy the walk.

Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (25)

Welcome back!! …still in Kapalicarsi Grand Bazaar. Walking around the bazaar is like walking in a maze… a huge maze.

As you can see they sell lots of this from jewellery to colourful glassware to Turkish ladies clothes.

TurkeyDay8_3 (1)

Each area of the bazaar sells different items…..

TurkeyDay8_3 (2)


TurkeyDay8_3 (3)

another part of the bazaar…..

TurkeyDay8_3 (4)

Outside the bazaar, there are also stalls…..

TurkeyDay8_3 (5)

TurkeyDay8_3 (6)

TurkeyDay8_3 (7)

After walking at the bazaar.. I took a walk outside and saw a group of ladies talking or selling something.

TurkeyDay8_3 (8)

The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 5)

3 weeks to go… and the decoration for the coming Chinese New Year are all up. Chinese New Years songs can be heard playing in malls. People rushing to buy new year clothes, food and hampers. The feeling of another holiday is closing in. =)

This is the update the mall from my last blog; The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 4) With the decoration completed, I can now see the theme that this mall has done. It was created like a streets in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

2013 ChineseNewYear (1)

2013 ChineseNewYear (2)

They even made a ‘street’ in the center area for the customers to walk and shop.

2013 ChineseNewYear (3)

2013 ChineseNewYear (4)

Shops within shops and the looks like the old Taiwan and Hong Kong.

2013 ChineseNewYear (5)

2013 ChineseNewYear (7)

2013 ChineseNewYear (8)

2013 ChineseNewYear (9)

‘Old’ wooden chair for customer to seat and have their meals or drinks.

2013 ChineseNewYear (10)

… they even have road signs… maximum speed 20km/hr!!! So no speed walking or running. Heavy human  traffic ahead.

2013 ChineseNewYear (11)

All the sign boards hung up like in the street of Taiwan and Hong Kong

2013 ChineseNewYear (12)

More to come…….