The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 5)

3 weeks to go… and the decoration for the coming Chinese New Year are all up. Chinese New Years songs can be heard playing in malls. People rushing to buy new year clothes, food and hampers. The feeling of another holiday is closing in. =)

This is the update the mall from my last blog; The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 4) With the decoration completed, I can now see the theme that this mall has done. It was created like a streets in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

2013 ChineseNewYear (1)

2013 ChineseNewYear (2)

They even made a ‘street’ in the center area for the customers to walk and shop.

2013 ChineseNewYear (3)

2013 ChineseNewYear (4)

Shops within shops and the looks like the old Taiwan and Hong Kong.

2013 ChineseNewYear (5)

2013 ChineseNewYear (7)

2013 ChineseNewYear (8)

2013 ChineseNewYear (9)

‘Old’ wooden chair for customer to seat and have their meals or drinks.

2013 ChineseNewYear (10)

… they even have road signs… maximum speed 20km/hr!!! So no speed walking or running. Heavy human  traffic ahead.

2013 ChineseNewYear (11)

All the sign boards hung up like in the street of Taiwan and Hong Kong

2013 ChineseNewYear (12)

More to come…….

The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 4)

This is a follow up from my previous blog; The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 3)

Went to a shopping center this morning after having breakfast . You can see lots of red lanterns and decorations for sale. Some of them are traditional decorations while some are more modern ones. So which or what should I get? hmmmmm….



….or Chinese Prosperity Money God?


or…. nice little cute stuff snakes for the Year of the Snake?


Well… Chinese New Year is one of the big celebration here (and in Asia) and … it will be interesting the things that will happen as the festival approaches.

Xmas Shopping – the final rush…

Xmas is just round the corner… to be exact; a week away. People are busy doing last minute shopping. Over here, it is also near the end of the school holidays and parents bringing their children out shopping or to visit places. One of the places would be the mall where you can see also the beautiful decoration for Xmas festive. Shops decorated and the staffs in Xmas costumes serving the customers.

It does bring the Xmas mood and festive to all.

20121218-051757 PM.jpg

20121218-051848 PM.jpg

20121218-051918 PM.jpg

20121218-051938 PM.jpg

20121218-051953 PM.jpg

20121218-052008 PM.jpg

20121218-052026 PM.jpg

20121218-052042 PM.jpg

…. Let the countdown begin!!