Malaysia – Christmas is Just Round the Corner (1)

Christmas is just less than a month away and Malaysians are not missing out on this especially the shopping malls and stalls. Decorations are slowing popping up in pieces while others are in full bloom and ready for the celebration.

The following are photos from a shopping where they are getting ready from Christmas. Not sure what they making but in a few days time we will know

Top view from 2nd floor….. Mmmm looks like a map

20131126-101739 pm.jpg

Colourful and beautiful view from the top. Hot air balloons??

20131126-101748 pm.jpg

Ground level view…..

20131126-101757 pm.jpg

Lots of wooden rocking horses.

20131126-101804 pm.jpg

Another few shots of the hot air balloons and dressed up wooden rocking horses from ground level.

20131126-101811 pm.jpg

20131126-101819 pm.jpg

So.. If you want to find see the complete decorations, then stick with me here and you will find out. 😊

25 thoughts on “Malaysia – Christmas is Just Round the Corner (1)

  1. I love the colours! In Korea I find myself going to Starbucks to get a Christmas time feel. The decorations and music remind me of home. I like the beautiful decorations in these pictures. I haven’t seen anything like that around.

  2. Goodness you guys go all out for must be colours, songs, food, 😀

    Merry Christmas in Malaysia. I’ve done all my Christmas shopping. Finished yesterday before the big snowstorm hits us in 24 hrs. (Seriously, it will happen and drop to -20 degrees C by end of this week.)

    How do you/your family celebrate Christmas …if at all?

    • Thanks!! The only feeling of Xmas that we do not have in Malaysia is the snow. LOL!! We only have hot (now is about 28C), humid and wet weather here. =)

      Over here Xmas is celebrated in a medium scale unlike in western countries. Usually families will go out to restaurant to have dinner on the eve of Xmas and stay up till midnight to open the gifts. In Malaysia the bigger celebration will be during the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali as this is considered like Thanksgiving in US.

      • Thanks for your response. I learned something. Meanwhile right now, outside this dark evening, a winter snow blizzard is whipping around and temperatures have dropped to -20 degrees C with winds up to 60 km./hr. I took some photos and my fingers hurt from cold afterwards when I removed my glove for only 3 min.!

        A contrast to your palm trees, I’m sure!

        Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in early Oct., over 1 month earlier than the U.S. which suits our still lovely flaming autumn tree colours and just harvested veggies and fruits.

        • Well… in Malaysia, it is now the rainy season. Not much sun as it has been gloomy for the last few days. At least it is better than the scourging sun (around 30C). I dun mind to swapping places with you for a month or so for the cold weather as I have not felt that before. =)

          • Today, it has been -40 degrees C with wind chill. It is danger zone. I noticed a lot less people walking downtown.

            Check out the rabbit in our neighbourhood in my latest blog post. The poor thing didn’t run away from me, when I crept closer to take a photo: it was trying to stay warm! See how its ears are pulled far back.

          • That’s balmy for cycling me. One gets that type of temperatures in winter in Vancouver BC. But then, they get a lot of rain, instead of snow.

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